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Possible Improvements
FurionPhoenixFecha: Monday, 2017-03-27, 3:13 PM | Mensaje # 46
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Make the mercenary camp able to buy from without needing a unit there.
hisgenliFecha: Saturday, 2017-04-29, 4:54 PM | Mensaje # 47
Lieutenant colonel
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Small ideas:
  • Change Priest Ult cause its weak to "Healing Wave": A wave that jumps on friendly units infinie times in range of 400 and heals 1k hp with every jump
  • change the condition when dark force boss fights neutrale boss to instakill of one of them and pump the other one like Death but also to other bosses; its was very funny in earlier version when you made them fight but in nower versions its not that fun anymore or just let them fight^^
  • Ingame Quest: Get a Dummy in your inventory (like a sheep but if you summon it it stays in 1 place and its an enemy); it has     1 HP and 0 Armor; 
  • Ingame Quest: "Knightrider": Get a car in your inventory, if you click on it you summon a car with 1 hp and max movement speed and you can get "into" it with richtclick; you have to get max movement speed in a SM solo game to get it
  • Ingame Quest: Skull of Guldan: You have to kill all Skull Towers in 30min to get it into your inventory when you start the game; you get 1 to all stats for each kill (mentioned it in my earlier posts but i think its a very good quest; just made it much more difficult)
  • Ingame Quest: Kill Azazel in SM (maybe solo or 2 player game) to get Azazels Finger of Death; its a hero spell you get when you pick a hero that has a 240sec cooldown and kills all mana of a unit and deals that much x100 in pure dmg to the target and it cant be blocked by spellshield etc
  • Godlike Blacksmith: Kill Death with Blacksmith solo in normal game or kill Golden Bahamuth in Sm solo to get "Hidden Technique"; its a item/scroll you get when you pick Blacksmith; when you activate it it vanishes and hidden forges are possible
  • Ingame Quest: Kill every single neutrale unit at once so that no other neutrale unit exists at the same time (also includes sheeps etc) to get a item with evolution ability: Baby Hydra (Level 0); you can summon it and fight it cause its an enemy; after you won against it it becomes Level 1 and you can summon it again to get to Level 2 etc.; you also get benefits with this item like exp, gold, items in later levels; when you start another game your hydra item is the level it was last game; but beware: on level 0 the baby hydra has 1000 HP and 100 Dmg Piercing with 0 armor so you shoudlnt spawn it too early; otehr levels are way different from other ones; Level 2 Hydra has 100 HP and 1000 Armor; deals 500 Chaos dmg very fast
  • Ingame Quest: Kill all friendly units and tower (of Light force) till Michael arrives to get the item "Invoke"; with that item that you get at the beginning of the game you can mind controle all light force units/structures; light force structures have abilities to buy and units to buy and the castle can be upgraded etc
afisFecha: Monday, 2017-05-01, 7:24 PM | Mensaje # 48
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I have been seeing alot of "decrease attack cooldown" suggestions in here, like
""Rapid Fire": a) Deal 50k dmg to yourselfb) Decrease your attack cooldown by 5 for 30 sec"
Is there an easy way to program this that I am not aware of? I thought the only way to do this in wc3 was unit replacement (copy of unit with only a couple things different, like CD), like how Excalibur and metamorphosis work. I would think this would be a labor and memory expensive way to boost units.
Imagine adding a version of raynor with hero sword+cust rapid fire, excalibur+rapidfire, dragon+rapidfire, just rapidfire in addition to all the non-rapid-fire versions that now exist. not to mention raynor's atk cooldown is <5 seconds now, you cannot make it negative, and 0 would be rather rigged.
KarifeanFecha: Monday, 2017-05-01, 9:39 PM | Mensaje # 49
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Attack cooldown is unique for every unit, so yeah, reducing attack cooldown especially on an item basis is extremely difficult to pull off. Metamorphosis and abilities like that can work too (see Admiral ulti).
hisgenliFecha: Thursday, 2017-06-29, 7:08 PM | Mensaje # 50
Lieutenant colonel
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After the new version got released; here are my new possible improvements regarding Hero of the Empire! Lets begin!

