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54. Leo   (2013-06-25 6:20 PM)
Been playing the map for a few days now.
Furthest so far solo: Nosferatu the first.
Furthest so far team: (3) final disease.

Maybe add some secret recipes. (automatic or spawned in bye a code or hidden somewhere)

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53. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-06-24 9:56 AM)
Hi Polonia and welcome.

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52. andresmusic1 garzon [polania]   (2013-06-24 0:50 AM) E-mail
Hi, from Colombia, a new member. saludos parceros!

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51. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-06-20 11:49 PM)
People have Bots, so as long there are people probably will be an autohost bot.

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50. Doom   (2013-06-15 7:59 PM)
Is there a autohost bot for this game?

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49. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-04-22 4:02 AM)
There isnt right now a -save/load system, maybe i will make it after i make the PvP version (people vs people).

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48. Sheep32   (2013-04-19 8:38 PM) E-mail
Sorry for asking, but is there a save/load system or something similar? Thx!
Nice map u created by the way, but I always lack players most of the time.

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47. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-04-10 7:23 AM)
Hi Luda_krava, I remove camps from minimap in 1.12 cause the image of the Knight look better this way, you can put camps with the button, Im planning on put full description of everything, but i dont have enough time right now, you can request all the information you want in forum and someone will answer you.
-To get the tower that never miss Guillermo Tell: Choose Pierce Tower them Range, Them range and continue update until you get Guillermo Tell.
-Assassin Lance: can be drooped by Satir soul stealer, Elder Void Walker, Behemot, Kingler Boss and a lots more, your best option probably will be Satir soul stealer, have  lower chances but there are more of them.
Also there are others ways to kill Nosferatu.

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46. luda_krava   (2013-04-08 12:41 PM) E-mail
Hi! Awesome map, better than dota no question, but v 1.12c has minimap bug! It doesn't shows camps just picture of the game! One request: can you or someone else make some kind of guide for items or towers for us noobs. I would like to buy ares sword but cant get assassin lance, i would build no miss tower but don't know which line to follow i need legendary armor but no time to search and don't know where to go etc. I know that that maybe kills the fun of it but not be able to pass Nosferatu deos it also biggrin

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45. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-03-08 4:08 AM)
Thanks Keyas

Yeah will be more heroes and new items for new versions, There are already 12 shops with 130 items to buy more or less, but there will be more.

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44. Keyas   (2013-03-06 8:58 PM) E-mail
Hi Siegfried !
AweSome Map !
First One From Persia Who Played it ! Me !

Got Two Tips
Add More Heroes !
Add New Item Or New Shops !
This map Got Potential To be Most Favourite in Hero-Defence Genre

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43. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-02-24 11:18 AM)
Thanks Klopanther and congratulations on winning the game.

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42. Klopanther   (2013-02-19 3:49 PM)
Very nice map.
We had a lot of fun. smile
Still waiting for the new version.
Greez smile

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41. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-01-31 1:00 PM)
Hi Grouchy, There are 3 items with bash(stun) -Hammer, -Ancient Hammer and Glacial Sword have Frozen but work like the bash, also will be a new item with a mini bash ability soon maybe for 1.12.

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40. grouchy   (2013-01-30 10:19 PM) E-mail
cry i like this game. many characters are distinguishing
but, sturn effect item is only hammer.
and critical effect items are so powerful, a lot
so i think sturners(marine or arthus..) are more important than critical hit heores. If you don't mind me asking
could you make more sturn items? plz

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