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Forum registration is hard?
predragovictomislavFecha: Monday, 2020-04-27, 7:19 PM | Mensaje # 1
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Form the time i wanted to be part of this forum i was wondering why there is no "regular" registration:
1. pick forum name
2. enter e-mail
3. verify e-mail
4. welcome to forum!

Why im asking this?

I was scared to use my gmail account to log in for 1st time, you never know what is on "other side" of registration ...
Lately we can see some "old" members making new profiles because thy can't access e-mails or whatever and i don't want to be one of them at some point in time.
Im using one of my gmail accounts to log in but i can't change my forum name - im redirected to something called "uID profile", i even made account there (using same gmail) and created profile but can't change my profile name here anyway.
If we have forum name and password here we can log in even if we forget/loose e-mail or whatever is needed to log in. And for sure more players will make forum profiles.
Dean123Fecha: Tuesday, 2020-04-28, 6:21 AM | Mensaje # 2
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Such is the situation with most Warcraft 3 custom map forums. A lot of good maps I like to play and whose forums I frequent have always had horrible forums (firstly The Chosen Ones and Daemonic Sword), but this is not something we can really complain about.

[Speculation] -> From what I understand, maintaining these websites or forums requires a maintenance fee or whatever, and Warcraft 3 mapmaking generates no suitable income. Hence most mapmakers would logically choose something that isn't taxing their budget, and cheap stuff almost always comes with a noticeable lack of quality.

Inmortal can't really change much here even if he is the administrator, as the way the forum works isn't up to him... mostly. What could be done is changing the provider entirely but that is extremely difficult and would probably generate much more problems than it would solve.
Forum » Forum » Others Subjects » Forum registration is hard?
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