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Interesting Games
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1.26b Infernal solo fun game - maxing Boss Hunter 3 468 predragovictomislav
Posted by: predragovictomislav
Omega and Laika Kill - 1.26b Map - 1.32.10 Client
Team Whatever + Friends
1 658 Sylvanaris
Posted by: millo1301
Killed Byatis, Forgotton, Dire Wolf
2 260 bebaxt
Posted by: bebaxt
1.25d -armor Strat Kill several bosses
Hellfire team nice last game 1.25d version
4 469 polania
Posted by: leonkellycom
Hunt Byatis solo [ 1 2 ] 29 3119 predragovictomislav
Posted by: Sylvanaris
Anniversary version - Our team kill Death 0 277 nguyenquangdao89
Posted by: nguyenquangdao89
Michael - Mootar Ogre - Glacial Wolf - Forgotten one
Hero Dante - Player Polania
3 447 polania
Posted by: wombly
Satyr vs Belpeghor 3 471 polania
Posted by: vyanant
Demon Hunter almost killed Michael solo
Also killed Byatis, Forgotten One
0 304 thechosen69
Posted by: thechosen69
AN Arcane Wizard kill Death
Dominici is "must have" to survive
1 403 predragovictomislav
Posted by: nguyenquangdao89
Beast Master kill Doom Ann Version
killing some neutral bosses, and reach Dark Dragon on lane.
3 419 masonmauricio49
Posted by: luis_kensou
Dante kill Death Hood Keltuzad Ogrelord and glacial wolf 8 611 polania
Posted by: amirmusin121924
Polania Satyr kill - Keltuzad, Forgotten, Death Hood, Death 1 275 polania
Posted by: amirmusin121924
Child kill Michael 1.25b
Skeleton Warrior kill michael 1.25b
4 1906 akatsukifans10
Posted by: Frillex
Polania Demon Hunter Kill Glacial Wolf 0 261 polania
Posted by: polania
Polania Blademaster Kill Death 1.25d
A funny game whit this amazing Hero
0 243 polania
Posted by: polania
Polania Archer Kill Death
Nice Drops, all the new items for farm
0 266 polania
Posted by: polania
Pandaren kill Death
A new hero I wanna learn to play.
0 299 polania
Posted by: polania
Doom Killed Aniversary Version
Priest and Jaina Kill Doom ANN version
0 293 polania
Posted by: polania
Guide for solo Jaina - ANNI version - By Polania 4 522 polania
Posted by: predragovictomislav
Dante kill mich kel forgotten 3 940 nigplsga
Posted by: nubhunter
Kill Laika two players
1 951 dwynpermana27
Posted by: Goikolaketic
1.24c Illidan solo kill laika
discovered a bug in normal game is imposssible i guess
8 1017 Goikolaketic
Posted by: Goikolaketic
Medivh vs Death
Spells only, Arcane Scepter not needed
5 803 predragovictomislav
Posted by: Goikolaketic
Illidan kill Keltuzad and Michael
a guide to kill kelt and mich without black lyric items
6 941 Goikolaketic
Posted by: predragovictomislav
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