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39. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-01-15 6:05 PM)
Thanks dxgasthor for the bug report and the suggestions, i will fix M hotkey for mind control for next version also some hotkeys will change like yurnero stun.

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38. dxgasthor   (2013-01-14 5:53 PM)
Nice map inmortal~ cool
My friends and I really like it

So, here is the bug I found:
Centrius's Mind control has 'M' hotkey, same one for the move action, so it'll call the move action instead

and My suggestion is make all the hotkey located in left arm region (there is hotkey that's difficult to press like 'K')
or make it 'qwert' for all player


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37. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2013-01-05 1:06 AM)
Thanks Zee.

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36. zee   (2013-01-02 5:26 PM)
I want to let you know ^^
your map is awesome.
I just played last times and got 500k gold coins in total through the game with worker
I could get more but I was just lazy bye picking up something to sell and gold coins.

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35. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-12-24 0:07 AM)
Hi Angelica, There are a lots of replays in the forum, last one is from Doombringer Click here to see requirements to see this replay are,-1.26 versions of Warcraft 3 -The version 1.11b of the Game(HOTE) inside of Maps/downloads/1, means that inside the downloads folder you have to create a new carpet a named 1, you have to do that because the persons that save the replay have the map in this place.

I will post more replays in download, in this week.

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34. Angelica   (2012-12-22 9:59 PM) E-mail
cool can you give me some replays pls!

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33. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-10-14 9:07 PM)
Hi Zee I try to see the replay yesterday but i couldnt, the link dont work, you can send it to my mail IkillaDragon@hotmail.com if you want.

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32. zee   (2012-10-13 8:06 AM)
This is my ownage replay lasted times.
about 1.02 MB
To kill the final boss, it is not long. It may be under 30 secs (get a drop from devil lvl 99 or over 15 mins (rushing to the final boss and doing a solo fight)
Note that it can be faster by using archmage (freeze) + shaman (lock) combo
Note2 : final boss isn't weak. It depends on currently items of heroes.
Note3 : because the drop rate of dragon head is too low, I rarely farm a green dragon.
Note4 : In the video, I played worker, my friend played arthas and other guests played others.
Note5: Replay is on warcraft III version, playing in hero of the empire version 1.10d

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31. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-10-10 10:46 PM)
Thanks Zee for 1.10e also town portal can be used to teleport to your own building, the descripcion will say ¨allied building¨
to Illidan morphed better we refer to him as Final boss to avoid confusions with the hero, how many time you take to kill him?

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30. zee   (2012-10-09 6:02 AM)
Hello again, immortal siegefield.
There are some unwell things in the game.
1st: you can use wind boot to teleport to your builing, this should be added to its description.
2nd: after illidan comes out and is walking along the center path (he tends to go on this path), empire's army is sill going to the position where necropolis is and this causes lagging in the end, in my game, it did about 4000/150 food before I killed illidan.
Ps. I just owned in normal game, lol, so I am looking for survival mode, it must be really cool >< biggrin , keep up your good work, immortal siegefield.

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29. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-09-12 11:50 AM)
Thanks Zee, this will happen every time when you destroy the main base, final boss appears and them you buy Orb of Darkness, for now if you want the orb of darkness not destroy the main base(Black Citadel) before, i will fix this maybe for 1.10D or 1.11.

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28. zee   (2012-09-11 10:09 AM)
In brief, I did destroy the main dark force building. Illidan came out then I bought orb of darkness after that the bug was occured.
my friends won instantly while I was playing after that then I destroyed the main building of empire and , In the end, I saw Illidan was still alive.

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27. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-09-11 10:02 AM)
Thanks zee it will be fixed for 1.10b, this time the replay is in the correct format but unfortunately warcraft 3 only allows to see replays if you have the same version of it and i have 1.26.

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26. zee   (2012-09-10 11:07 AM)
Hello again, immo.
I played your map again, Here was what I found.
Cleric is not bad hero though but it still can't good as good heroes ><
worker is cool if you can survive the first hour but there is a bug. When you buy hero armor, its armor will not be changed to be hero type until you buy champion sword, probably, it may happen with dragon attack type as well.
Here is a new link, http://filesave.me/file/22840/Herooftheempirewin124e-w3g.html
Expired in 30 days.

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25. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-09-07 9:27 PM)
I download but i cant see it its in jpg format instead of w3g dont know why, thanks for the bug report can you tell me how it is? or upload the replay again?.
The worker hero has thousands of different strategies and several of them are difficult to do them well.
Well Done for your improve with Shadow Shaman.

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