  • the new items from the Quests look very interesting and i also like the fact that you cant have every item of them, maybe also add Quests that are not based on killing neutrale bosses but on "kill 50 units in 20 seconds" to get a good start item or "kill all neutrale critters (sheepds, frogs, ...) on the map" to get tynification: make buildings or units very or enemies very tiny; or kill doom in normal mode in 30 min to get the FLAMECANON; this is a tower which can be build around the map cause you can carry it like a item and it has 0.00 cooldown and 1dmg; you get the item at the beginning of your next game; it has 10 HP and 0 armor but you can upgrade it for a lot of money

  • also add Quests that dont give sth right away; lets say you complete quest "Shadow Arthas" and then a invisible lootgoblin shows up on the map; anywhere and walks around with 500 movement speed; if you are able to kill him; you get HUGE LOOT; makes it even more fun!

  • we had the discussion about Tomes in another Thread but why not add Exp Tomes; 1 Level for 100k Gold; and to benefit from it you can introduce Level 60 Ultimate Abilities^^

  • give Ares a active ability

  • introduce the bigger Brother of Azazel: Balthazel (Level 100) after you killed Azazel; his Brother is angry cause and enraged; beware!

  • make Gaia get dmg from Impale Armors again plz! People started to play Blacksmith more which got very interesting and now ... RIP BS Impales; or add something specific to every new Gaia till Level 100; like red gaias have 0 magic dmg reduction and green gaias have not much armor and black gaias can be dmged by impale armors ...etc

Thx again for the new version; looking forward to more missions and the next version also...

BigChildFecha: Sunday, 2017-07-30, 1:08 PM | Mensaje # 51
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A fun map you have created, Inmortal.


Remove the sound effect from Enchanted Sphere (and its upgrade). It is annoying to listen to every time you attack.
hisgenliFecha: Thursday, 2017-08-31, 5:06 PM | Mensaje # 52
Lieutenant colonel
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And here we go again ...^^
Some thought that went into my mind about new items, heores and bosses.

  • stun potion (which you can either throw up on enemy units to stun them for a short period of time or consume it to get a % chance to do stuns); this will enable new strategies early on

  • vampiric potion (gives a high % lifesteal ability for a short duration of time)

  • kite potion (makes the hero fly for a short duration of time)

  • the potions above all are very cheap but you can only but a few of them in the whole game or they have a really high time to be buyed

  • make ice shield (Tier 2) more powerfull by letting it combine with other shield type you first have to create: Magma Shield, Lightning Shield, Light Shield, ... each with different abilities that trigger on attack; these new shieldtypes could also work the same way Nature Path works by combining; or just make ice shield more powerfull by giving it a better reduction of attack or movement speed

  • remove the Pipe of insight from Legacy and make it more powerfull


  • decrease the dmg of Bloody Edge to 10% of total HP but therefore decrease the cooldown to 5 sec. which would make it  1) stronger and 2)be more fitting to a lot of heroes (Tauren, Centaur, ...)

  • introduce a new way of dealing spell dmg; i call it complement damage; what i mean for example is: if a unit is frozen and you cast ANY type of lightning on it, the dmg output is WAY higher; like you cast Thunder Staff on a frozen unit and it normally deals 5k dmg; but now it deals 20k; this way people will start combining stuff like heroes that freeze very well (LC) and heroes that can do "lightning dmg"; other possibilities if though of could be fire and water; poison and ... ; i know that this is a shit tone of work cause you gotta implement that on every item and every unit in the game like: If Forest Troll is frozen and gets dmg from Thunder Staff, multiply the dmg x4 or add a certain number of dmg.; or if Rock Golem gets a poison attack, ...

  • Gnome (Low Range Intelligence Unit; it has abilities like spell breaker unit of wc3

  • 1) Create a random potion (one of them i already mentioned and more stuff that gets better with each level (Lava Potion; Damage potion, Money Potion)

  • 2) Magicrobbery (you can cast this on friendly units or enemy units and rob a buff of them like Frost Armor of Black Knight or other active abilities units can cast on themselves)

  • 3) it destroys mana on attack (passive)


  • 4)Spell Immunity (Level 9 Passive) create a random potion


  • 5) Channeling Insanity (this is a channeling spell which can be upgraded into a friendly way or a destructive way; if you choose the friendly way you start healing the unit close to you (100AOE) and after a short time giving it permanent buffs; this spell doesnt end until you stop it by giving the buffed uni a distance >100 to it; the destructive way works the same but you take away armor, HP, atk and movement speed from the unit in time; if you are able to stand 5 min to a strong enemy, you can deal some serious dmg to them

  • 6) Critterpack; this is his Level 50 ability: You can target an area with this spell and every unit inside this area gets polymorphed into a critter for a long time and the armor gets reduced to 0!

