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Endless singleplayer game - 1.23b and some older versions
predragovictomislavFecha: Saturday, 2018-11-10, 0:45 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Hi there!

For so long time there was no way for singleplayer's to try some of Heroes they like vs late-game bosses without Orb of Darkness. Some Heroes are so slow at start, some of them need long time to kill Bosses and for almost all of them story ends at Apocalipse/Azazel/Faceless/Ligeia. Many of Heroes are not even capable of killing all of those Bosses in same game without lucky drops.

Because of all said above and because i know that im not only one who like to play singleplayer HOTE games so much im presenting you with guide how to "put Michael on Hold". This is guide for "not so new players" - you need to be able to collect items needed and kill Death.

Items needed:
- Truth
- Mithril Glaive
- Helm of The Underworld King (for low-HP Heroes)
- Frozen Helm of Chaos (good for all)

How to buy your time?
1) "Destroy" Michel's DPS with Truth + Glaive (you need both ASP slow AND bonus DMG reduction from Glaive)
2) Lure him to Fountain
3) Tank with Trained Horses at "Hold Position"
4) Enjoy endless time

- Ideal Horse setup:
    - almost 2 min later no damage to Horse:
- EDGE Horse setup (3x Circe Book and only items from shop):
    - almost 2 min later there is some damage but Horse is ok:

At this Michel's ASP sometime between 5min 15 seconds and 5min 45 seconds Michael's target is going to instantly die!

- IF you have Horse with ideal setup (or more then one) you don't need to care about said above, when 1st Horse die, Michael is going to attack closest one and keep attacking him - just buy new Trained Horse, collect items and press "H"
    - you don't need Hearth Container for "ideal setup" - Nature Path is good enough with Blue Deity

- IF you using "Circe'd" horse you don't want him to die sou you can let Michael trigger "instant-kill" at regular Horse:
    - after 4 min 45 seconds put regular Horse closer to Michael
    - buy Pack Horse at shop - Pack Horse dies - Michael choose closest target (get several weaker Horses to protect your "main" from instant-kill if you are new to this)

- Slayer Armor is not good choice, Carapace + Slayer gives your Horse Armor value above 400 and all new Horses are attacked and slayed instantly. Also this is reason why you don't use max "Circe'd" Horse.

In short: you need at least one Blue Deity, with just one Deity make "Triple-Circe'd Horse" as backup solution if you need focus on some fight for longer then 5 mins
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