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Item skills God Skill Tome , Gem of the End , Ring of Talent
Dean123Fecha: Saturday, 2020-04-25, 7:21 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Here's a list of all (well, 90 % ) the skills you can learn through consumable items. Ring of Talent drops from random out-of-lane level 80+ bosses and you can use it multiple times, with some exceptions. Gem of the End drops from higher level bosses (I've had the most luck getting it from Faceless One Deathbringer). God Skill Tome can be bought in the Empire's shops.

God Skill Tome

God Blessing of Battle: +6000 damage, +380HP/sec regen, +38% MS, 52 second cooldown, duration = your current level

God Blizzard: 17 waves, 3700 damage each, channeling, ~400 AoE, slow waves, ?? cd

God Chain Lightning: 27500 damage, 9 targets, 11 second cooldown

God Thunder: 40000 single target damage, 5.5 second paralysis, 22 second cooldown.

God Thunder Clap: 16000 damage, 700/800 aoe, 8 second AS/MS slow (about 100% I'd say?) , 36 second cooldown

God Rejuvenation - 2600HP/sec target (can be cast on others) heal, lasts 15 seconds, cooldown 30 seconds.

God Heal - chain healing, heals 40k on the primary target bounces 7 times with each bounce healing less, 11 second cooldown.

God King And Army: +1400 damage, 200% attack speed, 50% movement speed to yourself and nearby allies, lasts X seconds, and also increases your HP regen by 2% of your max HP for X/2 seconds, where X = your level. Cooldown 122 seconds.

God Dark Blast: Deals x18 of your highest attribute in (damage type not specified, spell I think) damage to the target, goes through magic immunity (golem) and spell shield. 10 second cooldown.

Note: All God Skill Tome skills as of 1.25b have a relatively high manacost, God Dark Blast for an example has a manacost of 600MP, so managing your mana is an important factor in early-mid game (<lvl99 bosses) and against late game bosses that take more time you need to care for your mana if you intend to spam these skills.

Gem of The End
Big thanks to Karifean. I'll still write these skills here so that it can all be in one place, and some skills have been buffed in recent versions.

Godly Edge: +20 000 damage, 10-13 seconds duration, 21 second cooldown. Works on illusions (I think?).

Fury/Army of the End: +220% damage to nearby friendlies, 2800 armor, ~1000+?hp/sec regen, 45 second cooldown, 35 second duration on summons, 10-15 seconds on heroes.

Death Nova: Deals 35k damage to all units in 700-800AoE, 11 second cooldown . Damage was tested on Revenant and then calculated taking into account hero armor, not sure if that boss has any other spell damage reduction. It dealt 27k damage directly to him. The spell is in the form of a projectile, a meteor, falling from the sky, one projectile per unit.

Divine Attributes: Not entirely sure about the name, adds 1300 all stats, has a cooldown of 20 seconds and lasts 20 seconds. Takes away 20% of your max HP and around 25-30k mana after adding the stats. Yes, it activates even if you don't have enough mana, and yes, this ability can kill you if you have <20% HP when you activate it.

Unstoppable: Regenerates around 20% of your max HP per second for 15 seconds, cooldown 325 seconds.

Enchanted Bullets - refer to the linked thread

Armageddon - -II-

Didn't have time to play another 5 rounds to get the last two skills... Just refer to the linked post for them, it doesn't seem like there have been significant changes in Gem of the End skills other than Godly Edge. In other words I'm too lazy.

Note: Death Nova, and I assume Enchanted Bullets as well as Armageddon, can be cast while retaining your invisibility. Not all high level bosses have True Sight,
in particular lacks it.

Ring of Talent

13% Life Steal (orb effect) - no explanation needed

3% Rain of Fire on attack (AoE ~100-200 around attacked unit, damage ??? (ticks about 500-1000 damage per wave on hero armor), 4 waves, has ~500 damage (vs hero armor) per second after-burn for 3 or so seconds). Not very useful compared to Forked Lightning.

20% Forked Lightning on attack around 8000 damage and some 10 targets

130 all stats - no explanation needed

12000HP(doesn't stack) - no explanation needed

Hit enemies every second:  Fires a projectile at a random nearby enemy every second, deals 1500 damage. (seems to stack, taking 2 seems to speed up the firing rate, though I'm not sure)

Heal on 25% HP - This is an interesting ability and was quite hard to test. Every time you fall down to 25% HP you get healed for a very miserable amount - around 500-1000HP. However this ability has no cooldown, meaning that if you are fighting a boss that has no burst damage and you have some means of healing yourself continuously (high regen, life steal) you could strike a delicate balance and stay on 25%HP indefinitely. I was fighting Glacial Wolf as Archer with life steal and I thought I would lose from how steadily my HP was decreasing but I managed to kill him and throughout 80% of the fight I was constantly on 20-25% HP. I'd still say its usefulness is debatable at best and it could use some sort of a buff.

If I made a mistake somewhere let me know and I'll edit it if it's on time, and if you can provide detailed information on the two Gem of the End abilities I'm missing, please do so.

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predragovictomislavFecha: Saturday, 2020-04-25, 8:45 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Tank you.
This is good job!

I have few extra data: 

Gem of The End - in this version i think i got it from Typhos, not 100% but i know i got it up there and run to kill Azazel after i got it.

Quote Dean123 ()
God Blessing of Battle
Works on illusions too.

Quote Dean123 ()
God Dark Blast
I think you can't hit neutral creep-golems with it (mud and other one that trow rock on you), you get message "that unit is magic immune".

Quote Dean123 ()
Godly Edge
I belive duration is only 4-5 seconds shorter then cd. Works on illusions.

Quote Dean123 ()
Divine Attributes
This one kills you on low hp activation even if you have Divine Shield active (Jaina). Never tested activation with Divine skin active to test if its spell damage or pure damage.

Quote Dean123 ()
Heal on 25% HP
Never tested this 1, still missing data if this works when enemy attacking you or when you attack enemy. If working when you attack enemy there is interesting calculation for high armored bosses.
Dean123Fecha: Saturday, 2020-04-25, 9:02 AM | Mensaje # 3
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Thanks for the inputs Tomislav, help is always welcome.

Quote predragovictomislav ()
I think you can't hit neutral creep-golems with it (mud and other one that trow rock on you), you get message "that unit is magic immune".
I think that might be a bug then? The spell description explicitly states "Can go through spell immunity (golem)" or some grammatical alteration of that.

Regarding Gem of the End, the earliest I've seen it drop was from Murloc (or Murgul?) Overlord, although that only happened once and on the very first version Gem of the End was released, or maybe one version after that. Never seen it happen after that so it was either removed from that drop table or the drop rate is <0.5% for it from this boss. 

Considering all the damage boosts that work on illusions in these latest versions, I'm having a lot of fun with Maiev biggrin
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