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Forum » Forum » Bug Report » Demonic/Glacial Sword Death Bug (A variant of the spellbook suicide bug?)
Demonic/Glacial Sword Death Bug
KarifeanFecha: Tuesday, 2016-10-18, 7:32 PM | Mensaje # 1
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So as you may remember, picking up a Demonic Sword or Glacial Sword kills Wendigo and sometimes also a hero that's been buffed with Road to Excellence (Murloc Ultimate Skill) a number of times. Well I may be assuming too much but I believe this bug is an example of the dreaded "Spellbook Suicide Bug".

The Spellbook Suicide Bug in a nutshell is that if a unit obtains a spellbook ability (either by picking up an item or via trigger "Unit - Add Ability") and half or more of its maximum HP come from upgrades it dies instantly. Example: You have a hero with 1500 base HP. You give the hero an upgrade that increases his HP by 2000, giving it 3500 HP total. Now he picks up a spellbook - the hero dies instantly. If the hero had had 2500 base HP instead, he wouldn't have died, because 2500 > 2000. There may be more details to this bug I'm unaware of, but that's the basic cause in a nutshell.

Now I'm pretty sure "Road to Excellence" and Wendigo's "Glacial Toughness" are probably both done via upgrades, are they not? If so, it's not going to be too uncommon for the amount of HP they receive through upgrades to exceed their base HP. And if Demonic and Glacial Sword happen to give spellbook abilities on pickup, which given their "% chance to do effect X on hit" like abilities seems like a decent possibility. So could it be that the reason heroes sometimes die instantly... is the Spellbook Suicide Bug?

If that's the case, thankfully the bug is rather easy to circumvent. The simplest methods would be to use an item based on "Tome of Health" to permanently increase the unit's HP, or alternatively give them an invisible ability based on Item - Life Bonus instead. The former method is simpler, but such bonuses would be lost when the hero changes attack type so the amount of extra health would need to be tracked and restored when the attack type change happens. Thankfully at least with Road to Excellence the tracking is already taken care of by the level of the upgrade itself (since there's no harm in using upgrades so long as they don't have an HP bonus). The latter method is actually very similar to using upgrades, it just uses an ability instead. The level of the ability can simply be tempsaved and restored upon attack type change no problem.

In short: if you're using upgrades to increase HP levels, use a different way instead and you'll avoid this bug. Hopefully my assumptions are correct and the annoying instant death by Demonic/Glacial sword bug can be fixed this way.
InmortalSiegfriedFecha: Sunday, 2016-10-23, 3:32 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Yes that bug is caused by Hp upgrade and your solution will solve it, however it can cause new bug/mistakes, the easiest way to fixed is changing this item abilities for others that do the same or similar based in other ability, but currently there is no plans to fix this, since with the warning this is not considered a bug anymore, is more like part of the game, with the warning people shouldn't have problems, tell me if you or other players has troubles with this to give it some priority to change it, right now it has 0 priority.
Forum » Forum » Bug Report » Demonic/Glacial Sword Death Bug (A variant of the spellbook suicide bug?)
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