  • So overall this hero is a supportive buff hero which can be usefull in early game with his potion ability, but on the other hand can also deal insane dmg in lategame if you are lucky to survive the midgame cause this hero comes with shit stats (like Thief) and he also doesnt have a aoe dmg spell to make money


  • I also hope to see more channeling spells in the future, cause the benefit is mostly great but the set up is very difficult

  • Primal Beast (Str, Agi and Int Hero): This is kind of a unique hero cause it relies on one thing: Killing Unit; the hero on itself doesnt start as a hero; it is a unit like a rabbit or sth but it evolves into higher units by doing quests (just like the Hunt Item, but as a hero); sometimes the quest could also mean: Kill Behemoth to evolve or kill Unbroken to Evolve; and with each evolution you get another unit
  • 1) Rabbit
  • 2) Wolf
  • 3) Furbolg
  • 4) Wendigo
  • 5) Tide Lord

These 5 Evolutions are not a hero; these are primarily UNITS which get item slots with evolution and different abilities and skins; now above the Tide Lord there comes the agi path (Nightelve):
  • Archer 
  • Hunter 
  • Hypogryph
  • Druid

The first 3 are also units and the last one is a hero; if you dont like this hero you can start evolving on top of it to the str path (Orc):
  • Grunt
  • Raider
  • Kodo Beast
  • Tauren

The first 3 are also units and the last one is a hero; if you dont like this hero you can start evolvin on top of it to the int path (Human):
  • Priest
  • Sorceress
  • Spell Breaker
  • Flying Machin

The firest 3 are also units and the last one is a hero; if you dont like this hero you can start evolving on top of it to a Primal Beast:

  • This Beast is a hero wich has a ultimate ability of Pandaren: Split; this hero splits into 3 units for as long as you want that are destinctively different in their own kind witch each having 6 item slots:

  • Shadow Wolf 
  • Phoenix
  • Infernal

All 3 Units are very powerfull in their own way just as all the evolution paths before are; some of them are useless and you want to evolve them like a Grunt for example that has poor stats; 1 item slot; and the quest is to kill 10 Ghouls to evolve. 
This is just a fanbased hero that i know will never be seen in HOTE cause it takes long to create this,  and you gotta implement stuff like making items work on units etc.; but still t is funny ^^

  • Griffin, Phoenix, Frostwyrm & Chimera (Powerlevels are above Bahamuth and they come from all lanes after Final Desease before Death
  • Griffin has lightning attack, very small attack cooldown and can fly very fast; lightning abilities
  • Phoenix has fire attack, large AOE with high dmg but low movement speed; fire abilities
  • Chemera has poison attack; it has multishot (2) and deals a ton of poison dmg; very slow
  • Frostwyrm has improved ice abilities but also casts death and decay upon enemies in a large area; huge AOE; slow movement speed

Other Stuff:
  • Give Worker a new building that has upgrades for all heroes on the map in exchange of money; the price increases with the upgrade
  • upgrades you can do are: Armor, Health, Mana, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Agility, Strength, Intelligence, Experience, Range

I hope you guys have a good day; and thanks Inmortal for the game; very much liked the new stuff you implemented in this map!
MoromelFecha: Friday, 2017-09-08, 11:03 PM | Mensaje # 53
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Hi Guys!

I've been playing this map for 9 months now with my friends and we are still hooked. It is really a fantastic map.
One thing came to our mind. If possible, it would be great to have an option to play a random hero. Like a command -random or something similar as in the original dota.
Perhaps if you choose a random hero you could get like a 200 gold start bonus as well, but that is really not the point. It is just that there are so many heros that we didn't try yet, because we want to get better with the more popular ones, and by enabling a random hero selection the map could be even more fun.

What do you guys think?
RedFecha: Saturday, 2017-09-09, 12:00 PM | Mensaje # 54
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Random mode would be funny i think! Could be useful for some new easy to medium difficulty quests and non-serious-just-for-fun games.
hisgenliFecha: Sunday, 2017-11-12, 10:59 PM | Mensaje # 55
Lieutenant colonel
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Some ideas that went through my mind.

New item idea (hidden items we are voting for atm) and quests:
  • Training Suit: works like hunt item or cross; you can upgrade the training suit 5 times till you get to the perfect suit; it has a blink ability with short cooldown, insane movement speed boost, evasion ability or block ability; items like scroll of dexterity and boots of speed or wind boots should be integrated into the recipe

  • dark Halberd of Sorrows; its a halberd of sorrows which you can use on enemies and has effects like cripple, stun, critter,...

