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1.19,b,c,d Bug Report
InmortalSiegfriedFecha: Thursday, 2016-07-21, 4:56 PM | Mensaje # 46
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All bug reports here has been fixed except Murguls amfibious growth cooldown and duration: fields are corrects it should work fine, but it wasn't, change cooldown for this new version so it work more accurate than before.

Some are not bug like:

Necromancer's Melee Skeletons are capped at 2-5 TOTAL, not per name like it's supposed to be.

Tooltips mistake, only skeleton mage can excess total with different names.

  • Finger of Death (Azazel) goes through the item "Spell Shield", well after the spell hit and damaged you, the shield triggers

  • Spell Shield doesnt work on Dragon Fire

  • after a dragon casts Dragon Fire and you activate Avatar (Muradin) and are
    spell immune, you still get the dmg. of dragon fire (didnt try it with
    Caparace Armor´s Avatar)

Same as Heroes has several options that can go through and break spell shield, neutral and dark forces has too Avatar as well.

If you have 2 hide armors and one elegant armor and press "merge", it will
remove BOTH hide armors and the elegant to make one hard armor. It's
the only instance I have experienced this.

That happens when you have 2 differents hide armors, some of the items on the first levels can have different stats if you craft having 2 different it will use both to merge.
Forum » Forum » Bug Report » 1.19,b,c,d Bug Report