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new int hero idea
killmanpitFecha: Friday, 2016-02-19, 1:07 PM | Mensaje # 1
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So, in my opinion int heroes are really really weak compared to others. Except for little child and worker, which are more "special heroes" than int. So here comes my proposition for a int hero which would require quite some skill to master, but really good once you do

Name: Seddrinth

type: Spirit of corruption

model: wisp

int: 13 + 5,5 per level
str: 5 + 1,5 per level
agi: 0 + 0 per level

damage: can't attack
move speed: 400
attack cooldown: -
mana initial: 400
hp initial: 200
armor: 0
armor type: unarmored (can't change armor type. If picks up item which changes its armor or attack type, dies.)

(i took stats templates from game information section. Let me know if those stats doesn't make any sense in newest version)


1: corruption (preferably hotkey Q, but any hotkey really works)
10 mana +10 per level
deals 1 dmg. leaves corruption mark on enemy hit for 5sec. If corruption hits target with corruption mark deals twice as much damage as previous. Cooldown: 4,5sec (-0,5 per level, 0,2sec on 9th lvl). Range: 22. casting time: instant, animation: mana flare. Damage type: magic. Max damage: 100 (+100 per level, infinite on 9th lvl). Can't attack buildings. Spell shield blocks damage dealt but don't block corruption mark.

Explanation: Since spirit of corruption doesn't have auto attack, this is its' main attack. It is really slow and weak at the begining, but quickly raises into huge ammounts on bigger levels. It also drains mana very quickly so its not too OP. If someone decides to use them against normal units he will find himself with no mana after killing two skeletons. So its better to leave that for bosses. Also max damage limit prevents from becoming easy hero killer at the beginig. Since this unit don't have auto attack player will have to manually cast this skill each time which makes it even more balanced considering low hp and armor of this unit. Player will need to avoid being attacked, use that skill (it has low range), escape, and remember about 5sec time after which he will need to Start stacking up damage from begining. 

200 mana (-20 per level)
Teleport to discovered area in range 20 (+30 per level) casting time: 2sec (during that time receives double damage), cooldown 9sec(-1 per level). After blinking receives double damage for 5sec.

Explanation: Spirit is highly mana dependent hero. It will also need a lot of healing. That's why it would have blink. It would mostly be used as transport device because of 2 seconds casting time and vulnerability. before and after blink.

3. Ethereal explosion:
300 mana (+100 per level)
Stun all units and buldings for 2sec (+2 per level) in 100(+50 per level) AoE (buildings and bosses for half that time. Black citadel, and bosses from behemoth inclusive for 1sec on lvl 9). Casting time: 2sec. casting range: 200 Cooldown: 120sec. This spell cannot be blocked by spellshield, and is not affected by spell immunity. 

explanation: primary way of fighting against range/casting bosses and towers. Since spirit can't afford to receive damage it stuns enemies before attacking. This skill costs a lot of mana which disables abusing of corruption. It isn't really powerfull against strongest bosses either, but allows Spirit to survive few seconds nerby towers and deal some damage to them.  It propably wont become a thing untill late game Notice: It also stuns friendly units

4. Distract:
50 (+50 mana per lvl) All friendly units in 100 AoE taunt enemies. They also receive bonus 0 (+1 per level) armor bonus. Casting time: instant, cooldown: 10sec (-1 per level). 

explanation: Since spirit of corruption is extremally squishy hero it can cast distract which essentialy make every friendly unit cast "taunt". Especially usefull against bosses, but AoE bosses, and caster bosses (like void walker) can still get yuu so its not as good as it sounds. 

5. ulti: Waves of corruption.
200 mana (+200 per level) activation. Chanelled spell. Uses corruption on every enemy in 100(+50 per level) AoE. Cooldown on waves, mana per wave, and max damage depends on level of your corruption skill. While casting spirit cannot move, and receives 200% damage. Stun can disrupt casting this spell. Waves of corruption CAN attack buildings. Waves of corruption Can not be blocked by spell shield (spell damage reduction still works normally). After finishing the spell spirit is stunned for 5(-1 per level) seconds and after that slowed for 10(-1 per level) seconds. Every wave also deals 10 damage per wave to spirit himself.  

Explanation: Spirit's of corruption only way of dealing with towers and only AoE damage spell. It also makes him even more vulnerable for attacks. Also hurts spirit so it can't be used for too long. Overall very strong ability but cripples hero so can't be abused.

Overall explanation:

Spirit of corruption would be very skill dependent hero. Since it relies on all of his abibilities it can't level them all up too quickly, Last hitting at the begining would be extremally hard, and so buying early so important items. Because of big mana consumption and no AoE spells spirit wouldn't be particularly good in creeping, its biggest advantage would be fighting against bosses. Damage from corruption and waves of corruption quickly stacks up, and if player can avoid getting himself killed (which can be tricky against even simple bosses as dire wolf or void walker) he surely could take down any hero up dragons (when AoE spells become really strong, and dragon armor really effective against spells). And with help it would be good boss killer even after dragons.

What do you guys think? I'd be glad to make him better/weaker if it needs to. I'm not even sure if its possible to make such hero in w3 map editor, but it is nice fun and mental exercise to make such things up biggrin
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