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Evolution item from Boss Hunter
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Im planing to use this as an "Make a Custom Item"  with Exchange points  ,but not sure if have  the points yet.  Any second opinion will be nice and is fine if someone else use this idea to request a custom item.
 Item Soulseeker


SoulSeeker (evolved from Boss Hunter)

Active : Soul Slash, slashes into the soul of your target , deal base dmg + 10%your max MP improve your hero base attack +3 for each normal hit between slashes .

Slash dmg is pure and affected by critical modifiers. 1 slash per stack.

Detailed Version:


 Boss Hunter evolution item : Every time boss hunter gets a stack has a chance to evolve( 10-20%, lower chance is to much luck base ) into an item that will keep the previous stats and effect with a special active ( soul slash)

    The new item will depend on number of stacks , base dmg and MP it will favor physical heroes and be more versatile but will not be useless on some mages.

The current state of Boss Hunter is : very Weak early item ( no matter the time u find ) , by the moment u can kill lvl 60+ bosses is just using a slot. I will like to remove limit on those numbers if the boss dies during Soul Slash( not need to last hit if possible  ) similar to urn of shadows just to remove an element that is not fun in multiplayer.

  Item name : SoulSeeker

  Item Description : Use the knowledge from previous bosses souls to increase his power.

  Active: Soul Slash - Channel for 2 sec (400 range and -99999 armor during channeling and cannot be refresh ) and unleash multiple attacks into the soul of your target (depends on chargers for the numbers of slashes ) in pure dmg ( has to be pure there's no way souls have physical armor and for the sake of being of use for more than only one or 2 heroes )

     During slashes ( faster version then jugg so it won’t last more then 10-15 sec) the hero cannot die ( including the death aoe that penetrates invuls) and if base attack dmg is below 10k it will gain 3 base attack dmg for every attack between slashes ( normal dmg for those attacks , and i presume the bonus is lost if you change attack type or it can be saved in item)

       The Slashes are affected by any item or passive with critical like a normal attack( it can start with a normal dmg attack so assassin can't buff a ulti in a slash if it proves to be to much)

     Slash dmg = base attack dmg(no green) +10% your max MP in pure dmg (it will not do too much against bosses with million+ hp ) 


 CD : 120-180 ( seems an ok number it has some fun in use and no refresh so to big cd may not be good way to balance this one )

  Weaknesses :CD, can’t drop on cd, channel 2 sec, 400 range, very hard to use solo or against aoe , interrupts , no refresh , random time (hunter item then random time evolution), takes dedication to become something , posibile lose bonus on change attack type and maybe extra nerfs sad ( a lot just to not be in the to good category and be “Limited”  :)) .
 Imagine Ursa with limited Fury Swipes 4-6  , it will be a boring hero , but the rest of his kit is nerfed so the op ability is not that op anymore but not limited. The time , player , RNG  and you will limit how far the item can go no need for a hard cap.

Can only be used by heroes ( avoid titans abuse smile and no souls from illusions ( abuse solved , but it may come back after modification)
Forum » Forum » Ideas » Evolution item from Boss Hunter (Next stage of Boss Hunter item idea)
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