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Infernal Ideas (I've got a lot of them)
wosfreakFecha: Thursday, 2015-09-03, 1:45 PM | Mensaje # 1
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The fantasy of playing as an infernal should imply being a huge flaming juggernaught, a whirling tempest of stone and hellfire.
Playing as an Infernal, I feel like his threat should be consistent, and right now he feels actually a bit unreliable, and most of his abilities end up becoming rather useless (aside from Infernal Strength and Ground Smash).
Infernals never were spellcasters, just enchanted golems.

You don't have to implement any of this, but he'd feel awesome if his power was shifted around, focused on making him more satisfying to play, and most importantly, giving players a reason to pick him over other tanks. Diversity, I say.

This focuses on making the Infernal on being less of psuedo-mage bursting down bosses with his mana-draining ultimate and Flame Strike, and changing him to be more of a consistent damaging threat in the form of AoE damage over time,  But not so much that he outclasses Goliath or Grom. His real strength will be in consistency, constantly interrupting enemy spells, getting in the fight while being considerably durable and able to fight for long periods of time due to this particular change: The Infernal has no mana costs.

( Q ) Ground Smash: Now ministuns, cooldown is 4 at max rank.
This ability always had pathetic damage, as it's only real use is to slow attack and movement speed, and it didn't cost mana.
This change is less to encourage spamming it, and more to cement it's use as also a reactionary ability that can break channels.

( W ) Flame Strike   Titan Rush: The Infernal charges to a target at double his current movement speed, dealing flat damage to all enemies in his path. The target will take high strength-scaling damage based on the distance charged. (This gives him high up-front damage, but he often won't be able to use it to it's full potential more than once against a boss.)
Max Distance increases with level (which means it's damage increases with level).

His waveclear will be a bit weaker without his old Q, but I'd prefer he be less of a spellcaster, and more a guy who gets in and burns everything by standing there.

( E ) Fire Skin: % Health damage from Infernal Strength moved to Fire Skin. Deals 1% maximum health per second at rank 1, and 5% at max rank.

If there's one thing everyone knows about Infernals, it's that they have Permanent Immolation. Depressingly, this iconic ability is almost completely useless as it is. So I just had to move a bunch of power from his E to his W. It felt like a huge wasted opportunity otherwise

( R )Infernal Strength: Random enemy explodes every 15 seconds The Infernal gains strength that scales with level.
1x at rank 1, 10x at max rank (still iffy about this one. there are a lot of things to take into account. this is likely a max last ability, so is it's power level appropriate?)

( T ) Burn To Ashes: The Infernal deals bonus chaos damage on attack, based on his strength. 0.7x strength damage per level. This damage applies to structures.

These are just changes I would make if I was designing the character. I only think about what makes a character fun, what makes them exciting? And what do people like about the original character?
Then there's gameplay pattern and gameplay fantasy.
I don't want to intrude too much on his original design, more like shake it up a bit, and make him a more exciting character.

This Infernal would want to build tons of strength, jump in, and burn everything to the ground while swinging his gigantic arms around in an inferno of pain.

He might function as a carry, but we'd have to see how he performs. I may have overtuned his ultimate and E.

He can get away with having no mana costs, as his Q does pretty much no damage, and his W will ideally be used only every once in a while, and doesn't have as strong waveclear as his old Flame Strike did. The rest of his abilities are passive.

I'm thinking of maybe cutting some power from his E and putting it into anti-magic, as that was another strength Infernals had that are gone here in Hero Of Empire, and he already has some anti-caster capabilities with his Q mini stun now.

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