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A room for Noob.
predragovictomislavFecha: Sunday, 2017-03-12, 4:48 PM | Mensaje # 16
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Hi there!
Sorry for my bad English, but i feel like i need to help you :).

I played 500 or more single-player games of this map and tried all heroes.
Best hero, for me, to kill any boss up to lvl 100 in single player is Golem form of Little Child. It is only hero that don't need mana at all
for skills, got 3 passive skills, great spell damage and great physical
damage (at lvl 40, without any items, you will have 80.000 hp, 16.000 chaos damage and be able to deliver 17.500 spell damage every 5 seconds). All that make him
easy to play, just stand in front of boss and kill it, only few bosses require some tactics. Hard part is to survive
to Golem form but with little practice its possible to hit Golem form before or just after Dire wolf is killed.
Here is one not-so-bad replay:
Wacraft III patch 1.26, map version 1.21D, killed Apocalipse, Azzazel and Faceless.
Probably even Death was about to die, but made big mistake at start of fight so i taken "only" 775K of his hp just by trowing my fist's on his face

I found that your way to Vampire lord is very easy with any hero if you make this:
1) Fire staff (farming, mass control, mana regeneration and can be completed after 3rd boss - you don't need anything else before ogre lord, other random drops form lane bosses and jungle will be good enough)
2) TOWER - Defiler or Fire/Water, if you make Defiler you don't need to worry until Vampire Lord, just help with Hydra and Siege Golem (and that rare-to-come gnoll-something just before Siege Golem), other two towers are cheaper and bring you more money with AOE attack but require help from ogre lord
3) Untouchable - anything that attack you will get 400 damage, 35% blocked attacks (more then 1/3), great for creeps that are too strong for fire staff, also any boss up to hydra will just kill it self on this one and even hydra will not have easy time with hero wearing Untouchable. Once you get it go can clear towers on all 3 other lanes, every lane is about 3.500 gold and you need like 1 minute to clear lane. With some form of regeneration you can destroy skull towers (each is 5000 XP and 2000 gold). If you lure all jungle spiders and trees to one point you need like 15-20 seconds to kill them all.
4) Wind boots (for mobility)
5/6) Golden helm (regeneration and magic resistance, all stats, comparable to Inmortal but removable and simple to upgrade if no luck with Legendary Armor)
5/6) Soul Edge (Cheap, great criticals, nice bonus to attack speed and damage, not many ppls make this one, if you are good at math you will know why i say Soul Edge > Mugen when it comes to criticals)

If you just want to explore map, and don't want to worry about loosing when Castle is destroyed, collect 30k gold and buy orb of darkness at secret shop, you get 5 lives and no time limit so anything is possible (perhaps you want to kill Bahamut to stop lane creeps spawning - too many of them can make Warcraft III to get unrecoverable error).
Michel Shield is great item to save lives on orb but you get 2 un-removable and not-so-great items this way.

And for the end - It is possible to achieve "immortality" if you can kill Death when you have Orb of Darkness, and if you get Death's Cap. It is verry hard to kill Death solo but with that item you cannot loose lives anymore, you respawn several seconds after you "die" at same place where you died.

I hope something of this will help you to discover many more secrets in this great game.
Forum » Forum » Questions » A room for Noob.
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