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69. rosini lupos [ross]   (2013-10-03 6:35 AM)
hello guys just want to ask if their is an item called katar or is it katana???

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68. Roberth Dub [Vizzard]   (2013-10-03 0:17 AM)
For survival mode is good idea make a tower from the beginning since wendigo need to kill by himself to win hit points with his ability, he inst too good for survival mode, thief is the top tier in survival mode you can see the replays, it doesnt matter where you put the replays, thats matters is to have the map on the same folder that the player that save the replay, when you try to see the replay it will apear a error message that say what do you need to see the replay like the name of the folders used by the owners of the replays, there are also some threads of this on the forum.

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67. osama alsaati [dragonslayer]   (2013-10-01 2:17 PM)
thanks alot vizzard.i meant the best items in survival mode coz i coudnlt get much money the tower were about being destroyed bisides one critical from brood mother (9000) has killed windigo.i have downloaded some replays but coudnlt see them coz i didnt know were to put them.(i have put them in replays but that didnt work).hope any answer and sorry for asking alot and sorry if annoying any one happy

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66. Roberth Dub [Vizzard]   (2013-09-30 6:28 PM)
Hi Osama Polania replay is on the forum you can check it, you can get reply fast if you post on forum, items for Wendigo can be Immortal, Perfect Emerald, Gods Atom, you need a mana item Arcane Scepter is a good choice, them if you have enough money buy 2 Atlas and upgrade Immortal to Absolute.

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65. osama alsaati [dragonslayer]   (2013-09-27 7:47 PM)
Hi every one and special thanks to Mr.siegfried for the adrenaline mode (survival mode).I wish someone in here could guide me which items are the best for the thief and windiigo coz i didnt manage to defeat the (rude) mother yet cry .may you polania send me your replay in which you have reached the vimpire lord to my email please and thanks any way.

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64. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-09-26 11:40 AM)
Thanks Ross.

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63. rosini lupos [ross]   (2013-09-24 12:39 PM) E-mail
hello! i am just a new member but i have been playing the game for 2 months now and its one of the best games i have played, it is so epic!!!

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62. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-09-24 0:09 AM)
There are an item with evasion but is hard to find.

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61. osama alsaati [dragonslayer]   (2013-09-23 5:46 PM)
Good day 2 every one and thanks 2 Mr. siegfried. so i gotta wait 4 the next version. Im working on some of the quest but some how winning this map is the easiest thing comparing 2 the quest and thats what make this map so special. hope 2 c u gays in garena or game ranger.however i wanna ask why there is not an item with (evasion) . happy

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60. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-09-22 8:47 PM)
Hi DragonSlayer, to win Exchange Points you have to win Quest be one of the 3 first in win a valid version or have the best record of survival mode of the version. 

You can play the game online in local area network with your friends or you can play it on battlenet, also there are some red programs like Garena, Hamachi, GameRanger or RGC. There are some posts on the forum that are looking for players check this  http://hero-empire.com/forum/8-102-1

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59. osama alsaati [dragonslayer]   (2013-09-22 7:50 PM)
Hi every one and good night. any one knows if i can play this map online and how.

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58. osama alsaati [dragonslayer]   (2013-09-21 10:04 PM)
Won another one this night. was not so difficult when tanking and stealing.good luck to every one.

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57. osama alsaati [dragonslayer]   (2013-09-21 6:22 PM) E-mail
Hi Marvelous Map.been playing it for a while and finaly could win it (multiple player) thank u for the map smile .now i wanna ask u if i could have a (ex) point.

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56. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-06-28 10:11 AM)
Hi Doom, yes Emeralds Stacks even if is the same item.
Hi Leo, good records. There are already secrets recipes since 1.07 version.

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55. Doom   (2013-06-27 3:23 AM)
Anyone know if emeralds stack?

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