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KarifeanFecha: Monday, 2016-01-25, 10:07 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Our team has so far managed to defeat all bosses except for Lord of Darkness, Omega and Psychic Sheep, and the ironic thing is that out of all the bosses we beat, I'd say Agiel is the hardest by far. Harder than Byatis, harder than Forgotten One, harder than Michael and even Laika. The only reason we can get by him easily is because there's a very simple strategy against him that gives you a 100% guaranteed victory. He doesn't even use half of his skills if you do it that way. If it wasn't for this strategy, many of our games would probably end with being unable to beat him.

I think it's a little sad that there's this really difficult and challenging boss that's right before bosses that are arguably easier to defeat, but there's this ONE strategy that makes him easy. I think it'd be much more interesting if Agiel was the last boss before Lord of Darkness and instead had some sort of resistance against said strategy (more spell damage reduction, less physical damage but a chance to crit/bash, or more true damage on hit, something like that), or at least wouldn't be prevented from using his problematic skills this way.

And if he's a later boss you're more likely to have some black or teal items to help you and have more of a chance to take him on directly. Funnily enough it's probably still perfectly balanced if he drops Heracles because that is a damn good item, usually much better than the ones we've gotten from Byatis and Forgotten One so far.

It's okay if things stay the way they are, I just find it a bit of a waste.
InmortalSiegfriedFecha: Wednesday, 2016-01-27, 4:15 AM | Mensaje # 2
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That is a good idea Karifean, Agiel isn't so strong as you said the main problem is that your team main heroes are Assassin and Abomination, Assassin is not good against Agiel so is like your team power goes to 50% when you fight Agiel, but Agiel has been beating on the current version without using the damage return strategy and this team couldn't kill Byatis on that game, this has happen a lot on previous versions as well.

But still I think Agiel is a big wall for most of the players specially for that ones using Assassin, so I'll make your idea probably for the first 1.19 version unless some players oppose to it.

PD: with this change or not Agiel will cast his main ability even if you don't attack him for next version.
hisgenliFecha: Thursday, 2016-01-28, 12:36 PM | Mensaje # 3
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I also like the idea of Agiel being the boss before LoD, I only know 2 ways to kill him and for these techniques you need lame heroes. His drops are even better than the ones of Byatis, so i would like to see Byatis or Forgotten One after Azazel and spawnning Omega.

And what do you think of splitting Shadow Arthas into two bosses (one at graveyard and the other at forest on the left side of the map), cause Shadow Arthas is very easy to kill with the technique of the "Spoiler" above and not funny to kill with Jaina and Lichs book at all cause you probably will die a lot of times before you kill him. Attacking him in a group is as useless as ... The graveyard Shadow Arthas ability is n1 but his dmg is insane (although his life reg and hp are not but...). the Forest Arthas could have abilities like summon units, high dmg, splash, lower atk speed but max move speed.
Forum » Forum » Ideas » Agiel (Make into a harder, higher level boss?)
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