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Mana Lord
wosfreakFecha: Tuesday, 2020-09-08, 2:01 AM | Mensaje # 1
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A hero that scales intensely with mana, and has ways to manipulate and channel it. Strong abilities and scaling, but their abilities all require remaining stationary for a period of time.

Penalty: This character cannot regain mana from the fountain

Overload: Infuse a target with mana each second. If the target is an enemy, each point of mana gained over their maximum deals 1 damage.
Percentage of your mana given to the target each second improves with rank.

Vast Mana: Channel to strengthen your energy capacity and shield your body.
While channeling, gain 1 maximum mana per 100 intelligence per second, and a buff that grants 1 armor per 100 maximum mana. The armor is lost when the ability ends, but you keep the maximum mana. While channeling, the raw energy deflects all outside magic.
This ability has an intensely high mana cost per second to maintain.
Mana+Armor ratio improves with rank.

Mana Conduit: Channel to drain mana from nearby enemies equal to 6% of your missing mana per second. Each point of mana drained deals damage.
Cooldown, AoE and ratio improve with rank.

Mana Bolts: Channel to fire a steady stream of mana projectiles in a wide cone over 5 seconds. Bolts home in on enemies above level 8. Each bolt fired drains a percentage of your mana, and deals damage equal to it's cost.

Amount of bolts fired improves with rank.

Ultimate - Mana Mastery: This ability gives a different bonus with each rank.
Rank 1: Gain the Raw Mana ability. Target an area and channel for 10 seconds. For each second channeled, Your maximum mana is temporarily increased by 25%. At the end of the duration, consume all your mana to deal damage in an AoE of 1000.
AoE improves with rank.
Rank 2: Gain the ability to channel two abilities at once.
Rank 3: Mana gained from items is increased by 1% per 100 intelligence.
Rank 4: Gain the ability to channel three abilities at once.

This sounds overpowered as hell, and probably difficult to code. I'm just having fun really

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