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I suggest to create useful little usable heroes
SaloedovFecha: Thursday, 2017-10-05, 11:55 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Hello everyone, just apologize for my English since I'm using Google translator)))...Since you already understood from the title of the topic, I want to fix some non-usable heroes, add some sort of raisins and make them useful at all stages of the game.
Since I like to play for support, I would like to talk about them with my skills and the game as a whole.

Priest: In general, the charm is not bad, at an early stage of the game can help its allies in the forest and on the air, another plus is that it can heal allied buildings and buff them.but after 30 minutes of play the hero becomes almost useless, since dd already independently farm the forest, line, and we have nothing to do ... in the leyte when everyone walks around the bosses, we also do not have a place for there are no useful skills, It is impossible because of the very large splash that us vanshotit, or from the system of agra, since we have little hp, or from that. I think this is nonsense because no mage or support can not realize itself
we will understand the skills: 1 - heal for the entire card 2500 hp / cd 7sec (this one and the only skill that can be used)
2 - heal like and normal but then almost at the point of you = corpse

3 - skil useful only at the beginning, then almost useless for regen on the bosses will not help, and again
4 - skill like a good one, adjust a little and add a Range
5 - skill no one uses because of its uselessness and again the rence

now let's talk about the changes in skills and artifacts, I propose to add special and class artifacts, which will give the following:        1 skill - if available, give an additional effect / reduced cd / heal strength
2 skill - if there is an effect / duration added
3 skill - to replace the passive which will give the power of skills / cd skills / or when yuzaesh any skill to give some kind of efect of type: mass stan / mass roots / mass heal ... well, there's a lot to think of here is possible))
4 skill - in the presence of an artifact to give additional damage / armor / under the heal / block of damage / mag de ...
5 skill - I suggest to remake or finish the skill, for example: to give too, but to make the casting hero immune / giving the mass of the mill ... you can replace it with a resurrection ... or replace with the passive, giving each heal a random effect / heal strength accumulation / choice of any additional effect chosen by the skill

about artifacts, you can add personal or improving artifacts for skills, or else take special sharpening for skills

P.S. thought to write right away about all the heroes and artifacts with suggestions, but while writing about the dock, I realized that for a long time, so I'll add something as much as my free time

Added (2017-10-05, 11:55 PM)
блин так криво перевел, что даже я сам не могу прочитать о том, что здесь сказано)))

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Forum » Forum » Ideas » I suggest to create useful little usable heroes
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