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RallezFecha: Monday, 2017-03-13, 3:09 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Hey People

We're three guys and we have been playing quite some games now, but we need a bit of help on which heroes to choose for good late-game. Been playing around with quite a few heroes now, but only a few seems to be decently scaling througout the game. Normaly we have a Berserker and an Assassin, and i'm experimenting with different heroes with the hope of completing the team and eventually get further. But since it takes time to "master" a hero I would like some advice before I start diving deeper into one.
At the moment I'm mostly looking at Wendigo, Defender (immortal or unbreakable build), Archer, Dark Archer, Far Seer or eventually Jaina. Which of these would fit best with our Assassin/Berserker-combo?

We're still fairly new to the game. So at the moment we've killed Death and gotten Micheal down to about 60%. We've managed to kill Apocalypse, Vryk, Azzazel ect - but are stuck with Kel'Thuzad (though we've been very close) and Byatis.

*(I think Ninja looks very interesting too, but i can't seem figure out exactly how her stacking works. Any help? And is it viable for late-game?)

*The hero I'm to play will have limited farming possibilities since Assasin needs it last hits to build damage

Thanks a lot
zujicFecha: Monday, 2017-03-13, 4:32 AM | Mensaje # 2
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well, this game is more about combination then a power of individual hero. If you are set on doing assassin+berserk I'd recomend Keeper of the Sky. due to -armor. If you get broach and decapitator you can destroy 480 armor. You would do better if you set assassin as a main carry and do double -armor guys for sinergy. For example. assassin, keeper and party/LC Vampire.

Or if you want to keep playing berserker you can go Jana, berseke and far. How this work is berserker does x2 skin breaks with jana ulty. then battle expirience and far seer does x2 ulty to finish. If you want to play something like Dark ranger do the same combo but skip Far seer. and save berserker's battle exp for finish.

I don't recomend Archer since she is only good in early game.

Ninja stacking is +agility every time she casts a spell, if certen amount of time passes between spell casts you lose all stacks (like murlock) basically, when you get enough mana regen just spam spells. Very hard to keep them up and limits your movements. Also you can't afford to die.

In my opinion for heroes you listed wendigo and defender don't fit as well. they could work as 4th players for those teams listed above. or if you decide to play BlackSmith defender can do a ton. All this depends on how far you got and how far you want to go...

Bytas tips: buy golems in merc camp in base (where you buy horses) and put them on hold around bytas. For Kel, he will get easyer when you know which summon does what. GL

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KarifeanFecha: Monday, 2017-03-13, 2:21 PM | Mensaje # 3
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A tank would probably do you well, so something like Defender or Wendigo is a solid choice. That being said, if you want to support your damage dealers, three heroes are by far the best for the job: Blacksmith, Keeper of the Sky and Mur'gul Shadowcaster. Blacksmith can make you some incredible items, Keeper of the Sky is the king of armor reduction and Mur'gul is support and earlygame spike supreme.

Killing Michael is gonna be hard with those three though, since it doesn't solve the major problem of Michael's sickening DPS when he's at 50% HP or less. For that, a tank and a Frozen Helm of Chaos are your best friends.
KawsFecha: Monday, 2017-03-13, 6:58 PM | Mensaje # 4
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Assassin, Abomination, and Wendigo are usually mutually exclusive, since they're all farming-intensive, so getting more than one of those is usually not recommended.

As mentioned above, focusing on team-play is usually best, so for a 3-man team, it'd be best to do only one carry, and focus the other two players on supporting this main carry. For Assassin, you'd want Keeper, Party, Blacksmith, LC(Warrior Mage) or Murgul; for Berserker, you'd want Jaina and other % damage casters.

If you get a bigger team, you may want to look into getting a tank. Defender is usually a solid choice on farming-intensive teams, since he requires nearly nothing other than Chronos and Excalibur to be a decent tank.
KranklafanFecha: Tuesday, 2017-03-14, 3:42 PM | Mensaje # 5
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Think i'll say something to ninja, since i've been playing her solo a lot since 1.21c came out.
Her core mechanic is that you gain +3/6/9/12 agi whenever you cast a spell & you have a spell with 3 sec cd on lvl 9 --> you can in theory stack a lot of agility
(i can hit >10k agi in a solo game consistently, which means ~ 15k damage & ~ 2k armor without items) at the end of the game, which makes her in theory a better normal dps carry than assasin. Especially since you can also take the hunt item, which is another nice damage buff.
Another benefit for ninja is that you dont need to make kills, but only cast spells as fast as possible --> you're probably fine with only one farming spot.
Also your skills are more usefull in bossfights since you have an atack speed slow & smoke bomb which gives a miss chance & prevents certain spells from beeing casted.

Now to the disadvantages for ninja
You have to cast a spell every 15 seconds in order for your agility to not get reseted.
Which means a few things:
You have to have an enemy to cast your spell on nearby. (someone just cleared your lane / center forrest / the way to the boss you wanted to kill ? Too bad, you have to start from scratch )
You can not die (Ever)
You can't get stunned/ccd on a bad timing (Pyromancer is doable, have fun with vampire lord or azazel hex or ligeia stun smile )
Don't forget you'll probably die from spell counters --> you need other units nearby if you want to fight murloc or michael.
Also if you want to change your atack type you should do that as fast as possible; stacks get reset when you do it sad

Compared to assasin you don't have a nuke on your ult, which is quite usefull for some bosses.

So give her a try if you want, but if you're not willing to spend at least 40 hours to learn her and be somewhat consistent in games i'd suggest learning another hero ^^

I think the best hero for you to learn is either Grom or Defender if you want a tank (Grom more midgame / damage oriented, Defender better lategame).
Or Jaina if you want to support Berserker ( casting magic damage amplification without any risks is nice)
Or MurGul / Keeper of the sky if you want to support assasin.
MurGul is one of the best early game heroes, can help you buy items & has a strong, global reach heal and a ~400% atack damage buff.
Keeper is the best hero to reduce armor, which makes it way easier to kill byatis / all other bosses with little armor & he can take controll over fel ravagers which can hold lanes by themselfs.

P.S. Do you speak german ?

As for the byatis tip, it probably also works with a lot of horses if you want to save money ^^

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