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Infernal Fast Run
PilgrimFecha: Wednesday, 2017-07-12, 10:41 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Hey everyone,
recently i've been playing with the infernal alot just to trying to master as i can this hero.
i think is one of the fastest early game heroes in the game, i see why you guys use it alot in -SM.

what is your best record playing infernal in solo rushing every jungle bosses? because right know i think that with some lucky drops i could kill Nightmare before Ancient Hydra, but i'm not really sure about my build.. probably i could improve it.

I tried a few times playing him maxing Fire skin and ground smash..
but know i'm maxing fire skin and flame strike, leave ground smash with only 1 lvl and the same for infernal strenght and not taking the ultimate at all.

for the item i rush arcane scepter and then i was using untouchable and topaz right after waiting for the exodus.

So i'm asking to you guys, what's your best item/spells set up? which item you rush in the first hour of the game? and how fast are you pros outhere doing neutral bosses?

p.s: Replays with particullary good/lucky match are always appreciated! (1.27b if possible)

Peace out,
RallezFecha: Thursday, 2017-07-13, 8:17 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Hmm, I play Infernal quite alot. But not quite like you it would seam... smile

- Warlock Staff
- Hero Armour
- Arcane Scepter (From: Warlock Staff)
- God's Atom
- Immortal (From Hero Armor)

Here from i go for items with as much HP/str as possible, but still some mana regen or preferably all stat
Attack speed is nice to have up high, since you can load off more Infernal Flames in a short amount af time.

Fire Skin Lv1
Grouns Smash Lv1
Fire Skin Lv2
Flame Strike Lv1

From here
- Get Fire Skin to level 9 as fast as possible!
- Get Ground Smash to lv 9 as fast as possible!
- FlameStrike level 2 or 3
- At level 24 your ult should be lv3
- Infernal Strength all the way

Naturally you wanna go farming as soon as possible, which can easily be done, specially once you get Hero Armour.

Once you reach level 3 your fire skin should be level 2 which means you can start stacking str/hp/xp. From this point on you gotta use that ground slam WHENEVER it is possible - just spam that "G" key, my friend wink And you must do this for the rest of the game wink

At level 4, you should have Flame Strike as well and it will also help stacking you a bit but mana cost gets in the way, so i prefer holding back on them a litlle and mainly using it against early lane bosses. Keeping it on level 1 or 2 will be good for a long time since mana regen and cooldown line up.

Once Fire skin and Ground Smash is at level 9 you should go make sure your ULT is level 3 once you reach Level 24. After, I only level up Infernal Strength. (End-game, I level up Flame Strike)

From this point on - NO MORE AUTO-ATTACK! To clear waves and jungle shortly enable you ULT and let infernal Strength take care of the rest. Cause from now it's all about stacking Infernal Flames. Only use them for bosses and watch them die by the crazy amount of magic damage biggrin

Hope that helped biggrin

Forrest Troll Warlord and Ancient of the Woods before Brood Mother, Dragon Turtle as soon as possible after that - around level 24.

Take your time with the other bosses. Rather be slightly "behind" and kill 5 bosses quickly in a row, than struggle through every fight.

If you can kill Kel'Thuzad around Sapphiron or Darigaaz, you're doing pretty well. However I haven't done that solo - only when we've been two players.

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PilgrimFecha: Sunday, 2017-07-16, 9:34 PM | Mensaje # 3
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i'll try your build tomorrow!
thanks for the suggestion, it is very appreciated.

why don't you write a little guide.. maybe using the post you wrote here. add a replay, i think it will be very interesting for alot of players, and in the "Guide" section it will be really easy to find.

i knew my build was a bit messy.. and you helped me alot!
Thank you again:]
BigChildFecha: Thursday, 2017-08-17, 0:17 AM | Mensaje # 4
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"Attack speed is nice to have up high, since you can load off more Infernal Flames in a short amount af time."

I thought Infernal Flames just happened every 9 seconds? Can someone explain how this spell works.
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