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Death Hood
Dean123Fecha: Tuesday, 2020-04-21, 11:12 AM | Mensaje # 1
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So this guy has multishot, slows you down (poison), silence, 95% dodge rating (I'm not even exaggerating), teleports around, has a spell shield and a 10 second stun (freeze). The only weakness that may or may not be an actual weakness is his "low" armor. Does he have disable duration reduction (stun, armor reduction active casts)? I couldn't experiment enough in my last game. He's HELL to solo. At least he was with Maiev. I'm guessing Carapace Armor is very useful against him. Didn't have time to experiment...

Any tips?

Overall it's a very fun boss.

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predragovictomislavFecha: Tuesday, 2020-04-21, 8:37 PM | Mensaje # 2
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I think he is not removing disabling spells on attack, perhaps shorter time. Killed him solo with Jaina in quest, when he was under ultimate effect he was walking very slow.

If he is not reducing spell timer he can be forever "locked" with enough heroes and magical ropes but im not good with team party to test this.

It seems to have huge damage return when you stun him with autoattacks.
Tested with Arthas, had idea of stunlock him with Ares sword and 4 other stun items + Carapace armor used to run in melee range. After Avatar is out im dead in few seconds, every time.
There was idea of killing him using Arthas and image, got gem of end and used dmg bonus, its active almost all time and works for images too plus don't need to waste any time to activate skill. Also +6000 dmg bonus from one of God skills work on images. That was almsot 40k damage on Artahs and image...

At 50% HP there is bonus damage vs primary target - tested with Necromancer golems, was able to bring him to about 40% of max HP this way before all golems are dead.

Golems are magic immune and perhaps duo with worker is good enough for Death Hood - fountains to heal golems and those archers to crush him from far away. All bosses after seems to be mages and perhaps golems can kill some of them too. Also worker can help to get Untouchable much faster to farm Holy much faster and get much stronger golems in the end.

Also i think he is not teleporting, after he kill all heroes in his area or run after them to edge of area he is "restarted" at default position with full hp.
You can avoid this if you get arcane staff - Hex him and run out, after hex is over he is not going after you but get golem or centaur ready to run in if he is going after hero for some reason. Team party perhaps can "hide" one member in corner to avoid full hp restart...

Player sogrenking killed him with Azura for quest, perhaps there is some important answers in that replay.
Subscrib3rFecha: Thursday, 2020-04-23, 11:36 AM | Mensaje # 3
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Just to add on what predragovictomislav said.

Yes, disables are very useful vs him. For example, murlock can hold him in the net for almost full duration of 14 seconds. So if you are playing as a team, just get supports with nets and other disables and you are gonna be fine.

Few other things I can advise you to do:
-As a fighter, Ares sword is a must, cuz he has around 50-60% dodge chance. You can't fight him without Ares sword.
-His freeze is not avoidable in a long fight, just be tanky enough to survive it, or have Priest in the background to remove freeze from you.
-If his silence is a problem maybe, item called Absolution ring can be activated while you have silence on, and it removes the silence.
-Go for armor reduce. Kunnagi, Decapitator, and other stuff will prove very useful for an easy kill.
-Don't try to stunlock him with autoattacks... As predragovictomislav said, Arthas, as well as Marine stunlock isn't gonna get you very far.
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