  • Infinity Gauntlet: not exactly a hidden item but more a quest you can complete; the quest could be on the changelog; there are 6 infinity gems (Space, Mind, Reallity, Power, Time and Soul Gem) which have different power levels for themselves and abilities; for each gem you gotta do sth. special like:
    to get the space gem you gotta walk for 60 sec with movement speed; to get the power gem you gotta kill 5k units; for the mind gem you gotta permastun a unit for 30 secfor the time gem you gotta reduce a units movement speed to 0; for the soul gem you gotta kill azazel;If you hold all 6 gems, they combine to the INFINITY GAUTLET (black item);Inmortal could add 1 Gem every new version until the gauntlet is finished.

  • Lightning Ball: This item is special because it has a constant attack if you hold it with 0 sec. cooldown; it only works on 400 AOE and deals intense spell dmg; how you get it or mix it together is still find out

  • Ragnarok:this is a quest to complete; you summon a dark demon called Surtur if you type -ragnarok
    this demon is unique because he gets stronger the more time the game takes; he gets 1 level every 1 minute of the game and starts with level 1 (but dont get confused; even on level 1 you wont be able to kill him with proper items; i would put him against Forest Troll on Level 1)If you are able to kill him you get the legendary Sword Ragnarok (Immolotion ability, firebreath ability, call a fire dragon, dragon atk type, +1k dmg, +1k all statsIf you also hold Excalibur when you have Ragnarok in your inventory sth. special happens!

  • A new hidden item with a summon ability would be cool and it would be even more cool if you can get it early on or in midgame; more lategame items are n1 but not necessary; new midgame items create more buildpaths

New Hero "Enchantress":
  • this hero is int based
  • it has some unique spells like enchanted item (you can cast this spell on every item in the game and make it unique by giving it a certain ability or push a existing ability; for example: if you enchant a divine runde you dont get 6k hp but 12k hp! But: enchanted items cant be used for other stuff like merge so choose your items wisely
  • or enchant a hero: gives a hero a level up  (or exp) and on later levels buffs the heroes primary attribute permamently

New boss: "Kong"
  • a giant ape with tremendous physical force; can also jump to units and stomp the ground; he has insane HP but low magical resistance + gets full effects of every unit (permastun possible); BUT he enrages after 3/4 of HP is down and then gets mad; cancels all effects immediately and gets increased atk and movement speed; also hes big

Other stuff:
  • add a gambling hall; its more like a minigame but teams with more then 4 or 5 would benefit from it cause they can get exp or gold wihouth being on the lane or farming
  • add a timer effect to ninjas ability so you see that you have a few sec left before he looses agi stack
  • I think people like to play more in teams then against each other; thats why PvP isnt played or hosted well; i dont see how you could fix that but one idea is to make a complete new map for PvP starting with just 1 lane to have and not that big; people may come back to PvP if it is smaller and it has less possibilities and also a ARENA after a few minutes
  • iff you add bosses to the game; add more funny dark force lane bosses OR bosses between forest troll and ancient (the power level between them is gigantic) OR before forest troll; some level 20 boss would be n1 to have
  • add a funny event for christmas like: DARK FORCE BOSSES AND NEUTRALE BOSSES GET SWAPPED!!! this would be rediciouless; also it could be a quest to have; which team can survive longer against constant spawning neutrale bosses on the center lane; some might struggle at the first boss: Forest Troll
  • add more colours to choose like the ones you can pick with your hero (i know i guy who loves pink!)
  • The Random Mode "Red" posted above is a really good idea and opens new ways for future Quests; all players have to pick a random hero and see how far they can get
  • maybe some terrain changes in the top left and right corner?!?

Thx. for the great work and effort you put in this map!

Added (2017-11-12, 10:59 PM)
This topic came into my mind the last game i played yesterday. Its about "Respawn".

