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Unholy Knight - Lost Souls
SkinnerGabrielFecha: Wednesday, 2018-11-14, 4:32 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Losing 20% ​​of souls when dying is a lot of souls for those who have spent 2/3 of 3 hours just collecting souls.This causes this hero to be avoided by the players. I think changing from 20% to 10% is enough to make this hero better.

This hero you can not make mistakes and having a perfect game for 3 hours is almost impossible.
KarifeanFecha: Wednesday, 2018-11-14, 5:27 PM | Mensaje # 2
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Agreed. 20% souls loss is a HUGE penalty, to the point where games without a death are hardly comparable to games with a death.

Alternative idea: make it like it Dark Souls, souls when you die are not just lost, you can get them back if you go to where you died, if you die again before getting them then you lost them forever, with this idea you can even *increase* the penalty to 50% or something to really make people have to go get them back (which can be hard if you failed a boss fight).
predragovictomislavFecha: Wednesday, 2018-11-14, 9:12 PM | Mensaje # 3
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Good topic! - This hero is only one punished so hard for making mistake.

Collecting "Lost Souls" idea is great.
    - make "something" like resurrection cross at the place where player dies
        - with timer perhaps so you need to collect them in several minutes
        - you need to get there and cast Soul Collect to collect (start collecting?) "Lost Souls"
            - perhaps you collect XY souls/second (or XY% of them/second) so you need to survive several seconds channeling to collect them all (for stronger bosses you need specific tactic/items just to collect souls if you die)

Perhaps you get choice when you die: loose 20% (10%?) of Souls permanent or 50% of them but you can collect them back
Forum » Forum » Ideas » Unholy Knight - Lost Souls
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