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Forum » Forum » Ideas » Teleport to allies, usually great, sometimes frustrating
Teleport to allies, usually great, sometimes frustrating
killmanpitFecha: Tuesday, 2018-03-20, 8:42 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Ok. So you bought yourself upgraded wind boots. And you are somewhere far on the map busy killing a tough boss. For example cursed golem. It takes you a bit longer than you estimated and a line boss, for example Lich (pretty fast) is getting close, so as soon as you kill the golem you instantly click on the minimap to teleport on the line. But instead of teleporting to your tower you begin teleporting to an archer. Who dies less than a second later. And now you lost a game. Pretty frustrating. And I agree it's generally a good game design. You need to be cautious or else you get punished. But. I think there might be some balanced fix which can be applied which don't ruin the balance. I've got few ideas:

1. Secret or blacksmith upgrade of wind boots, which allows you to teleport instantly to ally, or allied building (possibly even hero). The receipe being Secret (achieved through quest for example) or made by blacksmith creates a difficult threshold, but makes it possible for advanced players to buy "insurance" which helps them not to throw games stupidly. 

2. Additional horn of cenarius spell: mass teleport. once or twice a game, player can choose his own units in AOE and teleport them to chosen building. Again. Not breaking balance. Just adding additional insurance for players who made one stupid mistake.

3. Horse consumable item: My personal favourite. Not sure if possible to implement though. Item which has 3-5 charges and can be used by horse to instantly teleport his owner to him. This one would be just the most awesome item in the game. I know it. It could almost render having any boots unnecesary. That's why its consumable. You still would need to resupply your tele-horse with new charges if you wanted to teleport to it consistently. And that requires item slot. Anyway, that would create a fool proof method of emergency-teleporting, and migh even be used by advanced players to farm more efficiently (can be balanced by having high enough cost).

Just throwing some ideas. Love your game Immortal! Keep it up
Forum » Forum » Ideas » Teleport to allies, usually great, sometimes frustrating
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