What was pretty annoying is that if a hero dies, the time he needs to respawn gets increased depending on the level of the hero. This can go up to 2min which is wayyyy to long if you ask me. To speed things up, i decided to put up some suggestions:

  • you can buy yourself free in an instant like in normal wc3 with a tavern if i remember correctly; this could be realized by having you pay 500g for every level your hero has
  • maybe add a ressurrect ability to the priest hero like you (Inmortal) did for Party Priest; ofc with a high cd and cost a shit tone of mana
  • add a circle of ressurrection in the top left down corner in the map; if a friendly hero stays son this circle for 5 sec you get revived at the fountain
  • ... if you guys have more ideas; you can feel free to add more or get a discussion going
kurchinaFecha: Monday, 2017-11-13, 2:29 AM | Mensaje # 56
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While stacking (w) spell on Mur'Gul (not sure about name), add the number of stack which you have, and mana cost for the next stack.
RedFecha: Friday, 2017-12-15, 5:16 AM | Mensaje # 57
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Item Idea: Give a % chance to Crush when casting a spell on the enemy.
hisgenliFecha: Thursday, 2018-01-18, 1:36 PM | Mensaje # 58
Lieutenant colonel
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New possible improvements before the next version comes out!

New dark force unit which spawns with every wave after Vampire Lord got killed: Gargoyle!
  • flying unit
  • ability: Statue which rapidly regenerates its HP
  • high armor
  • high HP
  • high DMG
  • slow atk speed but increases its atk speed with every hit up to max atk speed; after wards its atk cooldown gets reduced; no limit!
  • deals massive dmg to buildings and summoned units
  • slow magic resistance

New neutrale unit to farm: Harpy & Griffin!
  • both on the left side of the map instead of the spiders
  • they have special attacks against air units like Drainai Stalker

Reworks on the following points:
  • Panda, because he has more potential
  • Frost Armor because it costs about as much as Hero armor and is not needed for further items, where you need hero armor for absolute etc.

New Quest: "In search of the glowing Orb"!
  • this Quest can be activated like a mission by typing in a mission code
  • afterwards 6 Orbs get created around the map on certain points OR after certain bosses get killed OR they just appear and disappear on the map by random
  • each Orb has a orb effect
  • if you are able to gather all 6 Orbs they combine to the glowing orb; by buying Orb of Darkness; both combine to the "Orb of Annihilation" which has a insane orb-effect which combines alll orb effects before + a bonus effect from the orb of darkness

New Item: Skullcrusher!
  • kill every Skull, Spirit & Watch Tower in the game to activate that item
  • it boosts your primary attribute by a factor of x, where x is the amount of skull towers for 10 sec. if cast on a hero
  • it damages a enemy unit if cast on an enemy based on the total amount of HP divided by its level multiplied by the amout of Skull towers in pure dmg

New Item: Eagle Eye!
  • either "cant be dropped" or "potion effect"
  • sets the range of a ranged unit to 2000
  • gives "+100% dmg" aura to that unit
  • "cant miss" effect
  • reduce the attack cooldown by 0.7 (stackable with Excalibur)
hisgenliFecha: Wednesday, 2018-05-23, 12:15 PM | Mensaje # 59
Lieutenant colonel
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Good point Glass_House! Your Legendary War Axe seems interesting. 

Something that just came into my mind. Since a lot of heroes (melee and some range) lack the dmg output in the lategame because of the insane armor of some creeps; heres a solution.
  • cots a lot of money
  • wastes 2 item slots
  • doesnt give any other ability

1) Turns your dmg into spell dmg
2) gives a new attack type which completely ignores armor but doesnt influence the armor of the enemy in any other case so lets say you fight a Boss with 2k armor and you are equipped with DoubleSword. When you attack the enemy its like the enemy has 0 armor but when your friends attack the enemy nothing happens and the enemy has 2k armor.
3) give the sword the ability "tempered steel"; you have to select the sword and click on an enemy; the next 10 attacks ignore armor or the armor gets ignored for the next 5 seconds
4) give the sword a activate ability like Ragnarok which decreses the armor of a unit withinin a range of 300 by 10 every second

Added (2018-03-06, 8:14 AM)
Hey all,
a new wc3 patch arrived and a lot of changes came with it. I think that the future of WC3 just got even more exciting and i really hope to see more wc3 "action"; players still love it, even if the graphics are bad, which speaks for the game itself. Now back to Hero of the Empire. 

