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just another suggestions
NodiXFecha: Thursday, 2015-11-05, 12:33 PM | Mensaje # 1
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I've been playing your map for a while now, and enjoy it lots of the time. I can say it has some potentials to become a great map, you really grasp the big picture and made some uniquely materials for heroes and at the same time, an engaging gameplay. But, IMO, it is your little respects for details that may become obstacle--what I mean by that, you seem uninterested to polished your map in any way. I've been playing hero of the empire for months now, even a year (I don't say I'm a pro, but I've played it a lot to wonders whats on behind the development) and I've seen little to no changes to players comfortable. Example, Medusa Frost Nove hotkey is "N". I realize you've rework this skill but it's hotkey still the same and it has some great deal about your players comfortable. The hotkey still  uncomfortable to reach by left fingers. I think you shouldn't overlooked some details and simple things like this, as this could screws up players experiences. Some heroes have same problem as well, like Illidan Killer Instinct (or what ever that's skills name, I kinda forgot) has has "K" hotkey, it's kinda "wake you up" to reach "K" on keyboard and it can ruined if you are in the heat of the moment. It kinda unimportant but if you fix this, it would improve the experience a lot better for players. As for the terrain, I have no comment for this, as I've read some of your answers to people opinion in hiveworkshop that you don't want to put to much work on the terrain and focus on gameplay. Well, I respect that. But I think it wouldn't hurt to ask for some people to do this for you, as I see your map should has some reputation by now, it wouldn't hard to find one :)

And there's some problem that could been avoided as well, like early Little Child lag. I see the lag come from adding grow up abilites later in game and preloading them for every Little Child hero. I understand you want some hooking mechanics, or in term of storytelling says 'cliffhangers', and it really worked to get people hooked up to explore this hero's grow tree. But for a massive lag like that I say the cost is not worth it. I've played it on a slow machine and the lag is unbearable, as the creeps have started for some wave until the preload is done (for weak early hero like Little Child, it could be a great disadvantage). I think you should think of alternatives for the grow up mechanics instead of adding the grow up select ability when it's learned. I could think some solutions like the little child has grow up select ability from the start, but lock it with a requirement that gets unlocked when Little Child learned Grow Up. This way, you could avoid adding abilities to a hero and preloading it, but you have to tweaked it a bit if you want some hooking mechanics. The other solutions, is create a (or two, depends on what the current state will grow) dummy hero that gets paused, and invulnerable, and has some "select this hero" skill that will let you grow to this state once you clicked (like some other map hero select mechanics, and DotA captain mode).

As for now, that's the only think I could think of. Also I'd like to see some old heroes rework like rhasta and centaur, as I see they don't really have vital role later in game, except for item-based support as any other heroes can. Just keep your good work and honestly I really want to see this map become another great map. Thank you for reading.

Sorry for bad english everyone

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