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New "Tier 5" Shop
KarifeanFecha: Saturday, 2018-05-05, 8:00 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Over the last few versions we had a lot of new secret recipes added to the game and it seems this trend will continue. But I feel they are kind of failing their original purpose lately. Rather than rewarding players who invest a lot of time into the game, they are more a punishment to newcomers and cause a gap between new players and veterans to only become greater... there are pretty much no regulars who don't know how to make Supreme or other items like that.

Since we have so many hidden recipes already I feel like there should be a new shop instead of all these hidden recipes.

- This new shop should have actual recipe items for items like from Mission 9, the Hidden Item Contest and maybe other new items.
- I think the location should be where Gaia Awakening spawns.
- Additionally I think that location should be completely blocked off by trees before first Gaia Awakening spawns.

This way you have to carry the risk of fighting Gaia Awakening to even buy from the shop at all, but it's more interesting to do Gaia that way as well. And gives some extra values to heroes and abilities that can destroy trees early.

What do you think?
DrekTharFecha: Saturday, 2018-05-05, 9:29 PM | Mensaje # 2
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hisgenliFecha: Saturday, 2018-05-05, 10:25 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Good idea but you need to change your setup a bit.
  • A Shop mainly has only 12 slots; we are already at 10 missions and with the other stuff in the game and the upcoming contest stuff you will need 2 Shops there.
  • I like the idea of having the trees and the gaia awakening as a challange before you can go to the shop; maybe another challange to add would be spiked ground which deals massive normal dmg so you can only go there in lategame
  • the items in the shop should be full buyable (not just the recipe) and only once! Why? So you cant buy 10 Endbringer or Byatis Scythe for the whole team
  • the cost of the items should be balanced; Endbringer should cost around 300k gold or sth.
  • i think the ability to cut trees early and other abilities like DaD will come in either the next version or the one after (look at the changelog; permanent abilities for heroes to buy)

After all i like this idea of a Tier 5 Shop at gaia area.
killmanpitFecha: Sunday, 2018-05-06, 12:58 PM | Mensaje # 4
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I don't think quest items, and super powerfull items like endbringer or neptuns trident should be sellable. Even if you hide it behind huge paywall, heroes like thief and worker can quite easily go far beyond that in late game. But I agree that many "hidden receips" such as supreme or truth became so widely known that there are almost no replays without them. So either change the receips, so that its challenge again (i don't think it will work though), Or Have a shop designed for them. I still think some difficult receips like final weapon or blue weapon can stay as hidden, because they did not become so popular or necessary. I very much like the idea of location of the shop. It could also have random spawn locations and be invisible, so that you have to explore the map and spend some dust of appearance, which i think could be nice interaction. Last thing. I still dont like the idea of "necessary items". So i think it would be great fun if the shop had 3-4 slots with random receips, that change after you buy them. This way players will be forced to adjust gameplan to availible items. Last fun way of making the shop would be making a Hefaistos boss. Which wouldn't be super strong, but you could give him items, and he would upgrade/merge them into unique/hidden/legendary items, which would make him stronger, and then after you kill him he could drop them all. So that you can have only one shot of getting super items, but the more greedy you are, the harder the fight will be.

Anyway, i love the idea. Hope it's implemented one way or another.
predragovictomislavFecha: Monday, 2018-05-07, 0:00 AM | Mensaje # 5
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Hi there!

killmanpit I like Your ideas of making this game even more "chaotic",
I enjoy playing HOTE because it is unpredictable.
If its possible to make Supreme recipe require "extra random items per game"  this could turn entire game upside-down. For example Branch of the first Oak is "almost useless" item at this time but if you need that to make Supreme...
Or "Gaia hunt" could get new dimension if extra requirement to make Supreme (or whatever secret recipe) is set to "kill X Gaia forms" and you get amount required after first Legendary Armor is dropped or after you first time kill boss that could drop Legendary Armor ("To prove you are worthy of wearing Supreme armor you need to kill X Gaia Forms"). Make X random number depending on amount of players in game so it is like 1-3 for single-player and 1d(3 + number of players) for team games (8 players is random number between 1 and 11).
I know this is not easy to apply but perhaps with new Warcraft 3 version this is possible and perhaps this "new recipe formula" could be added to all mission items to make every game even more interesting ... 
Also we could add "I hate missions!" mode to make some drops more common while making all mission items not-possible to make and also allow secret shop/trader to come in game
Forum » Forum » Ideas » New "Tier 5" Shop (We have enough secret recipes already to fill another shop)
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