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Forum » Forum » Interesting Games » all bosses -easym //Def+Arcane+BS (1 player multicontrol)
all bosses -easym //Def+Arcane+BS (1 player multicontrol)
smkFecha: Sunday, 2018-07-01, 8:07 AM | Mensaje # 1
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nice challenge, almost 23 hours replay:

1.26a https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PLRL9v54qHCUV-PUyAV6DC7pAlmJuKD8

GBtK https://prnt.sc/k1crah
Neptune https://prnt.sc/k1crcc
Omega https://prnt.sc/k1crf1
Hades https://prnt.sc/k1crij

w3l.exe //multiwindow
winspy 1.7 //fullscreen boardless windows
MSI Afterburner (RivaTunerStatisticsServer)  //on-screen display: system time

start with def, like http://hero-empire.com/forum/10-1492-1
late game: http://hero-empire.com/forum/16-1515-1

main troubles:

1. walking with Death stuck me for 5 hours, multicontrol doesn't give time to think
    // Death attacks with % of your hp, don't pick aegles etc
2. bosses have no attack speed, it provides a lot of problems
    // I've killed Black Knight with train of dying impaled bodies, killing Agiel was slower than Salamander etc
3. GBtK is extremely tricky one (1st place):
        3x arcane scepters to stack Reaper (6kk), then killing by 8 Reapers during stun:
        sacrifice, 2x firebolt, magical rope, sacrifice, 2x firebolt, magical rope, sacrifice, sacrifice, 2x firebolt, magical rope
        could be ez, but you need extra casts to pass protection
4. Omega, tricky one (2nd place):
        I've got 48 lvl Defender with 116 sec respawn time + waste time for tp and run to cast,
        this situation forces to cast Reaper every 24 sec exactly (00, 24, 48, 12, 36 timecodes to remember)
5. Hades, tricky one (3rd place)
        actually, the hardest one, during this run:
        you need to cast Reaper for ~60 min, while you want to sleep and close you eyes= start again plz

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kurchinaFecha: Sunday, 2018-07-01, 1:55 PM | Mensaje # 2
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