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Thread: Can we hope for a 1.27 versi...
Posted by: sichbu
Bug Report
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Thread: Shadow Hunter's Voral Bl...
Posted by: Ptigroo
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Thread: Quests
Posted by: lioloisigisi
Others Subjects
Others subjects about the game.
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Thread: Blacklist
Posted by: lioloisigisi
All related to Hote(pvp).
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Thread: aggressive crypts?
Posted by: DNM
Games Won for unlock tricks
This Has been change to Quests to avoid confusions.
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Thread: 5 players won
Posted by: snapperr
Interesting Games
You can post here replays of games that you want to share.
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Thread: Hunt Byatis solo
Posted by: lioloisigisi
Survival Mode Record
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Thread: Survival Mode Record 1.25d
Posted by: snapperr
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Thread: 1.25 Anniversary Version Sin...
Posted by: InmortalSiegfried
Post or Request a Guide.
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Thread: In-depth guide on Dark Mage
Posted by: Ptigroo
Become a Partner.
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Thread: Contribution
Posted by: killmanpit
forum private only for partners.
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Thread: Changes
Posted by: polania
Others Games.
You can post here about any other warcraft 3 map or any other game not related to warcraft.
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Thread: A cool Chinese rip-off of HotE
Posted by: Dean123
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Thread: Top 10 Anime Recommendation.
Posted by: shockwaveforever1995
Different Topic
You can post here about anything you want not related to the game.
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Thread: Can't read PM. why?
Posted by: amirmusin121924
Chinese Forum(中文論壇)
Forum moderator: stay
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Thread: About Chinese version and Ch...
Posted by: yy19980428