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1.23 New Content
KranklafanFecha: Tuesday, 2017-11-14, 2:45 PM | Mensaje # 16
Group: Partner
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  • New Stats   (although i only want spell damage out of those, armor pen would be interesting, i thiink the rest will convolute the game )
  • Fast Mode ( Interested in how this plays out, although i'll probably stick to normal if i want to try hard )

  • New Neutral Bosses (Neutral Midgame boss, we have enough endgame bosses already imo). Also especially if you add new bosses, please redo the way spawn triggers work, so we don't have to kill bosses in a specific order to spawn bosses.
  • Backback System (seems interesting)
  • New Items to find (I'd prefer just new drops from regular minions instead of boss drops, something like manareg from center forrest or crabs or a reason to farm the golems early in the game) 
  • New Abilities to buy/find (seems interesting)

  • New Normal Heroes (think it's better of rebalancing existing heroes bevore adding new ones, especially mages without any %damage skills)

  • New Special Hero
  • New Semi-Special Heroes
rsNFecha: Tuesday, 2017-11-14, 4:22 PM | Mensaje # 17
Group: Partner
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#1     *New Semi-special heroes like Defender and Berserk 2 to 2.5

#2      New abilities to buy or find

#3      New Special Hero like Worker, Little Child, Blacksmith,etc 1

#4     New Stats      ( A very important feauture in my opinion cause it can change the style of everything and some heroes become more relevant! very good idea!

rest is Qol  and should be set to delay

point 4 triggers me the most but i cant get out of my shell and love new heroes ^^

#5  Fast mode  ( m8s are always complaning that it takes to long and then we drop playing the map :/ )
nigplsgaFecha: Tuesday, 2017-11-14, 8:29 PM | Mensaje # 18
Group: Partner
Message: 50
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1 - New Special Hero like Worker, Little Child, Blacksmith,etc 1
2 - New Semi-special heroes like Defender and Berserk 2 to 2.5
3 - New abilities to buy or find
4 - New normal heroes 3 to 5 ( would rather see existing heroes balanced though)
5 - Backpack System and new type of item
6 - New items to find
7 - New Neutral Bosses.
8 - Fast Mode
9 - New Stats (I like the idea of the spell damage stat, however I believe the others suggested would be too game changing)
stayFecha: Thursday, 2017-11-16, 10:05 AM | Mensaje # 19
Group: User
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Daily(11-15) Chinese Player Vote Report:

Fast Mode

A new speicial hero
New stats
Fast Mode

New stats
GoikolaketicFecha: Thursday, 2017-11-16, 6:09 PM | Mensaje # 20
Major general
Group: Partner
Message: 324
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*New Stats
*New abilities to buy or find
*New Special Hero like Worker, Little Child, Blacksmith,etc
*New Semi-special heroes like Defender and Berserk
*Backpack System and new type of item:
*New Neutral Bosses
*New normal heroes
*New items to find
*Fast Mode
InmortalSiegfriedFecha: Friday, 2017-11-17, 3:13 PM | Mensaje # 21
Group: Admin
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Note: same player can not vote twice.
KarifeanFecha: Friday, 2017-11-17, 8:22 PM | Mensaje # 22
Group: Partner
Message: 209
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+++ Fast Mode: Yes yes yes. I already brought this up in the Partner forum as an idea way back and I still think it'd be great =P

++ New abilities to buy or find: Sounds like a spellbook to fill out which could have some neat general purpose abilities. I like the idea a lot.

+ New Stats: Tbh out of all of these I think only Spell Damage is actually a good
idea to make into an all-encompassing concept. The others would all
probably be better suited for special item effects IMO, like Crush is.

+ New items to find. Always nice.

+ New Semi-special heroes like Defender and Berserk 2 to 2.5: Sure why not.

~ New normal heroes 3 to 5: Pretty cool to have every now and then, though I like the initiative of rebalancing older heroes too.

