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A list of things I like, dislike and feel conflicted about
CosmicBardFecha: Tuesday, 2021-09-07, 0:53 AM | Mensaje # 1
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Hello there fellow heroes! I've recently decided to come back to this map, seeing all the new stuff that got added over the recent months/years. I've been mostly duo-ing with my brother in the single lane mode, and it's quite fun, figuring out all the different items, heroes and bosses again, while slowly getting better and better, and getting further and further.
And seeing that the map developer is still somewhat active, I've decided to come here and write my thoughts about the game. Both the good things, and the areas where I think it could be improved.
For the most part, I overall feel pretty good about the map, so in order to end the post in a positive note, I'm gonna start with the negatives.
Just keep in mind that these are my personal opinions. Some people (including the map maker) might feel differently about these things and that's perfectly okay. But I feel like it's important to see into different perspectives.
So without further ado, let us begin!

Negative thing number 1 - Lack of game modes

When it comes to ways you can actually play Hero of the Empire, it's kind of lacking. There's the normal mode, there's a tournament/arena mode, there's an ultra hard survival mode, there's the single lane mode, and lastly, there's the PvP. And while 5 different modes isn't that low, the fact that no new modes have been added over the years leaves me kind of disappointed. They're also all very competitive and serious, and I'd appreciate something more silly and fun.
Like, imagine a mode where manacosts are removed and all cooldowns are significantly reduced (around 50-80%), or a mode where everyone plays the same hero, or a mode where all spells have global cast ranges including enemy spells, or even just a turbo mode where you get gold and exp faster, but bosses also spawn faster. Just something for when we would want a shorter and more funny experience. Not everything has to be deathly serious and hard and grindy all the time. So Siegfried, if there's anything you want to take away from this post, let it be that I really want an interesting new mode to try.

Negative thing number 2 - The game is excessively unforgiving towards newer players

I know that many people have already mentioned this, but it is because it's absolutely true and it's one of the most important things when it comes to making a game. Pretty much none of the popular games beat you up as hard in your first few minutes as Hero of the Empire. And I understand that for some people, it is completely fine, but others just go an say "well, I would rather play something that doesn't feel as excessive"
In order to fix this problem, I have a few potential solutions:
1. Put in multiple difficulty options, with one of them being an actual easy option that makes the enemies weaker and the game easier overall
2. Give a tiny bit of gold over time to each player
3. Either nerf down the high end dark creeps (Fel Ravager, Apparition, Skeleton Archer) or buff up the high end light creeps (Knight, Priest, Shandris)
4. Add in a new effect that makes the dark forces slowly loose the stats they gained from destroyed buildings over time, or make them give more gold when they're buffed
5. If a boss has spawned, it will stop further creeps from spawning until it is killed.
I'm not saying that these solutions are perfect, and I'm most definitely not saying that they all should be implemented at the same time. But adding at least something to make the game a bit less punishing would be nice (Ideally, I would like to see the first, which also kinda ties in to the "lack of modes" issue).

Negative thing number 3 - The bugs

This one is pretty simple. There are a whole bunch of bugs in this game, and they're just simply not getting fixed.
The biggest example is the Little Child Dark Mage form. That guy has a spell called Scourge which would poison a random unit and all units around it, but it does literally nothing when you press it, and it has been in the game like 6 years ago when I've first downloaded it.
There are also a whole bunch of problematic tooltips, being inconsistent with the description, displaying incorrect information (the Devotion Aura Spell of the Little Child Knight form says that he can get the Blessed Mammer spell if he switches to chaos damage, which literally cannot happen), and just not mentioning important details like how the Admiral's Infinite Growth spell does AoE damage at max rank.
I know that the map maker is trying his hardest to fix any reported bugs and tooltip issues, but they're still widespread around the game, and I'm pretty sure that everyone could list at least 3 bugs/tooltip issues off their heads, especially if that person frequently plays Little Child.

Neutral thing number 1 - The learning curve

I know, this sounds like the exact same thing as the previous thing I've talked about, but trust me, it is not.
When it comes to difficulty in games, there are two different categories, skill floor and skill ceiling. Skill floor is how easy it is to pick up something, while skill ceiling is how easy it is to master it.
Hero of the Empire has a plenty of both, and the reason why, is that even if you know how to get through the early parts, you still have a bunch more bosses and items that you need in depth knowledge of, plus the hard heroes.
I personally really like the skill ceiling of Hero of the Empire, and it is a part of what makes the mode quite fun for me, the thrill of discovering new things to use or defeat. My only problem with it is that you have to spend a ton of time grinding in order to get to the later parts, and even when you do, you know there's eventually gonna be that boss that is going to crush you and there's nothing you can do. So there's some fun in it, but also quite a bit of pain.

