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1.22c Quests
predragovictomislavFecha: Tuesday, 2017-07-25, 9:53 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Hi there,

i think that more then 50% of HOTE players cannot play team games more then 2-3 times per week and there are some teams that don't want new players with them so i was very happy to see some quest for single-players in previous versions.
Perhaps with "no same hero" limit like in "Bahamut wants a fair fight" quests there still can be challenge + ppls will try other heroes that way.

Few ideas for quests:
"Kill -THAT- with -THIS HERO-" - goal is to kill certain boss with certain hero (or hero type, like kill Azzazel with INT hero ...), winner is player who do it fastest. Or perhaps "Win game with -THAT HERO-"
"Alpha Wolf" - goal is to get more charges to hunter (MUST upgrade to final form + some luck involved because you need to get hunter ASAP)
"Bloodthirsty" - goal is to end game with highest kill-count possible
"Boss Slayer" - goal is to kill as much bosses or perhaps kill as much specific bosses as you can (Revenant Slayer...)
"Boss Hunter" - goal is to get max charges to Boss Hunter items as fast as possible / end game with as much charges as you can get (here we got some luck again)
"Gem Hunter" - finish Gem item ASAP
"Gold Fever"/"Gold Rush" - end game with as much gold you can collect / collect 100k or 200k gold ASAP

Now few ideas with hard/extreme/impossible challenge:
"Bad Student" - win with lowest lvl possible (can't play with Little Child, perhaps remove some summoners too)
"I don't need towers" - don't build towers (+ can't use summoners)
"Pacifist" - win game with lowest kill-count possible
"Merchant Hater" - win but don't buy anything from shops (if this is possible)
"RNG Hater" - win but don't use or sell any drops from line bosses or
neutral creeps/bosses (RNG = Random Number Generator - this is the "One" who
does not give you Legendary after you kill Behemoth and Revenant 10 times)
"Bad Assassin" / "Hungry Wendigo" / "White Knight" / "Weak Abomination" - win game with lowest bonus possible (but must max DMG/HP/Soul/STR skills 1st)
"Pure Fighter" - win but don't use any spells, only passive skills/auto-attack

If you like singleplayer quests please add some more ideas or modify my ideas. My goal is to get "not so easy to do" quests
nestor_biccaFecha: Tuesday, 2017-07-25, 11:32 PM | Mensaje # 2
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i say its a MUST to have some  single player quests 
i am one of the many that dont play with team
we will be very more happy with things like u post here
InmortalSiegfriedFecha: Saturday, 2017-07-29, 3:28 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Thats some good ideas for Quests Predragovictomislav. Don't worry that there will be the "Bahamut wants a fair fight" Quest very soon, this time can't be so much Quests like previous versions since there are no judges.
Glass_HouseFecha: Saturday, 2017-07-29, 8:20 PM | Mensaje # 4
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I was surprised not to see another Bahamut quest too.
I think many of your ideas are fine, though there are some I am against, such as "Gem Hunter". These kind of quests would be completely based on RNG. I think it is better to design quests where the player's planning is more important than his luck.

I think that "Kill -THAT- with -THIS HERO-" type of quests are great. Maybe some time-based variant like kill a specific neutral boss before some specific lane boss spawns (example: kill Dragon Turtle before Hydra spawns) would be cool too.

Your "I don't need towers" suggestion gave me an idea.
Tower Defense - Survive as long as possible using only towers to kill lane bosses. Your hero cannot damage them in any way.
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