- New Special Hero like Worker, Little Child, Blacksmith,etc 1: Hmm, I don't really like these kinds of heroes that much, but moreover I don't think the map really needs them at this stage, either.

-- Backpack System and new type of item: I think the courier + enchanted stats system works fine as it is, really, so I can't say I think of this as high priority.

-- New Neutral Bosses. I think we have enough bosses for the time being tbh, what's lacking more now is more ways to beat them, trying to beat any of the super strong bosses without % damage for instance is an exercise in futility. I think there should be more diversity there. I'd say focus on new abilities/stats/items/heroes first.
stayFecha: Saturday, 2017-11-18, 11:09 AM | Mensaje # 23
Group: User
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Quote InmortalSiegfried ()
Note: same player can not vote twice.

That's not my vote. That's from Chinese Players. I won't let same player vote twice of course.

Edit: You can check them from here too:

Message edited by stay - Saturday, 2017-11-18, 11:10 AM
totaFecha: Monday, 2017-11-20, 0:21 AM | Mensaje # 24
Group: Partner
Message: 13
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Well, for me, it would be this order :
New special  hero
Backpack System and new type of item
New semi-special hero
New stats
New hero
New Neutral boss
New item to find
New abilities to buy or find
Fast mode.

Also, one question : the "counter" stats, wouldn't that affect Grom hellscream ? Same for the Anti-counter stats. That would nerf Grom a lot. So, do you plan to change the counter spell Grom has or change a little his effect ?
cranicFecha: Monday, 2017-11-20, 2:18 AM | Mensaje # 25
Group: User
Message: 7
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  • New Abilities to buy/find

  • New Semi-Special Heroes

  • Backback System

  • New Stats

  • New Items to find

  • New Special Hero

  • New Normal Heroes

  • New Neutral Bosses (Neutral Mid- or Endgame bosses?)

  • Fast Mode
beakiesneakyFecha: Monday, 2017-11-20, 10:34 PM | Mensaje # 26
Group: User
Message: 6
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Hey InmortalSiegfried, great news!

1. Fast Mode would be great, to get more friends into the game, because they would learn faster.
Also you would have time to play more often, without dedicating 2-3 hours smile
Also great for testing new strategies biggrin

2. Revamp / buff & nerf existing heroes is not something you mention. However there are so many great heroes already in the game, that dont feel strong enough in the late game. Some of these on my list, might also just be from lack of experience, but these came up when I looked through the heroes:
- Centaur impaler
- Medusa
- Dark Mage
- Wraith
- Pandaren Battlemaster
- Necromancer (maybe upgrade circe book / allow more items)
- Priest
- Beast Master (items could work on Misha)
- Half demon wizard
- Buzan (feels like a weak Grom)
- Fire lord

These heroes already feel great: ( ! )
- Medivh
- Assassin
- Grom
- Worker
- Berserker
- Defender
- Wendingo
- Party Team
- Blacksmith
- Little child (though some paths could feel better - eg. Soldier)
- Kael

3. Backpack System would make this game feel much more up to date. While I agree that a big part of the game is item management, I believe it would make the game much more smooth to play. I would wait with the backpack items, until we have tried out the new Backpack system without extra backpack items

4. New special Hero would be amazing! I love to play all the heroes you mention from this section, since they provide so much to learn! I really think you did a great job on specifically those heroes, and would love to see one more of them!

5. New semi-special heroes / New normal heroes would be amazing instead of a New special hero! Maybe you could do 1-2 new semi-special hero, and then create 1-2 new normal heroes, that also work by stat-scaling into late game (eg. like Grom does)

6. Doom boss fight, more difficult - could be more intense! Maybe he would make you need to react more (using Death & Decay, that force players to move, or use Void Shield that gives very high protection, but can be interrupted or dispelled with good timing or the right items. Maybe he could summon units to attack you, requiring you to protect yourself from his Legion while you defeat him.

7. New evil base boss another special building stands in the evil base. Destroy it, and a boss comes out. He could drop an item to help you kill another boss or kill final boss Doom.

