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1.22e EZ -SM killing all bosses guide
smkFecha: Saturday, 2018-06-23, 9:10 AM | Mensaje # 1
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It's called ez, because it's just the easiest modification I can imagine. I can't find much skill required.
(no boss killing boss, no orb of darkness, no glacial swords except firebolt scepters)

For sure, reader has to know something about the game, newbies are not supposed to pass -SM.

pick: Arcane Mage, Defender, Reika, Blacksmith, Worker, Muradin, Jaina, Child
(first 6 characters supposed to be alive, but who knows)


Added (2018-06-22, 2:25 PM)

killing line bosses: supposed to have Defender with 16500 HP reg (not actually that much required to start)
items: 5x aegle, 3x impale, unholy cry

I believe, you are able to pass early line bosses, it depends on game situation

I'm going to post few reminds on feature you have to know, "DON'T HIT":
some bosses are going to escape any stun, if you are going to attack them,
don't need hit to land, even if you don't see the animation starting, just use shift orders, be out of range

Added (2018-06-22, 2:38 PM)
killing jungle bosses:

would be nice to kill Troll, Tree and Turtle in 150 min, just for heart container
while you have Defender (aegle, savior, unholy cry, impales) guided bosses are here:

Added (2018-06-22, 2:43 PM)

Finally Doom the Angel of Death //2ez, Defender (aegle+savior).

P.S: I don't get how to fix spoilers here

Added (2018-06-23, 9:10 AM)
you are supposed to find unclear moments like:
"4) Child + Jaina = -1/8 total hitpoints finish blow (20 sec stun + chronos)"
means: "Child + Jaina = -1/8 total hitpoints finish blow (20 sec stun + chronos= -1/4 total hitpoints)"

and mistakes like:
"4) don't try to attack, use hold, shift orders, be out of range or get rect

while the current message editor is really uncomfortable

changes: Death(few tips added), Michael(extra tip), Byatis(faster way added),
Salamander(removed 1 supreme, they don't stack), Hades(few things), Michael(hUKs requirement revised)

Message edited by smk - Sunday, 2018-06-24, 12:51 PM
kurchinaFecha: Sunday, 2018-07-01, 2:00 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Worker Unbroken? What do you mean? Unbroken is fixed now, and I don't think that you can farm him with worker that easy. Explain if I'm wrong. smile
smkFecha: Thursday, 2018-07-19, 0:09 AM | Mensaje # 3
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original texts: "gateway to Unbroken, ..." ,
have no idea, how can copy+paste provide such things

Added (2018-07-19, 0:09 AM)

Quote smk ()
late game: abuse, permanent 16500 hp/sec regen

Defender's ultimate % regeneration:
- you can't get non-permanent regen
- what ever you do, you are going to abuse it to get advantage or disadvantage
- it applies once you get a buff, you can't change this number
- untill you loose buff while being invulnerable, hexed or dead
is it still unclear?

Added (2018-09-30, 8:16 AM)
Pff, I was thinking to rebuild the guide up to 1.23b, but:

1. I'm not allowed to edit the first message, but due some hidden moderation with no feedback:
the first message keeps losing some texts, like
- "arcane mage spoiler" without "damage and slow description" anymore
- "Omega" spoiler without "death of caster condition"

2. If you edit message, it looses some layout features: spaces, "new paragraph tabulations" etc
// So, you have to rework your message to make it readable.

As a result, the guide:
- has no sense, just some random fragments of tips you can find usefull
- has a kind of "much harder to read" layout

This guide is irrelevant atm and is not going to be supported or updated.

Forum » Forum » Guides » 1.22e EZ -SM killing all bosses guide
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