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Mana addict
killmanpitFecha: Monday, 2016-05-09, 0:23 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Yeah i know i have already came up with one int hero. But you know, i just cant get over the fact that int hero are basicly only for creeping. So i came up with another very skill based hero that might have its uses both in early and late game. Also i used template from website. So if anything i use is too old because "every hero is buffed since then" then help me fix it because its not my fault.

Name: Mana addict
Model: spell breaker.
Description: hybrid of magic and physical hero. Exceptional at withstanding big ammounts of magic damage. Adept at doing damage in large areas.
hero difficulty: hard

Health: 239  1,3 hps reg
Mana: 0  0 mps reg
Armor: 1
strenght 16 +5.0 per level
agility 10     +2.4 per level
intelligence 0
attack type: normal
attack: 11-25
attack cooldown:  1.9
armor type: heavy
range: 100
movespeed: 300

Skill 1: feedback damage. passive: every hit burns its target's mana and deals the same ammount additional damage in magic damage.
burns 5 +5 per level

Skill 2: Magical mirror. passive. blocks enemy spell and casts it on closest enemy. (if its impossible to implement just tell me and i'll figure out something in this place)
chance: 25% + 5% per level
cooldown: 5sec - 0,55 sec per level
also gives 10%+10 per level spell damage resistance which cannot be increased nor decreased by items

skill 3: drain mana. Transfers mana between the Mana Addict and a target. Drains mana from an enemy, or an ally. Because Mana addict uses mana as a drug it will drop rapidly to 0 again. During that time his health regeneration stops completelly if his mana is bigger than his health he dies instantly from overdose. His damage and attack speed is increased while having mana
Range: 600 to cast up to 800.
drains 15+15 mana/s

skill 4: Mana bomb: uses all his mana. To create explosion dealing magic and feedback damage in large area to EVERY unit.
Range: 1200
AOE: 1100
Damage: 100+100 per level to every unit, ammount of mana spent used to burn magic of enemies with mana.

Skill 5/ultimate: Spellsteal steals random ability of target unit. Passive abilities cannot be stolen. Can steal from friendly units
Can use it  1 +1 per skill level.
(it could have a form of skillbook where new skills can be stored and then used only once.)


Ok this hero is really unique. Im proud of it. The idea was to build a tank/mage hybrid to fit in the needs of modern HOTE. The trick is that even though its magic based hero it actually is strengh hero. And a one with big strengh increase per level. He should be able to withstand strong magical attacks such as dragon turtles fire breath(especially valuable in early game ag) and also be able to deal significant damage to magic based bosses as revenant/void walker. The ulti seems a bit weak at the first glimpse. There aren't many strong damage dealing abilities from bosses as most of them rely on their base damage and "anger" buff. Which are unstealable. More experienced players will notice though that some bosses and even other heroes have abilities worth copying (e.g said dragon turtle). It cant be abused alll too easily though because normal skills need mana. And Mana addict can only gain mana by stealing it.

In my opinion quite balanced and overall interesting hero to play. What do you think?
CrocodileFecha: Monday, 2016-05-09, 10:36 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Quote killmanpit ()
Skill 5/ultimate: Spellsteal steals random ability of target unit. Passive abilities cannot be stolen. Can steal from friendly unitsCan use it  1 +1 per skill level.
(it could have a form of skillbook where new skills can be stored and then used only once.)
This one, I like, for some crazy combo.
ara-ureFecha: Tuesday, 2016-05-10, 4:32 AM | Mensaje # 3
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"also gives 10%+10 per level spell damage resistance which cannot be increased nor decreased by items" 100% mage resist on 9 lvl?) And be nice to see spellsteal ability, but this looks too much abusive and overpowered, like what if you steal townhall ability from buider or growth from child (or revive+azuras ultimate for save boses forever=) ), or flame from lord of darkness? or make something multistaking, like pandarean ultimate with groms +str ability+ uk +str buff? sure that will be used uk's amount of souls, only not sure that last 2 dont override =)
killmanpitFecha: Tuesday, 2016-05-10, 8:53 PM | Mensaje # 4
Group: Partner
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@crocodile Yeah. The hero itself is kind of mediocore. Its his ulti wich would make him usefull. I didn't want him to be OP. Just a regular usefull-ish hero with some fun aspects from random factor.

@ara-ure 90%. 1st level 10%. 2nd lvl 20%... 9th llvl 90% smile That's actually one of two things that makes him usefull in any way (but not OP). His damage will always be mediocore, his skills are mostly passive, dont stack and relies on being able to stay alive. 

Spellsteal ability can be adjusted to needs. Some skills can be made unstealable. Like worker's town hall. But without that i don't see how that's abusive. Dont forget that He has Literally 0 mana Pool. In order to cast Grom +str ability pandaren ultimate + assasin's ulti you would neeed INSANE ammount of mana. To make it even harder certain cooldown might be added. For example 120 seconds. It's ulti so why not. Then you would need chronos to make it abusable. And still not so much. Because you would need to steal many times from your friends to receive skills you really want. And for that you would need to stick close to them for a long time. Which is obviously bad because exp split. I agree it's strong ult. But far from OP. Not even close to assasin's ulti levels of retardness. (it can be stolen by MA but think about that HUGE dmg gap between assasin at 30 and MA at 30. He would need god's atom and absolute to stay usefull. Windboots for mobility, chronos, and propably 2 drop items. Let's say horn of toughness and exceptional carapace. That makes him really good tank. But in 600-800 range of dmg. Which is nothing compared to Assasin at this point of the game. 

Think of it this way: True: You might be lucky and get one or two epic hero powers combo. You still need certain skills to gain mana for them (either by sucking mana from your comrades which is slow process blocking both you and your friend) or by sucking mana from bosses which again is dangerous and time consuming, Let's assume you want grom's +str ability and assasin's ulti. I don't remember mana costs but lets say it's somewhere around 150+400=550 mana (correct me if i;m wrong). Lets say you are level 30. So you have most likely drain mana on 9 and ulti at 2. So you drain 130mana/s. So you are preparing for boss fight. You either walk in and start sucking mana out of boss. Then you need 5 seconds to reliably have time to cast one skill then chronos then second skill. And it's still not as strong as usual assasin's ulti.


While trying to explain my points to you two I came up with two upgrades:
-global cooldown on ulti skills
-mana drained mana should disappear twice as fast as mana drained (because you know. He is addict. The faster he gains the faster he uses all smile )

im wondering if magical mirror should actually DECREASE armor. It's most likely going tobe late game skill picked to counter some high level neutrals it won't hurt early game. And absolute+god's atom+90% spell dmg reduction seems a bit overkill. What do you think? Im thinking about something around:
lvl 1: -1
lvl 2 -2
lvl 3 -5
lvl 4 -10
lvl 5 -17
lvl 6 -30
lvl 7 -45
lvl 8 -60
lvl 9 -75
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