Neutral thing number 2 - The orb of darkness

This item is just... weird. It's a super inefficient purchase in terms of late game stats, but that's unimportant, because the main selling point of the item is that you can betray the empire and act as a third neutral force against both the bosses of the dark, and your fellow heroes of the light.
Now don't get me wrong, the item is extremely cool and interesting, the problem is that it's an item made "for fun" while the map itself is the completely opposite of that, a grind leading up to some seriously hard boss fights. And it's just so out of place that I almost never see or hear about it, and neither me nor my brother have ever built it (though I imagine it was intended for big party games with 5 to 8 people, not when 2 people are playing). But overall I really like the item, it just feels a bit out of place.
(Oh and btw, what happens if multiple people buy it? Do they becomes allies, or they all exist in a separate team and they play solo no matter what? I'm just curious about this, and I'd rather not grind all the gold with my brother just to test this xd)

Neutral thing number 3 - The balance

When it comes to this, I just don't really know what to say. Is it bad? Hell no! Is it good? Well... kinda?
The thing that I've been noticing is that the difference in power between certain heroes can be quite noticeable, plus there are some bosses where I'm not really sure if I can agree with the mapmaker's decisions.
Like how you have Broodmother, a pretty decent boss for that phase of the game, who gets followed up by... bosses that are... weaker... than her? And how the Ancient Hydra splits up into Elder Hydras that have a massive armor reduction debuff that the Ancient Hydra didn't have, making the smaller Hydras more threatening against tanks than the big one. And so on and so on.
Overall I feel like the balance work is at least slightly above average, and a good player in a good team can succeed with pretty much every hero no problem. But there's still definitely room for improvement, which I why I couldn't put it into the good category, even though I think it's overall good.

Positive thing number 1 - The heroes

I cannot stress this enough, I love the way the heroes are designed in this game. There's currently 50 of them, and they all do something completely different. I've tried out of bunch of heroes and practically nobody felt like a carbon copy of somebody else.
And the creative heroes like Little Child, Worker, Party Team, Blacksmith, Berserker, Unholy Knight, Dragon Clan, etc, have some brilliant ideas and executions behind them, and experimenting with them is extremely fun.
A great majority of the spells are also custom stuff and there are really few spells in this game that make me go "Hey, this is exactly that one spell from the original Warcraft 3!"
The hero roster is basically the reason why I downloaded this map, and why I'm still playing it even today. And let's not talk about my brother, who is so obsessed with Little Child that he plays it literally every single game (unless I feel like playing it ofc :D).

Positive thing number 2 - The fantasy of infinite power

This is also one of the stronger elements of this map that not many other games or maps have. If you look at traditional MOBAs, the heroes can all scale unit they reach their max level and put a big item into all 6 of their slots, and maybe if you're playing one of those 5% of niche characters that have an infinite scaling like Silencer in DotA or Veigar in League, then you can still somewhat scale after you finished your build and your levels. But Hero of the Empire doesn't stop there.
This game has item drops from bosses that keep getting stronger and stronger, forcing you to constantly switch up your items. Not only that, there are also items with stacking effects like the Gem Fragment, or the Boss Hunter, or the Hunt Beings. And the number of heroes with infinite scaling has been bumped up insanely, featuring heroes like Admiral, Blacksmith, Dark Knight, Beastmaster, Half Demon Wizard, Zombie and Abomination Little Child forms, Party Team, Wendigo, Assassin, Illidan, Berserker, Mur'Gul Shadowcaster and many many more.
And the idea that your power can potentially be infinite is extremely cool and is a big part of this map's appeal.

Positive thing number 3 - The forever lasting learning and exploration

What's interesting is that this game takes away fun elements of both MOBAs and MMOs and combines them together in a very cool way.
You have this big hero selection, where everyone can try out a ton of vastly different skill orders, builds, and team comps to see which ones work the best.
But you also have all these giant raid bosses where everyone has to get all powerful and equip the best gear they could find in order to burn through these powerful enemies and get blessed by a whole bunch of strong new items that it dropped. Not to mention all the quests and challenges.
These two things are big selling points of MOBAs and MMOs respectively, and they leave you with this desire of wanting to see and learn more. After every game, I was basically thinking about how I could have done something differently to get a better outcome. "Maybe if I would have leveled up different spells... or bought different items... or used my spells differently... or remembered to activate my item..." and so on.
And then when I see myself getting further and further, it leaves me with a very satisfying feeling as I'm trying to think about ways to defeat this next boss. And there always will be bosses I didn't beat, or items I didn't use, or heroes I didn't learn, which is another thing that makes us really love this map, as there's no point when you're officially "done" with the game.
lioloisigisiFecha: Friday, 2021-10-08, 12:35 PM | Mensaje # 2
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But you can beat the game twice. Noob win - doom kill, absolute win - kill all creatures (this requires a strong team of a large number of players, but it is possible)
alex_link7Fecha: Wednesday, 2022-06-01, 7:55 PM | Mensaje # 3
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I see that you took the time to write all that... so I'm going to give my general opinion of all that

respond Negative thing number 1 y 2:
doing those things breaks the essence of the game... and they end up killing him.... IT IS a difficult game that rewards effort and progress and that is how it has to berespond Neutral thing number 1 y 2 : Those bosses are special even the game warns you that they are approaching with their own name and I think they are a challenge for the new ones who have not yet destroyed the enemy base the first time
The orb of darkness: I think it is an item that should be consumable and that the whole team can have for a large amount of gold (that it occupies a precious place in the inventory is nonsense). It makes you an enemy of your companions, yes,but mainly it gives a little more time so that the game does not end...
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