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Forum » Forum » Guides » Guide to Assassin (1.17F) by Fermat (or sdasdf hahaha) (i f*** up in the registration, was too lazy :DD)
Guide to Assassin (1.17F) by Fermat (or sdasdf hahaha)
sdadsfFecha: Wednesday, 2015-07-15, 9:16 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Hey guys.I’m a newcomer, and just beat the 1.17F version as an Assassin. I will write a walkthrough/guide about how I  beat it,
and  what you should  do  if you wanna  win as well  as  an assassin  solo. I will not, however, discuss the super basics in this post. I assume you  know how to lure camps, where the fragments are and so on.



fugitive  level 1 -> sharpest level 2
and 3 -> Mastery level  4
From then on, max sharpest (the early bonus provided by mastery is NOT as significant as
the extra gold you will get with sharpest), then Mastery and then Fugitive.


Leather Helm -> Low Qual. Armor -> Circlet -> Bracer -> -> Large
War Axe -> Hero armor -> Morbid Mask -> Boots of Wind -> Perfect
Ruby -> Immortal -> Mugen


As the game starts, buy a leather helm and a chicken. Rush straight away to the bear gold coin. I like to level up the invisibility skill on level 1, so I use it while passing through the bear for  the first  time. On my  way back  to  the lane, I only take a  single hit, which is recovered fully  by the leather helm  by the time the creeps meet.
Enemy creeps always attack the unit with the lowest hp in range. Early on you will be focused by their range creep, so don’t stand there taking too many hits. You don’t even need to farm the ranged creeps – focus on the skeletons in the first waves.

There is not much you can do once the wave hits their tower. You will only be able to soak exp, as the tower will focus you. Instead, go to the spider jungle and grab   your second gold coin. For that matter, I also use the fugitive spell to get through the little spider without taking damage. Keep farming the lane until you  have your large war axe and lifesteal. You can also go for hero armor before the axe. Ult to take down bosses safely and push the first spirit tower if  possible. If you get a Wand of Wizard you should keep it, as its really good early on at taking down towers (you  can target towers with it).

Once your Hero armor is complete and you got lifesteal, alternate between pushing the wave and luring/killing spiders. Do not, however, lure the spiders to a place too close to the lane. You will be building a flame tower next, and you don’t
want it to kill yours spiders yet.


Keep  rotating between  lane and spiders. The fortified  tower I got was not that helpful, id rather have had a defiller.  Sell you bracers and work towards a perfect ruby. But don’t finish it yet, get another flame tower and lure the spiders to your towers.

Now, instead of farming non stop, you want to start expanding. Build a tower near the left lane for easy access, finish your immortal, destroy the right lane’s towers and get another tower near the upper part of the crab camp. Leave your axe near the crab camp. You don’t need it all the time with you, but you are going to swap it to clear the crabs.

Keep rotating and farming. For a benchmark, by the time the  hydra came I had bought:

Immortal – Large War Axe – Lifesteal - Perfect Ruby – Wind boots,

The Axe was  dropped near the crabs, and in my inventory I had a Staff of  Discharge and a Divine Rune.  I had about 3700 damage at this point. Build a tower near the dragon spawn, get a mugen and you  are ready for the lategame.


This section does not follow a chronological order. Regard those items as  tasks you must do whenever possible.
1-      Items
First thing regarding items is that i dropped quite a few of  them near the pit. Over time, i  brought a  staff of discharge  (3 sec stun helps a lot), a Divine Rune (didnt need it outside of the dragon pit), my gem frags and so on. Whenever i travelled to the  pit's tower i had an item that were needed there.
Examples include:
Dragon Slayer Recipe, for obvious reasons;
My saphire, as there were like 5 or 6 frags dropped by dragons;
The Divine Rune, which i eventually brought back to complete an Atom

2-      Dragon Killing
Once you got  your mugen, you can easily take the first dragons. I recommend leaving a staff of discharge near the pit, as it   helps  killing them immensely, particularly if youhave fast hands.
You  also don’t need to have the windboots with you when fighting the dragon, so swap them for something else (even
a dragon scale  works)

3-      Ending the  game
Its important to buff your troops byquickly destroying the enemies’ structures. If you die (like a did), thisshould buy you precious time. Having  sniper towers next to the  last boss helps a bit,  but I would behappier if they  were built in the
death’s path. It would’ve bought me more time to  respawn.

My final  items were:

Mugen –  attackspeed and increases your dps by 65%
Perfect Ruby  - Gives around 2k damage
Immortal – couldn’t find a legendary armor to upgrade it.
Atlas – craploads of hp
Dragon Slayer  - doubles your damage against death
Sacred Saphire – should’ve swapped it for a Veteran Armor IMO. If you are able to upgrade it 1-2 levels   further I believe it gets better than veteran armor.

Killed Doom before Darigaaz, in about 2h30.

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ara-ureFecha: Thursday, 2015-07-16, 2:32 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Quote sdadsf ()
Killed death before Darigaaz, in about 2h30.
sdadsfFecha: Friday, 2015-07-17, 1:36 AM | Mensaje # 3
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daianaalvaroFecha: Tuesday, 2015-07-28, 4:46 PM | Mensaje # 4
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Nice, but Doom killed before Darigaaz , with much suffering ! Doom is boss to just one hit. He is very weak . Your DMG was very low as well.
joachim1992Fecha: Saturday, 2016-09-24, 2:09 AM | Mensaje # 5
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I know this post is from over a year ago, but I can't figure out what item morbid mask is. Is it mask of death ( the item from the top right item shop in the spawn that has 10% lifesteal), or is it another item? I wouldn't know if it changed name or something as I started playing Hero Empire this year, but I am really curious, as I can't find any information elsewhere on the internet about a so called "morbid mask" in Hero of the Empire
DrekTharFecha: Saturday, 2016-09-24, 4:10 AM | Mensaje # 6
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He probably means mask of death.
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