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Life steal and armor debuff stacking
Dean123Fecha: Saturday, 2017-08-12, 2:53 AM | Mensaje # 1
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I was wondering if you guys could share from your knowledge which buffs are incompatible with other similar effects.
Questions I have: Do vampire claws stack with orb effect lifesteal? Do vampire claws stack with aura lifesteal? Do vampire claws stack with other self-only lifesteal effects such as Ancient Vampire lifesteal? Do orb effect lifesteals stack with these abilities? Does aura lifesteal stack with hero ability lifesteal (eg: Azura savage vampire aura and Ancient vampire lifesteal) Can you effectively have 3-4 lifesteals (your hero ability, vampire fangs and orb effect, aura)?

Now for armour reduction, I've noticed some debuffs don't stack, such as Ancient vampire ultimate and Decapitator Terror, and I saw someone mention Party Team troll armor reduction ability does not stack with Terror, so I assume it doesn't stack with AV's ultimate either.
So I was curious if someone tested these debuffs and their compatibility out:

Shadow Stealer armor break
Keeper of the sky ultimate
Keeper of the sky aoe armor debuff
Ancient vampire ultimate
Ancient vampire aoe debuff
Azura Doom Guard armor debuff aura
Decapitator terror
Darkness broach aura
Maiev armor aura
Warrior mage ultimate armor debuff

Maybe I missed something...
Ps: I didn't mention orb effects as I'm assuming they don't stack with other orb effect armor reductions but stack with all of the above, and I didn't mention the marine and Kusanagi no tsuguri as they don't display an armor debuff in the status effects, so I'm assuming they stack with everything except maybe between themselves(?)

If someone knows the base abilities used feel free to just mark the mentioned abilities numerically, where the same number does not stack.

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LannarraFecha: Saturday, 2017-08-12, 5:06 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Hey there Dean.

I tend to only play solo, so I haven't tested out some of the armor stacking, but having played Keeper I can confirm that his ultimate stacks with his aoe debuff, darkness broach, decapitator, and Kusanagi no tsuguri.

In regards to life steal, any two of the same type don't stack.... so two orb effect life steals (no orb effects stack - lifesteal or otherwise) would not stack for example. Likewise, if you have two separate life steal auras, I'm pretty sure only one of them would take effect. That being said, a life steal aura WILL stack with a life steal orb effect. I have not tested whether or not vampire claws stack with another life steal item, although I would guess that they do since they are not an orb effect (unsure on this one).

Hope some of that helps  happy
MoromelFecha: Saturday, 2017-08-12, 12:29 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Hi Guys!

Similar to this question, could someone please tell me if Wendigo's Frost Aura and the effect of Frozen Helm of Chaos stack?
SkinnerGabrielFecha: Saturday, 2017-08-12, 3:45 PM | Mensaje # 4
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I know that the ultimate Anciant Vampire don't work with reduce armor of Troll (Team Party)
Alex0013Fecha: Saturday, 2017-08-12, 4:07 PM | Mensaje # 5
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For life steal it all depends on how the game is coded whether auras stack or not. Like was said before though, Orbs do not stack with other orbs regardless of life steal. But auras depend on how they are coded, and whether they have different buffs. For instance, I believe the ability live steal on the vampire stacks with Vampire claws as they have different buffs, which would also stack with a life steal orb (as long as you have no other orb items.)
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