  • this was mentioned earlier but what about a 24 player version of PvP HotE; the PvP would be insane with 20 players (4 computers or sth) because now, noone plays PvP and i dont see any compative plays around since there is still no tournament mode implemented; that would be an insane move since Inmortal probably needs to build up bigger areas and include more stuff etc.; i could also see a cooperation between someone whos "close" to incmortal (Partners etc) make this version and work on it; i would love to see a map like that, what do others think? Also the "normal" HOTE is big enough already with 8 players; i dont see many replays with full house and i also think that making it "bigger" by adding more players will definitely make it more easy
  • changes on terrain on normal HOTE map! With the new world edior i see more possibilities in creating stuff on the map, especially make it a bit more bigger; that step might take years because  lot of people dont realize how complicated the unit placement is so that a lot of heroes can benefit from it but still; i think that would be the right choice to make
  • a new Level 100 boss on the center lane "Phoenix"; this boss is indestructable for a few minutes; he doesnt have an attack for this duration but he has the ability to throw fire on nearby enemies (Infernal or Darigaaz ability but on ecstacy); he has very slow movement speed and on this way down to the castle he places Dragon Eggs which are insanely tanky; if you dont kill them in time a dragon spawns out of them which is Level 99 (like Bahamuth) but it has very negative side effects like permanent armor reduce, permanent movement or attack speed slow etc. so you really have to work as a team to kill those eggs!
  • speaking of center lane and this goes against point 2 but what if you implement a fifth lane to make it the center lane; that would make the word "center" even more fitable and add 2 more players to the game so 10 players can experience the total mass of 5 lanes; i see a huge problem in the lagg that occurs by the whole treasures and units; i hope to see a solution in the future which reduce these laggs drastically! I dont think that this lagg has something to do with the CPU but with the WC3 engine itself but i am not a information scientist^^

Now these are a lot of important changes not made in weeks or months but in years. What do you think Inmortal and what do other players think about that? I am curious! Keep up the great work and i am looking for the next WC3 version in a few weeks^^.

Added (2018-04-30, 12:20 PM)
Before the new version comes out i ld like to give out a few ideas i had in my mind: 

  • make indestructable pets which can fly with max movement speed for a good amount of gold cause always carrying the horses on the map even through tunnels is very annoying later on in the game; especially if you are Blacksmith and you need certain items


  • maybe add some Rocks with huge HP which can drop certain items or lead to a mysterious new place ?!?

  • add wendigos instead of golems to the Unbroken area; cause the stun effect and the magic resistance are really annoying; therefore add a new kind of boss (like Gaia evolution) to the map with a rock golem (Mud Golem - Stone Golem - ...)
  • add a few more obstacles/animals running around so you can use them for your advantage like dodging bosses, ...

  • try to make some bosses not "fly" anymore like Titan (which doesnt really need flying since he has an insane fire aura; if he gets blocked maybe add an effect like catapult which destroys everything blocking his way out) or Omega (which instead could get a teleport effect)

  • getting to the teleport effect; i find it very interesting for future bosses like a blink ability or sth which is difficult to dodge

  • add some unfinished buildings to the light force area which provide upgrades or items for the whole team or train your hero so he gets even stronger

  • to upgrade these buildings or buy these items you need to farm wood which is not implemented yet in the game but seems rather interesting to me; this opens new possibilities

  • what about unfinished buildings in the dark side area; if they are finished new units spawn which are difficult to hold for the light force even with towers but they good good bounty and exp (i am talking about mercenary camps; golems, gargoyles, ...)

  • also make the Dark Force Castle indestructable; the reason is because it should be the last thing to conquer; this also makes it very difficult to kill it in SM; you can break this indestructability by killing either all other buildings OR the 4 skull towers around it OR (a new way) by killing the 2 other bosses in the dark force area right and left to the castle; theses bosses have "dark" abilities and are on the same level as Doom but as the game progresses they also get stronger! Maybe this would people also pick heroes which are exceptionally good against towers.

  • we need a item against permanent stun like in the PvP version if i remember correctly (like reduce the probability of getting stunned by 70% or sth); often you are stuck in permanent stun which sucks (Shadow Arthas, Treant (SM), later Gaias, ...)

  • i heard a lot of complainings about "day" and "night" in HOTE because you cant see as much if its night; what about a buyable Torch Item which provides full vision of the map for a good amount of time

  • i dont really think its doable but the new drop item system where items get dropped on top of each other sucks! i accidentally picked up a michael shield the other day; what i would love to see is some kind of Diablo Item System where you press TAB and see all the items on the floor listed even if they lie on top of each other


  • swap the bosses Golden Bahamuth the King and Psychic Sheep or give the sheep a funny effect which makes it get dmg by clicking on it^^; Sheep is way stronger then Bahamuth the King if you ask me!; seems like a Level 210 to me!

  • also add a flavour text to Laika, Sheep and Golden Baha and make them appear after a certain time like Michael; they deserved it actually!

  • also where is the Laika drop?^^


  • and last of all: Michael Heart should be a Black item since its way above a lot of other Black Items and way above probably all Teal items

Thx for the great map!

