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Auras on Shadow Hunter
KawsFecha: Monday, 2017-02-13, 10:11 PM | Mensaje # 1
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I find it very strange that some auras work on Shadow Hunter's Wards, but others don't, even some that are direct upgrades from auras that do work on wards. Shadow Hunter's wards are currently only good to farm a very specific boss, which is not needed for any high-skill game: Revenant.

I tested all aura items, and these are the auras that work on Wards:

Battalion(full effect)
Sacred Gem of War(full effect)
Legion Doom-Horn(Damage effect doesn't work, even though it's a direct upgrade from Sacred Gem)

These are the auras that don't work:

Warsong Battle Drums(even though it's the previous version of Sacred Gem of War)
Talisman of Cursed Bones(even though it's the previous version of Legion Doom-Horn's Armor aura)
Tidal Charm(Even though it's aura is a Devotion Aura, like Legion Doom-Horn's Armor aura)
Commander Wish and True Commander Wish
Battle Hearth
Worker's Aura Books
Horn of Stampede(not actually an aura, but it's similar enough to mention)

I suggest that you make all auras work on Wards. Even the damage ones, that are the more worrying, don't have such a large effect on wards, since the largest portion of their damage comes from his ultimate skill, which gives a 900% damage aura on last level, so 300% on top of that wouldn't really be a huge increase.
Forum » Forum » Ideas » Auras on Shadow Hunter (Why so inconsistent?)
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