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Assassin (Solo) Guide
V0llhorstFecha: Monday, 2016-02-22, 4:32 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Welcome to my guide. I am quite new to this game but decided to make this (video-)guide for Assassin.
You can find the whole Video here :
I decided to upload this as a video instead of the replay, so you can watch it while playing and jump to any minute you want.

You can choose to get invisibility 1 to get the hidden gold or go straight for passives. Beside ult you shouldnt get anything else before you havent maxed out your passives.

Since the vid shows mostly everything I want to focus just on the most important points:
At the beginning you can shoose between leather helm (HP reg) or Armor (more HP). Both enables you to get early kills without dying.

Early Game
Get Runed Bracers to improve your survivability and after that you should get hero armor / large war axe and some life steal. When you reach that point you should start to kite the spiders close to your lane so that you can kill many of them without much effort.

Mid Game
Get mugen, immortal and perfect ruby and continue killing spiders. If you are able to start killing some bosses and try to kite the crabs to the upper right corner (its better than kiting them to the lower left since you might kill revenant often and you have to visit the secret shop so they are closer to you)

End Game
Try to get Dragon Slayer and absolute, if you dont think that you will manage to get it, get excalibur and still continue to kill crabs/spiders and revenant.

General Hints and further Improvement
Keep in mind that you are doing spiders crabs and so on for damage primarily. That you earn a lot of gold is just a positive side effect. If you do it the right way you can easily get more than 5k Base Damage and with skills/items 20k Damage should be possible.
You can speed up (in comparison to the video) if you get wind boots and build towers between lane 3 and 4 close to spiders and close to your crabs point and if you lure some creeps away you could even build a tower close to the dragon spawn. So you wont waste much time walking.
Dont get the fire sword. When I was fighting final desease I realised that it was a bad mistake to drop splash for that sword.

That's it. Have fun playing :D

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GhazouFecha: Monday, 2016-02-22, 8:16 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Nice guide overall. ^^

To add a few things :

You can take the damage passive at lvl 1 and still get the 2 gold pieces; as you only take 2 hits from the furbolg and you don't take hits from the spider.
So a really good start is, buy a horse, bind it, go take the gold from the furbolg area, buy an armor, bring it to yourself with the horse and heal with the fountain.
You should be able to get the armor before any of the enemy creeps die, so that way; you have the armor plus a horse and don't lose any xp at all.
You can then proceed to farm your way up the lane and take the spider gold when you have an opening.

Second thing is that you don't need the runed bracer, as tizona isn't really useful on assassin, so going for a corrupted sword right after your armor is a better way imo.
To give some kind of milestone, if you get a basic claw before the first boss, you can OS it with your ult regardless of which boss appears.
SkinnerGabrielFecha: Monday, 2016-02-29, 4:02 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Good Guide, V0llhorst

Add some suggestions:

I usually make the runed bracers just like you and always have a good start and balanced.

You can take the two first coins without taking any hit.

You better make towers on the map and use the teleportation boot to increase your damage.

To kill the Final Disease do not use the Sword Vulcanic use the Ikki-Thousen because it has a higher percentage of cleaving attack.

It is possible you have 2000 base damage easily in the Hydra.
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