Added (2018-05-23, 12:15 PM)
A quick update of ideas:

  • "race" mission based quests: With that i mean Quests that have to be solved with just 1 race: for example Night Elve Quest: with this Quest you can only play Night Elve Heroes like Keeper of the Sky, Dante, Demon Hunter, Archer, ...; I think this is a good way to get the WC3 Campaigne feeling back!

  • Also what about another timer for "Events" like Zombification where you have to do sth in order to prevent all the villagers to become evil and go nuts on the light force castle or Apocalypse; you have to feed the beast in order to restrain it so it doesnt get freed (well if you dont feed it this beast [Doomsday]will come at you and the end is near!) or another event like "Draculas Night" (you have to kill Draculas Bats before he is able to gather blood from all players [this is especially funny because the vampire theme is very big in HOTE since we have 5 or more bosses that are "Vampires"])

  • "Archon Mode": type -archon and you can pick 2 heroes instead of 1; you can only play 1 but if you click on the symbol for your second hero they swap; very funny mode i think and makes up for new hero combos (similar to X Hero Siege)

  • "Fighting Pit Mode": with this mode very 10 minutes a random person gets chosen and fights a random boss/bosses in the fighting arena on the bottom left of the map; killing the boss gives exp, items, gold, ... (depends on the level of the boss); loosing to the boss makes you loose gold or lets you die

  • "SET ITEMS": this is a big one: There are certain items with the same name on it: Gods Potion, Gods Atom, ... what if these items are SET Items and if you are able to gather all 6 like (Helm, Gloves, Armor, Robe, Sword, ...) the effect of these items get doubled; so a Celestial Sword gives double the %dmg etc.; getting all 6 set items from 1 set is very difficult though; sometiems you ll need Thief or Blacksmith or Worker to get the last pieces or just luck from bosses

What do you guys think of that? Looking forward to the next update! Keep up the good work Inmortal wink

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Just a quick update of my thoughts.
First of all, love this map; best wc3 map there is! But after the new patch i cant even play it on single player mode! RIP ... 
I hope this will be fixed soon + a new fixed HOTE version without all the bugs that occured during the last update.

But now to my idea. This is a big one. It is probably the biggest thing to implement of all things.
I am talking about a load/save option. 

This is ofc a idea for way in the future. Its something unique. It could work this way.

1) At the beginning of the game you enter your own code you got from your last game. You get exp with progressing in the game; if you play on easymode you get less exp then on normal and less then on survival mode. New game modes (like speed; hardcore etc.) can make you progress even further; what about a nightvision mode where you can see only your hero + a AOE of 100 around you. Now what can you get with this code? There are certain ranks; from noob (rank 1-10) to beginner (11-20) up to cheater? (?) with every rank you can get either a sword, a spear, a axe, a helm, a shield, a rope, a staff or sth else; this item gets upgraded depending on your ranks level. 

Now with this there also comes a lot of problems. People will argue that other people cant do quests because they have bonuses. Other people wont be interested in the game because others are way ahead. Now i dont know how to fix this because i myself am a victim of this. I stopped playing Fortress Survival because other people were way above me and playing hours just to get 1 level per day is not very satisfying. Maybe there are options we can discuss, but i for myself am not sure.
Could be a risk but also could be a massive bonus for HOTE players and since this map is created for these players i think it would be a good move.

I dont know how the creator of the map Fortress Survival made it impossible, but you cant cheat the exp in single player mode, which is n1. 

Ofc the items should be balanced; lie the Noob Staff could give you +1 in and +1 mana regeneration; well if you are on "Cheater" level your item will be very good but it could be implemented that you are only able to use it after getting to level 30 or sth. cause it will be an game changing item. 

2) This idea is also load/save based. But this time you not only add your code but also your "Party Type". A Party Type is sth. like "Paladin or Goblin or Elve" and depending on your Type the whole team gets a bonus effect depending on your Type and your exp. Also only one player has to type the code, it counts for the whole team. A type could be "Goblin": Aura Effect that grants every attacker 1% of his dmg dealt in gold back.  
This effect cant be removed and it sticks for the rest of the game. Another Type "Elve": Every Character has 1HP reg per sec. Or "Trainee": The Light Force Army Units have more HP, armor, HP, HP Reg, Dmg and atk speed.
With progressing game you get exp and with every level or rank, this Type also gets leveld. 
This makes more fun so the team has to come up with ideas how to get the most out of the bonus.

