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Jaina guide [Request]
tplukisFecha: Wednesday, 2017-10-18, 9:43 PM | Mensaje # 1
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I'm a beginner here and i'm really interested in learning to play Jaina. What should be the first item and what items should I aim for end game? I usually play with other 2-3 guys and we reach/kill Death/faceless. 
Any tips or tricks are appreciated.
SkinnerGabrielFecha: Thursday, 2017-10-19, 0:11 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Hi man! There`s a challenge with Jaina here this forum. Go to Questions/FUN CHALLENGES GAME. There you'll find 2 replay with Jaina solo. One replay of the antoniosme and another of the Kranklafan.
KranklafanFecha: Thursday, 2017-10-19, 2:57 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Yeah, if you have the time to spare watch them, we both start out different, but i think my build is easier to start with ^^

I normally go for perfect topaz as first item (getting glacial staff first, but you can also start emerald if you prefer tankyness), that allows you to farm center forrest/satyr cave and also lets you kill the forrest troll. (also the ancient, but on two takes) 
Then you can either get tankyer (hero armor into immortal, especially if you dont have anyone else getting hero armor in your team); if you want to use your gold on other things you can also skip that part, but then you need someone else to tank turtle/the dragons for you if you can't kil them during one invincibility phase. 
Then you can either start saving up for your exodus (your main damage item lategame) or you can go for chronos to farm more efficently or if you want to. (Sidenote to chrons if your team relies on your ult to kill bosses definetly go for chronos as second item after topaz) 
Around this time you can also get utility items, depending on if you want them (port boots, xp book if you need your ult on lvl 4 asap)

Now you're looking to get the following item drops:
Staff of discharge ( you need it for exodus, also a nice stun early on) 
Scepter of malevolence (probably your main damage output after exodus) 
Rod of the holy star (if you want to heal your team, the damage is kinda weak) 
The fire staff (ignious scepter or so; really good magic damage, but you might need more manareg to use it constantly)
Veteran armor ( good defensive stats, most importantly gives you magicresistance) 
Legendary armor (good stats, and you need it for absolute/supreme)
Dragon wings (if you have the item slot to spare, more ms means you can farm faster)

So your endgame items should look something like this (imo) 
At least one defensive item, preferably supreme, alternatives are helm of the underworld king, or if you need cheaper stuff you can get golden helm for MR, or divine armor if you only need the active. Situational items would be carapace armor or spell shield. 
You definetly need chronos, since it extends your ult timer, which is often the main reason to pick jaina
Then you have your damage items, which normally should be exodus, perfect topaz, scepter of malevolence, rod of the holy star, maybe Ultima lvl3 if you need the damage
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