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Forum » Forum » Interesting Games » 1.20c First time our mini group beat the game! (3 man group of Assassin Builder and infernal beating Normal)
1.20c First time our mini group beat the game!
1michaelandersonFecha: Friday, 2016-10-14, 8:11 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Our group has been playing this game for a while and we finally got our first win! While its not a flashy survival win or anything i have to say the feel of satisfaction watching doom die was amazing!
Sparkee93Fecha: Friday, 2016-10-14, 8:12 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Yep so happy we finally got a game done now to see what other Hero's we can do
DrekTharFecha: Friday, 2016-10-14, 2:44 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Good job! Maybe you can go on to killing neutral bosses and/or see how long you can survive vs lane bosses. That's where the real fun is! I can give you feedback on replay if you want ^^

Added (2016-10-14, 2:44 PM)
Make sure you put it in 1.26 next time so it's easier to watch.

Sparkee93Fecha: Friday, 2016-10-14, 7:02 PM | Mensaje # 4
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i would love some feedback if possible im looking forward to playing it more and seeing if i cant kill the devil!
KarifeanFecha: Friday, 2016-10-14, 11:48 PM | Mensaje # 5
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Here's some feedback, I hope some of it proves useful~

Tips for Assassin:
 - Learn when it's safe to attack enemies and when to stay back. If the enemies
   are attacking a Light Forces unit, you are free to attack, although remember
   that they might turn and attack you next if you're close and in range. It's
   a good idea to have an eye open and get a feeling for when the enemies would
   attack you next, and move away accordingly, but not for too long either.
 - Make sure you get as many last hits in a wave as you can, even when abominations
   spawn =P
 - Your item progression could use some work. Rather than going from Leather
   Helm and Circlet of Nobility to Large War Axe immediately it's a good idea to
   get Runed Bracers (and perhaps a Mask of Death) inbetween. It'll help your
   defenses massively. Also consider getting Low Quality Armor before Leather
   Helm. You have to make sure you don't take too much damage early on, but it's
   nice to not have spiders and skeletons turning on you as soon as you get in
   their attack range.
 - You can start killing small spiders as soon as you get Runed Bracers or a
   Voodoo Doll.
 - I know it's really cool to be the lone hero fighting a whole group of enemies
   and winning, but really, even with the Hero Armor you don't need to let
   yourself get attacked any more than necessary.
 - Probably your biggest mistake was not pulling neutral creeps together to one
   spot. Neutral creeps always revive where they were killed, so make sure to
   kill them closer to your lane. If you've got time to kill them, you've got
   time to lure them somewhere else. The more you lure them together, the easier
   and faster you can kill them later on.
 - The best farming route for Assassin is Center Forest -> Revenant Cave ->
   Crabs, port down to forest with Winds Boots, repeat. The Dark Wizard in the
   forest and the Draenai Stalkers in the cave give a LOT of damage when killed.
   I strongly recommend trying this route.
 - With the sole exception of the lack of 10 INT, the Vampire Fangs are better
   than the Corrupted Sword in every way. Its lifesteal effect isn't even an
   orb effect.

Tips for Infernal:
 - Start using your active skills as soon as possible. On Hero Level 3 you
   should already have Fire Skin Level 2 and Ground Slam Level 1, and make sure
   you use Ground Slam at EVERY opportunity. Fire Skin has first priority on
   levelup, Ground Slam second and Flamestrike third (but make sure to get
   Level 1 Flamestrike on Hero Level 4). You want to get as many bonuses as
 - Don't use your ulti so much, if you think a boss might give you trouble just
   stack some Infernal Flames, they'll kill him quickly. And you usually don't
   even need to do that for lane bosses.
 - My personal recommendation for first Tier 3 item (before even getting
   Cleverness Texts) is Arcane Scepter. It will solve your mana regeneration
   issues for quite some time and its active ability is very powerful in
   combination with Infernal Flames. Also it has good item progression
   (Medallion of Wizard -> Medallion of Warlock -> Warlock Staff) that takes
   care of your mana problems when spamming Flamestrike in the early parts of
   the game.
 - Do not underestimate the power of your Flamestrike. While it costs a lot of
   mana one simple cast can clear the vast majority of any jungle farming spot,
   and if it's Level 9 one cast can kill a Spirit Tower, and even a Skull Tower
   if you use an Arcane Scepter on it beforehand.
 - You might want to look into getting Tier 3 items that give you a better
   damage output. You were pretty damn tanky for a long time but your only
   meaningful damage was your periodic flame and the occasional Infernal Flame
   which is excruciatingly slow. I have two Tier 3 items in particular in mind
   that would be very good choices; can you guess them?

