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Differences with the normal version.
InmortalSiegfriedFecha: Saturday, 2016-01-09, 4:36 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Different of Hote(pvp) with Hero of The Empire.

Besides the obvious like terrain, light and dark forces creeps, neutrals, towers,etc.

-New Mode: Super fast mode(-SFM): towers are very weak ,you can't build towers, game should end a lot faster.
-Old modes does not work.
-3 New items to buy.
-New unit to hire.
-Level Maximum is higher.
-Fix level up directly goes to 50 after level 43.
-All heroes has more base hit points(different on each)
-All players win gold per second.
-heroes deaths no longer  cause lose of gold based in his current gold, now is based on hero level.
-Set starting gold to 2300.
-Building are invulnerable until you destroy Arcane/Skull tower.
-War cry(Blood Grunt)reduce stun duration to 2.40.
-Explosive Blood(Blood Grunt) reduce damage and stun duration in the last 2 levels.
-War Stomp(Goliath) reduce stun duration and AOE in the last levels.
-Ice Field(Wendigo) dont damage building and damage has been reduced in all levels.
-Dwarf Stomp(Muradin) reduce stun duration in all levels.
-Decisive Strike(Dante) reduce stun in all levels.
-Knock out(Blade Master) reduce stun in the last levels.
-Power Reduction(Satir) increases base damage reduction in all levels.
-Remade Rainor Rocket(Marine).
-Lock(Shadow Hunter) reduce duration.
-Reduce Duration of Serpents Wards(Shadow Hunter).
-Reduce damage from Bash of Bear(Rexar).
-Petrifaction(Gorgon) increases casting time and reduce cast range in all levels.
-Reduce damage of Sky Shot( Archer) in all levels and cast range in the last levels.
-Reduce Damage and duration of Bladestorm(Grom).
-Increases damage reduction of Howl of Terror(Necromancer) in the last levels.
-Increases damage reduction of Disarm(Dark Mage) in the last levels.
-Rescale Forked Lighting (Kael) damage and mana cost.
-Reduce Reaper Lighting(Little Child) on the first levels.
-Reduce cost of Emerald and his damage in all levels.
-Emerald on Blade Master only deal 20% of his damage.
-Change Arcane Scepter ability .
-Change Jaina Ultimate ability.
-Change Avatar item ability.
-Weak neutral units doesn't droop items.
-Changes stats of several neutral units.
-Thief only can be used by Light Forces.
-No blacksmith
-Several others minimum changes.
Forum » Forum » HOTE(PvP) » Questions » Differences with the normal version.
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