Thursday, 2020-07-02, 6:20 PM
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Fight Agiel or Lord of Darkness 1.25b or newest.
InmortalSiegfriedFecha: Wednesday, 2020-02-19, 4:04 AM | Mensaje # 1
Group: Admin
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First 4 teams/players in complete the Quest earn the reward, Each Team/Player can only earn one reward and submit one replay, if a player of a team has put his replay already the team can not put their anymore on this Quest.

Rewards: 4 Rewards.

Fight Agiel: 1 Exchange Point.
Fight Lord of Darkness: 2 Exchange Points.
Kill Lord of Darkness: 3 Exchange Points.

Fighting count as you are really trying to kill the boss either you run from him out of possibilities or you die.

Check new Quest rulez before try the Quests.
predragovictomislavFecha: Monday, 2020-03-02, 2:40 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Can't really harm Agiel with Melee hero but Ilidan's fight is here:
Subscrib3rFecha: Wednesday, 2020-04-08, 9:44 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Killed Lord of Darkness!

Subscrib3r - Marine
Crnivitez93 - Priest
Ariana1 - LC Vampire
ihateAdmins - DragonClan
[M1]XDG - Keeper of the sky

Overall good game with some mistakes. smile

Considering noone killed Blood Elemental, and we did in this replay, it would be nice if we could get some bonus points, thanks. biggrin

Message edited by Subscrib3r - Thursday, 2020-04-09, 11:08 AM
nubhunterFecha: Monday, 2020-04-13, 12:02 PM | Mensaje # 4
Major general
Group: Partner/Moderator
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We killed Lord of Darkness too, my opinipn BlackSmith may require some update and balances, most of the final items are really expensive but comparing the items drop from bosses, they seem a lot weaker.

Thanks for my team;
nubhunter - BlackSmith
goikolaketic - Dragon Clan
halil_sah69 - Centrius
Gtthefuck - Marine
Kadesh - Satyr
Nipos - Dark Mage
ljubek - Ancient Vampire

Message edited by nubhunter - Monday, 2020-04-13, 12:03 PM
masonmauricio49Fecha: Tuesday, 2020-04-21, 9:40 AM | Mensaje # 5
Group: Userr
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HELLFIRE Team killed Lord of Darkness

xHELLFIREx: Admiral
andresmusic2: Jaina
PoeStrife: Little Child(Vampire)
digenova: FarSeer
polania_andres: Marine
noConnection: Worker
Forum » Forum » Quests » Fight Agiel or Lord of Darkness 1.25b or newest. (Pending.)
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