Tuesday, 2018-12-11, 8:50 PM
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Forum » Forum » Bug Report » 1.23d Bug Report.
1.23d Bug Report.
KarifeanFecha: Wednesday, 2018-11-28, 3:50 PM | Mensaje # 16
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You're not wrong if we talk about warcraft version 1.28.5 or earlier, but come now, spamming bullshit? Really? Get with the times.

Screenshot taken from 1.29 editor. JASS function equivalent is BlzSetUnitMaxHP(unit, integer).

Also I don't think this is the place to be talking about editor details so this is the last post I make on this matter. I don't mind being skeptical of things people say on the internet, but you could've at least looked it up yourself :/

Back on topic, seems you can actually pick up Circe Book and Magic Gold Chest as Centaur Impaler if you spam orders fast enough to interrupt the drop item order. It does not work with Cleverness Texts though as it's just dropped instantly, so if you copy over the trigger for that this bug should be an easy fix.

Though it would be nice if Centaur Impaler actually could use these items just not get cooldown resets for them (should be doable by looping through every inventory slot and dropping the relevant items from the inventory and giving them back to centaur anytime a CD reset happens), Cleverness Texts is kinda a staple item at this point as well as Circe for building auto-farming Centaur Khans, and not being able to use them at all does hurt.
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smkFecha: Wednesday, 2018-11-28, 3:59 PM | Mensaje # 17
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Quote Karifean ()
You're not wrong if we talk about warcraft version 1.28.5 or earlier, ...

you better get ready to stop searchning or using Chinese and VN interesting HotE strategies while asking to cut 99% players off

Added (2018-11-28, 4:37 PM)
Quote smk ()
1) trick to get 5200 HP
2) I'm not sure about correct numbers to decrease HP using A1AG, A2AG, A3AG, A1AH, A2AH, A3AH

There are hell of a lot improvements you can do, while trying to adapt existing trash code, for example:

I guess, you don't have to remove abilities - you can set any amount of HP just by changing lvls (some ppl say no)

Added (2018-11-28, 7:12 PM)

Quote smk ()
alternative code for adding HP

I've tested code with settings like A1AG up to 9 lvls:

works pretty well

Added (2018-11-28, 7:15 PM)
btw, this is reward for being constructive here:

Reputation has been reduced [-1]. Reputation: -1

Added by: Kranklafan
Date: Wednesday, 2018-11-28, 6:41 PM

Comment: Dude you'r rude

enjoy your map being worse from patch to patch

Message edited by smk - Wednesday, 2018-11-28, 5:58 PM
henkievis20Fecha: Thursday, 2018-11-29, 10:09 PM | Mensaje # 18
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centaur (hero dmg) can hold mich shield
Forum » Forum » Bug Report » 1.23d Bug Report.
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