3) This is also a load/save idea. This time, if you have a code (Level 1 Noob Rank) your hero starts with a building in his inventory. You can place it wherever you want, but it is low on HP. This building is a shop. And depending on your rank you can buy or sell weapons and otehr stuff. Its a more balanced idea of 1). 

Now to another topic. The idea behind the load/save system is that if its possible (and this would be nuts) you could take your code and also use it on another HOTE Map: "Legend of the Empire" (LOTE). In this map you dont have to protect anything but your live. Its all about killing the Evil. This map could be something like LOTR map or Balrog map (if you guys remember these maps). And the heores you can pick are the same you can pick in HOTE. But they start with a high level cause the bosses are much more competitive (like the first boss you gotta fight is level 100). 

Also this goes only for @InmortalSiegfried. Is it possible to make a list of "stuff" that is denied for Quests? There are so many options to kill bosses that sometimes it is considered a trick and other times its considered a bug. But what is a bug? WC3 Mechanics sometimes work this way (like "Units Movement and Blocking"). It would be great to know what we CANT use. You dont have to tell us what we can use, just what we CANT (like Wand of Illusion?) Or Blocking Path? ...etc.

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Now i recently had a discussion with people on the Discord group. It was about Party Team. We all agreed that the exp-sharing-nerf made Party Team a hell lot more difficult to play. The gap between then and now is huge. I think with this idea, Inmortal might bring back Party Team back into buisness of one of the strongest but most difficult micro management heroes of the game. Btw i am not saying that he is bad now, but the exp-sharing-system is just ... 

  • delete the exp-sharing-system
  • give back archer the huge range
  • give all party members ONLY 2 slots

The last change makes Party Team again an insane early and midgame hero; but if you can give your members only 2 slots that makes it very "bad" compared to 3 item slots. You really gotta look what items are there for your party members. What do you guys think of that change? Will it bring Party Team back into business or is it a crap change and it wont do anything?
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Great Ideas as always Hisgenli I had planning a kind of -save/load system since the first version, first idea was when you load a character on the game you star in an advance state of the game and everything is a lot stronger, also think about load on a different map and them return to the normal one also make it like a campain map and don't need the -save/load system that way, you enter to a cave by activate something to prevented accidents and them the other map is loaded though last time I checked the maximum players for this type of map is 2, this was planned together with the others modes like Tournament Mode, PvP but since this modes end been too unpopular I dub this one will be to different so not plans in making it right now.

Is it possible to make a list of "stuff" that is denied for Quests? There are so many options to kill bosses that sometimes it is considered a trick and other times its considered a bug. But what is a bug? WC3 Mechanics sometimes work this way (like "Units Movement and Blocking"). It would be great to know what we CANT use. You dont have to tell us what we can use, just what we CANT (like Wand of Illusion?) Or Blocking Path? ...etc.

Well things that shouldn't be used in quest bug and glitch will be gone eventually what you can't use are these bugs and glitchs, it couldn't been more simpler for me but I see players had dificultes knowing what is a bug or not, most of the tricks are things balanced they are only secret there isn't a trick that make you unable to die like the old defender regeneration that a player try to pass as a trick, other one that a player submit as a Quest was a level 1 ability stopping permanently a level 200 boss and somehow that player though this was also a trick and not a bug other one was the stun + cleave kill any-boss plus forcing bosses to escape from their area all in the same, the cleave part is technically not a bug is just glitch but is obviously not allowed for the overwhelming advantage the part of forcing a boss from escaping his area is a bug, mostly of this has already been fixed what is not will be for the next version, I believe most players can notice that this are bugs at the end of a game you should be able to tell if the game contains bugs or not there is no a little buged lets try to pass it as a valid game either it has bugs or not , if you can't tell them you should thing did all was working like it suppose to on the game? if a boss is not fighting back for something you did them no, if a boss that don't suppose to escape from his area escape them no same for a boss that suppose to come to attack the empire if you bugged is not a valid game, I suppose with that you can answer all your current questions and future ones about this, closing a line is has been always allowed(when it is not longer allowed it will be on Quest rules) however if a boss get stuck, does not fight back or not going after the empire anymore that is a bug you caused.

And for the ones that still can't tell of what is a bug are what is not I planning some kind of Quests lets call them missions for now, will be a lot harder than quests but will allow the use of any bugs, glitchs, abuse  of course the normal players that can tell what is a bug also will be allowed to participate in them.
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