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Blademaster and Firelord Starts
KarifeanFecha: Tuesday, 2018-07-03, 1:30 AM | Mensaje # 1
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So being bored one afternoon I decided to try a couple special starts using Blademaster and Firelord respectively and found some things you could do.


Blademaster's Windwalk ability lets you reach a few places very quickly, before even the first wave of creeps spawns. A very easy one is the coin behind 2 Ogre Warriors and a Mage in the bottom left. You simply pull the two Choros to the jungle entrance, run in right after them towards the coin, and then Windwalk right as you reach the ogres. You should make it back out of the jungle taking only 1 hit from a Choro on the way back out. This start is simple and safe, albeit very far out of your way if you have less than 3-4 players. Still, it's typically better than going for nothing at all.

But there's a much more risky and much more rewarding trick I found. You can actually grab the 2 coins, Tome of Knowledge and Gem Fragment from the small troll woods between 1st and 2nd lane! All while still being at any lane in time not to miss any EXP. Here's a replay of me performing the trick to get them:

Now this trick is a little more difficult than viewing this video might make it seem. Pulling the first four trolls away is pretty trivial, although you will be attacked once or twice doing so. However after that you need to aggro the Forest Troll Berserker with both your horse and your hero at pretty much the exact same time. If you aggro him with only your horse, it has a roughly 50% chance of being killed by his first attack even at full HP. If you aggro him with only your hero, all aggro will reset and you will die collecting your items by virtue of being right in the face of an angry furbolg. But if you do both at once, you can keep your horse alive and still pull all the creeps away, allowing you to safely collect the items and teleport back out. Make sure to position yourself as centrally as possible before using the scroll, otherwise trolls will find, hit and kill you over the walls.

(Edit: Forgot to mention, you don't need to buy a Leather Helm, but it will heal back any HP you lose in the process and let you get last hits on lane without being targeted by spiders, so it may be worth investing into. Otherwise you can always use a Recover, or let your HP heal back up naturally)

It can be very hard to pull off at first, but after a few practice runs you can do it pretty consistently. Definitely a trick worth taking the time to figure out if you like playing this hero. For the record, you can also sneak deep into the center forest a bit later on with a higher level Windwalk and more HP to take a few hits, but I've found it better to take the time instead to farm EXP, cluster spiders and kill them all with your first Tornado. But you can sneak in and grab all the items in the forest if you want to, it just takes pulling some spiders away and positioning yourself at a few safe spots where you can wait for Windwalk cooldown to expire. Not gonna describe the full route here, but if demand exists I can make another replay for it.

You can do nearly the same trick with Assassin and his Furtive Attack, but not in solo play and not as cleanly, as the lower base stats, much higher mana cost and lower duration of his ability make it that much harder.


Firelord is a pretty unpopular hero nowadays and for good reason, as his potential in contributing to the end game is close to zero. However, in my book he is close to being tied with Defender and Party Team for having one of the best extreme early games of any hero in the game, especially for team play as he's very undemanding in terms of items, but can gather great drops and do other impressive stuff all on his own.

I could type out the strategy, but really, just watch this replay and you should pick up all the relevant details yourself:

But I'll at least mention the most important cornerstones of it: You can kill the Polar Furbolg Champion at Level 1 with Lava spawns (you can also do this in multiplayer and let a teammate get all the EXP and the coin). You can kill Spitting Spiders with two Fire Waves Level 2 without even taking any damage. You can kill Spitting Spiders with one Fire Wave Level 4 (though you need the over time damage, which makes it easy to take damage or risk losing the EXP). You can destroy trees with your Volcano, letting you pull center forest creeps much easier, as well as freeing creeps from left side areas. That's pretty much the most important parts in a nutshell.

But this strategy is pretty safe and simple and we can't have that, now can we, lol. So here's introducing a much more risky Level 1 strat that has a far lower chance of interfering with teammates in multiplayer, has the potential for amazing early drops, but is also ridiculously hard to pull off properly without messing up and losing everything you tried to build up. It also takes an early Recover to do in a timely manner.

Here's a replay of this risky strat:

Watching it you might not see how precise this strat actually is. You have to hit all 6 crabs with the initial Fire Wave, and then all 9 (+ the goddamn Snapper) with the second and third one, and lure them all into the Fire Wall enough for them to die. without taking a hit and losing your Clarity effect, using the Recover at the right time to do an additional Fire Wave inbetween. If you miss the Fire Wave or EXP on any of the small crabs, you won't be Level 2 in time, and if you lose your Clarity effect at any point you won't have the mana to cast Fire Wall. As shown in the replay it's possible for the first purple crab to escape its area and follow you out, which really messes up the crucial timing and can lead to you losing clarity. Oh and it's very possible for any of the 5 purple crabs to escape your Fire Wall before they burn to death, though you can solve that with another Fire Wave (but it's nicer not having to waste the extra mana). And then it's up to the RNG gods what spoils you get for all your trouble.

It's possible to go a bit further and kill at least one of the Reef Elementals up ahead using Fire Wall + Lava spawns to tank, which potentially nets you another real good item but I don't show this in this replay. Far as I know there's no way to tank the triple reef elemental after for long enough to have them die to Fire Wall, but if you could do that it'd probably be worth it... maybe if you're lucky enough to get, like, a Carapace, a Tome of Sacrifices and a Greater Healing Potion or something, then it might be possible with good lava spawn timing? Not sure. Feel free to try and figure it out yourself tho.

Edit: Tried it just now and it's... actually really damn simple to kill the three extra reef elementals. All you need is an extra stack of Clarity Potion you normally don't have (need to either skip getting a horse at the start, or have a teammate help you out). You get Level 4 off of killing the first reef elemental, then invest a skill point to get either lava spawns or fire wall level 2 (I recommend getting lava spawns level 2), replenish your mana, and then tank the trio with lava spawns while fire wall burns them to death. At this point you'll probably have lost a considerable amount of lane farm, but you might get a Scroll of Agility drop from the elementals so that might be worth investing into. Plus you get Level 5 for your troubles anyways IIRC, so not much of anything is lost.

The enemies can drop some real good items making all this effort worth the trouble though, plus you can leave the Polar Furbolg Champion and his coin to another player in multiplayer here. And at the end of the crab killing you can easily use your remaining scroll to teleport to any lane on the map almost without losing any lane EXP. So this is definitively a strat with great returns.

Hope this helps any players that like optimizing their early game. Good luck!

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