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84. Yob Maerd [boybetterdream]   (2017-08-24 2:46 PM) E-mail
Hello !

I just wanted to say I love you guys who made this map, me and my friends cannot get enough of it and we love you for keep updating it! Keep up the good work!
<3 love from Denmark

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83. Georgy Gamer [losenkov]   (2017-04-11 9:56 AM) E-mail
Version: 1.21D
Hero: Defender
When skills are reset (Champion sword or Excalibur) the extra stats obtained using "Mega Heal" are vanished

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82. Archie Archie [tamboysarchie]   (2017-03-09 1:44 PM) E-mail
Hi! I'm a solo player and a noob. I play this game since v18. I dont discover any hidden recipe/boss spawn or items. I wonder how to get those things playing in solo, can someone help/teach/guide me ? Is there any way to know ?

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81. tu thanh [zxgamekk2]   (2016-06-06 4:50 PM) E-mail
How to get full list craft item of SM . I'm a newbie , i have no point and can't see any quest to do . A new version of this map coming soon ?

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80. Richi Krone [equie88]   (2016-03-09 2:55 PM) E-mail
i donz understandt teh craft system /merge items.... you see no commands in help or quest button.... so anyone can explain it pls

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79. Roberth Dub [Vizzard]   (2014-10-11 11:46 PM)
Give me your mail and I'll send you the version, you can get faster atention on the forum, I think no one check the Guestbook anymore.

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78. Valentine Kool [blue_blue609]   (2014-10-04 3:27 PM) E-mail
I wanna view replays that posted at Quest Forum. However i dont have right map version.
Why dont you upload all versions?
Or help me with 36_Hero_of_The_Emp.w3x please @@

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77. gao chen [vannistelrooy]   (2014-05-22 6:46 PM) E-mail
many Chinese players have fun with this game ,our team,164 players,play this game every moment,thank you !shall we give some suggestion to you?

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76. Ognjen Ognjen [masterogi]   (2014-05-10 11:48 PM)
Hello All me and my good mate finished game biggrin we finished Hero of Empire 1.15d.Inmortal Siegfried can you please give me your e-mail so i will send you replay to watch :D...........btw really epic game me and my mate wait for next version!

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75. Roberth Dub [Vizzard]   (2014-01-30 9:00 PM)
Is imposible to load a big custom map on warcraft 3 like Hero of the Empire or any RPG.
Solution: Pause the game and them play it later or win the game fast.
PD: The forum is best to make questions, you can get faster attention there. If you need advice to win the game you can see some here or some replays of winning games.

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74. Richard Maiden [Simx]   (2013-10-22 9:45 AM)
Cool Ross.

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73. rosini lupos [ross]   (2013-10-19 8:26 AM)
at last i have finished this epic game,, not valid though cause i used the 1.13c map here is the link https://www.facebook.com/photo.p....theater

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72. Roberth Dub [Vizzard]   (2013-10-07 5:12 AM)
To play on battlenet if your Warcraft 3 is original(you buyed) you only need to press Battlenet, if you dont have an original game you need to find others servers based on your country( when you play with people very far of your country you will have lag and delay) the server EuroBattlenet maybe work for you, for access to this servers you need the programe Gateway Editor and put the IP of the server you want to join, there are a programe named Panda that make it easier, it automaticaly give you access to lots of servers like Eurobattlenet, a russian server, an argentine server and more if any of this servers work for you (lag) you will need to find one for you with the Gateway Editor. 
To play on Garena you just need to download the programe, to join   
the Portgard group you need to ask him on the forum. Let me know if you have more questions.

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71. rosini lupos [ross]   (2013-10-05 6:18 AM)
ahh yes,, thanks,,

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70. osama alsaati [dragonslayer]   (2013-10-04 6:35 PM)
Hi ross katar is different from katana.for katana u need 1lightly sword 2 basic claws 3 runed guntlets .for katar u need 1 lightly sword 2 basic claws.and of course the recipe for each one.thank (vizzard).i will try to improve my self in survival mode as i can but i wish 2 ask if u play this (hoe) online and how i couldnt play on battle net or garena(the group that portgard has created).any advice please

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