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A way to kill Final Disease
welcome_to_my_life298Fecha: Wednesday, 2015-09-16, 2:15 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Me and my friend play the map experimentally. We can easily kill any bosses with 2 heroes, Thief and Assassin. What we are trying to experiment now is the way to kill Final Disease. Notice that we all have the highest possible tier items, including Absolute, Dragon Slayer, Atlas, Slicer, etc...
We thought of some ways of going around it. 
1. Picking Cleave Melee hero (Arthas)
2. Picking Ranged AOE hero (Medusa, Kael) 
3. Just stack up on AOE final weapons like the Volcanic Sword, the golden named Axe etc.

Have anyone been able to kill it, or making close to killing it? If not, what would you suggest we try doing?
We can play with 1 or 2 more players which means in the future we might as well try picking some AoE hero stated above and see how it goes. The only problem with Final Disease is its slows stacking which neutered any kind of attack speed and movespeed (cheap difficulty).
CrocodileFecha: Wednesday, 2015-09-16, 5:15 AM | Mensaje # 2
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You guys tried admiral? That right there is the biggest tip to killing final disease. If no, then watch any replay in which people have killed death or higher bosses.
dwynpermana27Fecha: Thursday, 2015-09-17, 11:23 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Assassin can kill FD solo, u much have big damage,speed,cleave and do it fast...
Forum » Forum » Questions » A way to kill Final Disease
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