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Looking for berseker build guide
Subscrib3rFecha: Wednesday, 2017-08-30, 4:41 PM | Mensaje # 1
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There are many different ways to play this champ, and so many replays, but ppl often argue what's the best build, with greatest potential. To be more specfic, my friends and I are trying to boost berseker to his max. Will have thief in team for gold, worker, murlock, and maybe even jaina. All focused on boosting berseker so he can solo kill death, kelthuzad, etc etc, maybe even michel. Theif will also farm up hunt begins for him.

Anyone has any advice on spell build, early game, when to do first power release? To go for excalibur or not? Which spells to have in lategame? (he wont be just relying on ulti oneshot, but a fighter most of all)

Someone with good experiance, please give any advice you have, I am open for suggestions!
(Also, if u have any advice on what other memebers of team should focus, or u think some other hero would be more usefull, please tell me aswell smile )
RedFecha: Thursday, 2017-08-31, 5:31 AM | Mensaje # 2
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I´d say Worker is as good as a gold source as the Thief. Maybe you should use a Keeper for the juicy Armor reduces (even if Michael and Death have 800/700 armor, so you´d need to stack armor reduce to get to the comfort zone) or similar heroes for example. It´s also useful to have someone to face-tank the bosses (for example Infernal). The blacksmith is also more than valid, since he´s maybe even the strongest support role if you know the recipes. 

The issue at the moment is, if played correctly (i think i watched a replay that did look like it), Berserker can also solo Michael (and the bosses on his powerlevel) if he has enough stacks on hunter and was played almost perfectly. The sad thing about the meta at the moment is, most of the games (at least with 1-3 Players) completely rely on the hunt item, because its stupidly strong.

I think comfortable times for power release are before the hydra boss comes (1st time), next time about when the dragon bosses come, and the last time just before death. While the first one is more/less hard or not rewarding to delay it further, the other two could be delayed with the right team comp / skill.

When it comes to spell build i´d say get Ground Smash to the point where it deals ~500dmg (can do most of the jungle farms that way) and max Hidden power (max priority) and Stamina, while taking the battle experience ultimate. Same goes for the second release/respec. But since bosses at the powerlvl of Death are not really nuke-able, i´m not even sure if "Cutter" ultimate for the last respec would make more sense. I´ve also taken the ability that does str-mutliplied dmg and heal (since its similar to the Hunter item) instead of Stamina for the last respec, if you have a tank or you managed to get enough HP at that point it´s probably better.

I don´t think I can say a lot about item builds, but since you won´t need Attack Speed or DMG, I´d recommend going for special effects that synergize well with your stats (Perfect Ruby, Sacred Battle Axe, Gods Atom, Hunter) while getting some Supreme for defense. One slot of course goes to Excalibur, even if i experienced some bugs/nerfs with the release-reset and lost quite a lot of strength.

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KranklafanFecha: Friday, 2017-09-01, 0:53 AM | Mensaje # 3
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If you're going standard DPS Build with hunt you definetly want to get excalibur since it allows you to release twice and you'll need the atack speed to farm hunt yourself. (Benefit to farming it yourself is that you also get the xp from the killed creeps).
I personally max stamina > ground stomp > hidden power and battle experience only when i start to kill bosses; since the stomp allows you to farm spiders in the early game. I guess the other way round to play would be to only put one point in stamina and max hidden power first if you're focussing on the dpe potentian instead of max hp.

What else is there to say; get a tower to hold the lane; then get cleverness text into Chronos so you can stack as fast as possible.

If you want to farm yourself after releasing the first time take the hunt & ikki thousen, should be enough to farm most spots; especially if you have a way to heal yourself. 
If you want to help bossfights with your ult get an arcane szepter (or jaina in the team) and get immortal/absolute/supreme as soon as possible. 

Items to look out for are: 
Eternal Ledger (good item early & midgame, active is usefull to get tankier) 
Szepter of malevolence (lets you farm satyrs & draenei easier) 
Possesed Halleberd (good livesteal) 
Veteran armor (good midgame item & lets you use your ult and then continue fighting normally; consider bringing it to bossfights to swap around) 
Battle Heart (usefull active, use it bevore fights and then swap it out) 

There are a few i'd consider to help supporting you 

Jaina: Most usefull for a magic damage comp; so not that good for you if you want to go mostly AA-based damage; ult is still usefull for your ult thou, which alone might make her a top contender & she can get you the hunt early on. 

Blacksmith: Gives you the best items for max-health Berserker & also gives you the best item form for cleaving & damage increase (also lifesteal if you're lucky) - he's a top contender if you know the recipes. 

Murloc: Great support, does not need gold in the early game so can help you build items, can globally heal and increase your armor after you casted ult and if he casts his ult on you you can probably release even later.. Since he naturally has a lot of hp he can also carry a lot of support items later on.

Keeper: Strongest Character to reduce your enemies armor, always good if you have a normal damage based comp. 

Infernal: Might be even better than thief in getting gold early on; can also get you items early on; probably more usefull lategame than thief; can also basically do all bosses if you manage to save your infernal flames 

Thief: A lot of gold; really good stolen items early on; probably better at farming the hunt item than infernal since he is autoatack based; also his ult comboes well with your ult. 

Worker: Good standalone champion; i would not pick him since he needs to farm the left jungle; but you need those creeps to level your hunt.
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