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Gem Ogre
wosfreakFecha: Sunday, 2020-10-04, 10:38 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Special Hero that is specialized in finding and augmenting their body with different Gems.

This is probably beyond OP but I'm just having fun again

Passive: This hero does not gain any stats or special effects from items, but can use active items, for example Chronos, or Wand Of Wizard.

Normal Ability - Craft Gem: Creates a Gem Fragment. 150s CD

Imbue Self: Any Gem can be imbued permanently into your armor. Each Gem may only be imbued one time.
Imbuing a gem gives you the stats of the item, but you lose access to the active ability.

List of items that count as Gems (perhaps this could be added to the tooltip, in a non-intrusive way)
Any orb/gem/stone like items that I don't know about or forgot probably also apply.

Gem Fragments (Each form can be imbued individually)
Water Orb
Gem Of Hades
Gem Of War
Khadgar's Gem Of The Energy
Diamond Of Knowledge
God's Atom
Health Stone
Enchanted Sphere
Orb Of Time
Orb Of Frost
Crystal Ball
Heart Of Searinox (Only final level can be imbued)

Casting this ability increases your Strength, Agility and Intelligence by 1% per gem imbued for 10s.
At max rank, this bonus is permanent, and casting triples it instead.

CD - 300s, reduces with level to 25s.

Energize: Infuses a target with your gem-amplified energy.

Deals 50% of your STR, AGI and INT as damage per rank, and half that in a radius of 50 units x number of imbued gems.

CD 50s - 10s

Harness Gem: Choose from a list of your imbued gems. Create a copy of it's active ability in your inventory that can be used twice before expiring. Can be dropped and given to allies.

Gem Glow: Passive - Allies within a range of 1000 carrying gems (including Harness Gem Copies) resonate with your imbued gems, creating a link between you that increases armor and regeneration, and distributes damage received across all linked allies.

Prism Blast: Channel for 0.5s per gem imbued.
At the end of the channel, a giant beam is unleashed in the target direction.

Beam Length: 500 x 50 per gem imbued
Beam Width: 500 x 7 per gem imbued

Beam Damage: 50% STR+AGI+INT per gem imbued.
Forum » Forum » Ideas » Gem Ogre
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