8. Attack speed command -as to check attack speed, like -ms for movespeed. Maybe ever greater could be -stats to show all current stats (regen, ms, as, spell protect, defense etc.)

9. More lane bosses would be great with many more bosses, in the lanes. This would increase the RNG of a specific game, and make them feel more unique, and therefore providing replayability / trying new strategies that show to work!

All yourr suggestions sound great, but my favorite intial order would be
1. Fast Mode
2. Revamp / buff & nerf existing heroes
(heroes with scaling feel great)
3. Backpack System
4. New special Hero
5. New semi-special heroes / New normal heroes
6. Doom boss fight, more difficult
7. New evil base boss
8. Attack speed command -as for attack speed like -ms for move. Or maybe even -stats!
9. More lane bosses more variety in lane bosses (new lane bosses) so games would feel more different

Message edited by beakiesneaky - Monday, 2017-11-20, 10:40 PM
lavgustinFecha: Saturday, 2017-11-25, 7:18 PM | Mensaje # 27
Group: User
Message: 6
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  • +++New special hero. I think they are very interesting and will inspire more ordinary players to play the game.

  • ++New semi-special character. Same system as last option. Heroes give us more variety, but it can be obtained in other ways.

  • ++New features. This will definitely give a big selection of players that will diversify the game and add more of a variety of different strategies.

  • +New stats. This is an excellent idea, it would be very interesting to see that, but in General this is not much impact, I would say that is a nice bonus.

  • +++++New items and new neutral bosses. It is very, very cool, really want to see it, because then we can alter the already existing strategies in a new way and see them from a different angle!

  • -New normal heroes from 3 to 5. I think this is a useless idea , because you better pay attention on other, existing characters, edit them,making it more effective, it will be much better.

  • --Backpack. The system useless. Sometimes very interesting to run his horse, looking like a dying horse your friend) So do not deprive us of this pleasure.

  • -----Quick mode. Awful.My friends and I really love your project and play a long time ago looking forward to new versions,but it will greatly cut down the duration of the game, I think this is a useless idea, because ,for example, we're not gonna use it, because we are playing the long game with each other, I understand that it seems selfish, but this is my opinion and the opinion of my friends.
kobrawowFecha: Sunday, 2017-11-26, 4:45 AM | Mensaje # 28
Group: User
Message: 1
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*New Special Hero like Worker, Little Child, Blacksmith,etc 1 : Love to use the worker and LC they are some of the more interesting heroes to play , but i dunno what type we are missing , you can get really creative here , maeby a doppelganster learning skills of the things it kills. or a shapechanger changing forms from its victims

*Backpack System and new type of item: this items will give the stats when you are using them on your backpack. More stats are nice , but i always wanted to carry stuff to merge with the BS , and having horses in the middle of the lanes its a nightmare

Anyway , love your map , its so cool  , my crew and i always give it a few tries in the week , but we really suck at it hahaha

Message edited by kobrawow - Sunday, 2017-11-26, 4:51 AM
rengarlannettaFecha: Thursday, 2017-11-30, 7:13 PM | Mensaje # 29
Group: User
Message: 3
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- Considering you have limited amount of time, just having a few new heroes makes the game so much fresher. You could make one normal, special and semi-special. 

- Backpack sounds kinda weird considering we have been using horses all the time. But having backpacks would make it so much chiller and easier to relax when playing.

-Stats do not sound that interesting, just hope nothing too impactful.

-New Items sounds really nice.

-New content is generally what makes games fresh so dropping updates often makes everyone more keen for more. So I prefer all of them in small patches.
KwonsunakyFecha: Sunday, 2017-12-03, 7:20 AM | Mensaje # 30
Group: User
Message: 16
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For me, I would like to vote for fast mode . Some players dont have much time for the game because of their work. When a new version come, there would be a lot of new things to test, fast mode will help us saving time.

Message edited by Kwonsunaky - Sunday, 2017-12-03, 7:20 AM
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