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Guide : Enchanted and others effects
Alcool007Fecha: Friday, 2016-03-18, 6:07 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Hello my name is Alex.
Just say a brief thank you to the production team for this awesome game.

During the games, I've encoutered several objects that have in their description tooltips "enchanted" beafore some of their statistical descriptions.

Then by reading the change log section on this website, I found some very interesting tips
-New item ability: Enchanted Stat.
*Give the stat mentioned in the item even if your hero is not the one that have the item, your horse could have the item and your hero will recive the Enchanted stat.
*For team party it give a random one, droop and pick up again the item with your horse until it give to the member you want.
*If you change your attack tipe drop and pick up again the item.
*Right now Enchanted Stat is only on items to find but there is a good chance that will be on items to buy as well in future versions.

My request : Could someone help me build a good guide on how to use these effects effectively?

There are a few i've met while playing;)

Enchanted claws of ferocity (Enchanted + 72 Stats)- --- --- --- --- Drop Level ( ~= 100 ...)
Divine amulet of the battle --(Enchanted + 4200 HP) - -- --- --- --- Drop Level ( ~= 100 ...)
Enchanted Dryad Spear --- --(Enchanted +340 Damage) --- --- --- Drop Level ( ~= 50-100)
Charm of Honor --- --- --- --- -(Enchanted +155 Armor) -- --- --- --- Drop Level ( ~= 50-100)

Questions :
a) I wonder if these effects are stackable. For example, if a horse carries more than one "Enchanted Dryad Spear" does his partner receives twice the bonus effect?

b) Could we consider "Bataillon" as a buyable tems who give enchanted effect? When my horse carry one, every units in my teams get a +1600 HP.
KranklafanFecha: Monday, 2016-04-04, 2:10 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Charm of honor is stackable, dryad spear is stackable, the claws are not stackable, and we never had 2 divine amulet of the battle in one game.

As for how to use those best you normally want to have the claws on either your autoattack damage dealer, since thats probably your main carry ( read assasin, archer from PT, dark ranger ...) or on somebody who scales best with those stats ( eg. you have a mage comp and someone has exodus & rod of the holy star or just naturall scalings like mediv ).

Dryad spear is probably the easiest to account for, you want to give it to the person with the highest atack speed who actually attacks (so probably also your main carry)

Amulett of the battle & Charm of honor are different because you might want to change it depending on the boss you're facing.
If you face something who mostly atacks one target (michael) you want to give him both since he'll get even more durable for that fight.
If you play against a boss who changes aggro or has cleave atacks you want to give it to your damage dealer since its most important that he survives ( since your tank should be durable enough already )

If you fight against someone who has high damage spells you probably want to give your carry the divine amulet of the battle since thats more effective than armor ( war stomps from murloc / cursed golem / nightmare)
Forum » Forum » Guides » Guide : Enchanted and others effects (Help Request for a more complete understanding about item's)
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