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Interesting Games
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Illidan kill Michael solo
13 413 dwynpermana27
Posted by: Goikolaketic
Ancient Vampire(LC) kill Michael solo
7 204 dwynpermana27
Posted by: dwynpermana27
LC/Skeleton Archer Michael 45%hp 3 162 kochurov92
Posted by: dwynpermana27
1.24B worker solo kill aza and death without shandris
worker azazel one to one.result 1-0
8 309 Goikolaketic
Posted by: rsN
Party team kill michael 1.24b
Bug o Power?
1 97 akatsukifans10
Posted by: Goikolaketic
Demon Hunter (Dante) solo kill Michael
Lucky day
3 202 dwynpermana27
Posted by: dwynpermana27
Party Team kill Omega Solo
Hunter power has been released
7 1005 akatsukifans10
Posted by: predragovictomislav
1.23b Keeper of the Sky Kill Laika Solo 6 854 SkinnerGabriel
Posted by: predragovictomislav
1.23C Maiev kill solo Michel 4 571 SkinnerGabriel
Posted by: Kranklafan
Shadow hunter - Kill Azzazel
Lost to Death (Actual FD)
0 291 Lunar
Posted by: Lunar
Firelord - lost to Death 4 279 Lunar
Posted by: Lunar
True Execute Abuse
Dragon Clan Armor Demolish + Assassin Execute
6 811 Karifean
Posted by: Saiyan
Kill Michael (Lone Wolf Solo)
Finally + GGWP
0 406 dwynpermana27
Posted by: dwynpermana27
Kill Michael
2 player
6 449 dwynpermana27
Posted by: dwynpermana27
Dark Ranger solo Michel [ 1 2 ]
Prob I can kill Wisp but I did many mistakes in the end.
22 2341 SkinnerGabriel
Posted by: SkinnerGabriel
1.23 Lone Wolf
Killed Byants,Salamander and Michel.
1 543 SkinnerGabriel
Posted by: Goikolaketic
Lone Wolf alone
lone wolfe kill death keltuzad
4 669 Goikolaketic
Posted by: SkinnerGabriel
Kill Micheal without "Bugs"
No crush, hunt begins, or black knight.
8 878 Bellers
Posted by: dwynpermana27
Morgoth's tower offense
Won game with towers only
6 645 predragovictomislav
Posted by: predragovictomislav
all bosses -easym //Def+Arcane+BS (1 player multicontrol) 1 616 smk
Posted by: kurchina
HOTE TD 3 462 nigplsga
Posted by: Lunar
Panda vs Death
True power of Panda = 1M+ spell damage
9 973 predragovictomislav
Posted by: Goikolaketic
Killed Laika with Blademaster comp
Blademaster + Jaina + Defender
2 519 Kranklafan
Posted by: SkinnerGabriel
3 people kill black knight 5 511 killmanpit
Posted by: DrekThar
Golitah kills Michel solo
Without crush, mission, towers or Hunter
12 1183 predragovictomislav
Posted by: predragovictomislav
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