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Tier List Request
geraldchanFecha: Sunday, 2019-08-18, 7:20 PM | Mensaje # 1
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I found a tier list on this forum but it is outdated as it is from last year. Would anyone be able to make a simple tier list as I believe it would be helpful for new players such as myself? Thanks in advance.
PtigrooFecha: Wednesday, 2019-08-21, 3:09 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Hello, I'd also be interested in this list. I've now tried some of the heroes (only str and agiheroes for now) and can give you my opinion on these I'm not that advanced in the game never beat Micheal and only play onLAN with friends or solo. So here are my opinions (BAD, MEDIUM, GOOD, VERY GOOD):

Solo game => Medium: He's has good enough stats and a pretty interesting gameplay based on his infernal flames but since it takes a l to of time to stack it's kind of a one time trick and other than that he hasn't much to offer.
Multi game: Same and a bit lacking if you want to use him as a tank end game (end game is only death, Micheal Azazel, vyk... for me);

Solo Game => Good: He has a possibility to have really good tanky stats if farming time is well managed combined with a ultimate skill that's enough to support the damage needed.
Multi Game => Very good: He has the same advantages, plus he is tanky enough and gains time for your team with his slow and freezes

Solo Game => Bad: His stats are not up to par with the damage return gameplay he has to play plus his damage return ain't enough to clear neutral bosses quickly enough. And ultimate skill sucks
Multi game => Medium/Good: his Hp% skil has a lot more use here than in solo which make him a "weak tank" but with sufficient fire power to compensate.

Solo Game => Good: Never played him myself but others often take him and nothing mush to say he is pretty well balance overall.
Multi Game: Same

Solo Game: Medium => Same as admiral never played him myself but intersting gameplay with his doubles but sadly falls endgame.
Multi Gam: Medium => same and has no real contribution to the team (maybe some little stuns and damages)

Solo Game: Very Good => His hidden power makes him kinda difficult to play solo early game but gives him a good enough reward to become one of the best heroes in my opinion once he releases his power
Multi Game: Very good => Same as solo game with an easier beginning with other players help

Solo Game: Very Good => Passive skills critical damage, life steal and an insane stack of damage with his ultimate makes him really easy to play since you are less restricted with the items he needs.
Multi game: Good/Very good => He has not really more to offer here than in solo but still really good.

Dragon Clan:
Solo Game: Very Good => Really different and fun to play game play with quests, he stack stats and his his ultimate, auto-heal...
Multi Game: Very Good => Same as solo and can do a great job as a tank.

Dark Ranger:
Solo Game: Medium/Good => Used to one of the best solo games I tried but since the apparition of holy items he lacks a little in my opinion. The reason is he kind of has to play with certain items so can't buy an holy item early game that makes her far weaker later.
Multi-Game: .... Not tried yet since holy items but guess very good since with the help of others you could first buy holy bow then the usual items

Solo: Medium => Same as dark ranger, she falls behind since her power was in stacking damage and now any other hero with holy bow can stack around as much damages (Medium because her One shot skill keep being useful)
Multi: Same as solo

Solo: Good => Hard in the begining but he has a really good skill set for endgame
Multi: Good => Same

Solo: Good => A pretty difficult begining but the easiness to gain money later makes her easy to build, combined with interesting skill. (Would be very good if there were better item to drop using steal). The best items are nothing special compared to end game drops.
Multi: Very good => keeps the same aspects as solo but has almost enough money to support other heroes buying stuffs. Like chronos for support heroes that have a hard time earning money...

Solo Game: Bad/Medium => Really easy beginning but lacks against all cleaving type bosse with are most of them. And since his strong point is damage, it's pretty hard to farm for holy bow
Multi Game: Bad/Medium => Gives a correct damage output bonus for mono target bosses but that s it.

Solo Game: Bad => I just began playing him but I don't see the way to go solo with him..
Multi Game: Medium => Still in learning of how to use him well but merged items are not great enough for the work it takes to make them, and next to that the hero doesn't t give much help in fights

So that's my personal review I surely forgot some of the heroes I tried and didn't give enough details. If people have other gameplays for some of these heroes that make them better or more fun to play I'm listening. As I said in the beginning I'm only begining the game so... I also tried worker with has a lot of potential in multiplayer but is really tedious to play so I didn't try harder. (And for defender I think I have most of the recipes so it's not because I play without secret recipes).

Thanks for improving and for the one who will give a complete review
RocketFecha: Sunday, 2019-09-08, 10:42 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Depending in what you want to do, if you want to kill high level bosses like level 130 or higher the Top Tier Hero is Thrall but if you are playing single player the best ones may be Berseker(Warrior) and Dragon Clan(Lone wolf), depends of your target is the list can change a lot, like just killing Azazael, Kelt or winning the game faster by killing Doom or Survival Mode.

Some of The heroes mentioned:

-Blacksmith is really good old times he use to be the top tier hero, now I think is not the best but still better than the mayority, very versatil, easy Death kill and others bosses 1 vs 1, provide good uniques items to the team or himself and a few of this items are better than any item of his type like the highest HP item in the game.

-Blade Master not sure on the current version with the holy items but in the previous versions has been one of the heroes with higher damage, damage not come from something like Holy Bow it comes from Illusions with Emerald(item) and if you are lucky and find some Red Deitys the damage is Mega OP.

-Dante in Team: Some people hate Dante in team games because of his ultimate skill, the team can get big advantage of it but if is not cordinate can be a negative point.
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