Tips for Worker:
 - If you want a tower that can hold a lane all on its own, invest your gold
   into one good tower rather than making a lot of not so good ones. Your best
   choices are either the Advanced Flame Tower (cheap, but needs help for boss
   fights) or the Defiler (Magic -> Corrupted Tower, more than twice as
   expensive as Flame, but can kill bosses without needing help for a long
 - The standard Worker Scout Tower is the ONLY tower in the game that does not
   take damage when attacking neutral monsters. You can farm several small
   spiders from the very beginning of the game with just one of them.

Tips for All:
 - Unless you've got way too much time on your hands, you should never walk back
   to base. Either use a Recover or have your horse bring you port scrolls. Or
   just get the Winds Boots already.
 - If you're constantly staying on your lane and you're killing the enemy wave
   way before the next one shows up, use the extra time to go farm some forest
   creeps. Remember to always pull them together before finishing them off to
   make your next trip that much faster.
   Making regular trips to the jungles is one of the most important steps in
   improving your farm.
 - If you want to improve your game, watch replays of other teams using your
   heroes. Especially Assassin, Worker and Infernal have been played a lot
   recently. You don't need to copy other people's strategies completely, but it
   is a great way to get some new ideas and have a general understanding of what
   works and what doesn't.
1michaelandersonFecha: Saturday, 2016-10-15, 2:58 AM | Mensaje # 6
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Thanks for all the tips! I'll definitely show this to my group, i especially appreciate the assassin tips!
serencreechFecha: Saturday, 2016-10-15, 4:01 AM | Mensaje # 7
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I appreciate your tips.
DrekTharFecha: Saturday, 2016-10-15, 4:09 AM | Mensaje # 8
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Good tips Karifean. This should be general advice ^^
RallezFecha: Wednesday, 2017-03-22, 8:49 PM | Mensaje # 9
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Hi there. Hope this thread still have som life wink

Just started soloing Infernal. Tried him one of the very first games i ever played and thought he would cap VERY early game. However, after some experience with the game i tried him again this afternoon. Completely... Different... Story! With just one game i mashed through multiple neutral bosses without much difficulty (Dragon Turtle, Ancient of The Woods, Gaia). None of them i was close to losing. I brainfarted and left my lane and didn't make it back to Nosferatu, so that ended the map - but he should have gone down easily. This was my build (Level 34) before Nosferatu. Should i change anything before trying again?

Red Mugen
Arcane Scepter
Gods Atom
Branch of the First Oak
Water Orb

Skill Priority
1st Fire Skin
2nd Ground Smash
3rd Flame Strike (Level 1)
4th Ult. (When available)
5th Infernal Strength
6th Flame Strike (Max level)

Thanks guys smile
DrekTharFecha: Thursday, 2017-03-23, 1:20 AM | Mensaje # 10
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I would steer away from his ult. Get arcane staff asap. Eventually you should aim to get exodus. More importantly is how you save up infernal flames. They damage the target based on your total hp and will do more damage with arcane scepter. They are however expended on your next attacks. That why you use flame strike to clear waves and s save infernal flames. When you can avoid attacking anything but bosses, you can consider yourself experienced with infernal. Good luck!
FurionPhoenixFecha: Thursday, 2017-03-23, 8:38 AM | Mensaje # 11
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I have played infernal a few different ways and would suggest fireskin as priority lvl with flamestrike as secondary with 1 point in ground smash. reasons being the flamestrike bonus of xp or gold are better than from ground smash and the dmg is also much greater allowing you to do more faster, you will not be able to spam like with smash before arcane but if you play smart you can balance burning a pile of neutral creeps with getting your lane and spamming at fountain.

On whether to get your ulti depends if you will take time or rush bosses etc, ulti has good additional dmg but will go through your mana quite fast early game. Done well you get better items from drops earlier to counter the lower bonus from less lvls in your actives. also consider a topaz for extra magic dmg if you want to rush bosses.

Bonus also takes into account your lvl and exodus has an int*lvl component so try making cleverness text for lvl 27? 29? whichever it starts to work well at. Hell strength is not much use without high hp so I get it last.
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