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bug Warsong battle drums
chuongnt12Fecha: Monday, 2015-11-30, 7:20 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Hi guy,

I don't know why i can't make Warsong battle drums item in game.

Warsong battle drums need some item like:
1. Simple sword.
2. Sturdy War Axe
3. Cristal ball.

I already have Simple sword and Sturdy War Axe. I don't know where i can buy cirstal ball. I only see crystal ball in goblin lab and buying it. But I still don't make warsong battle drums.

Can you check this bug for me or show me where i can buy cristal ball?

Thank you for great map.
Best regard.
nubhunterFecha: Monday, 2015-11-30, 12:44 PM | Mensaje # 2
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I think that you cannot make item because you buy wrong axe. Its not "sturdy war axe", it should be "sturdy axe" 1560 gold. The other items are correct. I mean that crystal ball is what you need for warsong battle drums.

Warsong Battle Drums (Accessories Repice) 1200
Simple Sword (Blacksmith) 1000
Sturdy Axe (Blacksmith) 1560
Crystal Ball (Goblin Laboratory) 2600

Alex0013Fecha: Tuesday, 2015-12-01, 2:49 AM | Mensaje # 3
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Quote chuongnt12 ()
3. Cristal ball.
Quote chuongnt12 ()
crystal ball
Inmortal doesn't spell most words correctly. You will find this a lot. I think his keyboard's "y" key is broken so he always replaces "y" with "i" (piromancer, hidromancer, cristal ball)

Crystal Ball is spelled wrong on these item recipes:
Warsong Battle Drums
Warrior Boots
Golden Helm
Horn of Stampede

This one really needs to be fixed:
Talisman of Cursed Bones says "Zombie Mask" instead of "Zombie Helm". Soooo many new players can't figure this recipe out and I have gotten the question at least 3-5 times this year alone on this item.

The rest of these are very minor and probably only super anal people like me notice these (this is only looking at recipe items, not even looking at descriptions.)
Emerald requires "Circle of nobility" instead of Circlet, and "Nobility" is all lowercase.

Ultima requires "Ring of Intelligencel" (with an "l" on the end).

Giant War Axe recipe is missing the "-" before each required item, and has the word "and" in the requirements (isn't the same as all other recipes)

Fire Staff Recipe is missing an "l" in Medallion.

Health Stone has 2 "z" in Wizard

Khadgar's Gem of the Energy, "Warlock" is all lower case, "Wizard" is spelled with 2 "z" again

Ancient Hammer recipe, "War Hammer" is spelled with 1 "m"

Shield of Revenge has a space in front of "Basic Claws"

Zombie Helm recipe, "Helm of Kings", kings is all lowercase.

Mugen spells "Accurate Sword" with 1 "c"

(Anal stuff, but just random stuff I notice :))

Message edited by Alex0013 - Tuesday, 2015-12-01, 2:50 AM
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