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24. zee   (2012-09-07 5:57 PM)
Here is a orb of darkness bug.
This replay also includes the examples of some heroes growth rate. Note : shaman is the good hero
archer is okay hero
worker is below average hero
Note2 : shaman is the highest growth rate but please notice the time I used to upgrade shaman to be powerful enough to fight the boss... It was too long, I though it should have time for farming dragon slayer or something.
Ps. honestly I did new best record for shaman growth rate. Still, With many lucks for many melee bosses. (range bosses are really problem makers


5 days please be quick

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23. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-09-06 6:17 AM)
Did you meant the Revenant right? the one that is hidden between a lots of trees, with what hero did you attracted?
I was thinking in relocated this boss, i will do it before the 1.11.
thanks to report this.

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22. zee   (2012-09-06 5:06 AM)
I just found some annoying glitch.

I used AoE skill and it attracted lvl 80 neutral boss at the bottom right of the map then it did 1 hit lighting bolt killing my hero.

please fix this, thanks.

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21. Simx   (2012-09-05 10:25 AM)
well is true that the bosses with Aoe attack are the nemesis of necromacer but anyway he can beat they with his 4 stuns 3 of skeleton mage 1 of golem and 4 spells that slow units with that the boss almost dont attack and can buy items to continue the combo or just make aegaleus to protect your units with his armor aura.
the skeletons dont have time limit so you can have your army complete all the time and if you maximize one skeleton skill you can make a lot of gold.

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20. zee   (2012-09-03 7:23 AM)
"good" "okay" "below average" "bad"
These are just about their growth rate.

In my opinion, 1st necromancer skill does their job ineffective about boss fight (dire wolf and after that) 2nd necro skill needs a corpse, in case that some lane are geting overrun by enemies, you can't find a corpse easily while other heroes can just pop up and do a fight.
necro ultimate skill is going to get owage later though.

what I wanted to say about good, okay, below average and bad heroes is good heroes can get their items for final boss faster than others while others need ridiculous amount of time like almost 3 hours, still, they can support good heroes to end the game.

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19. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-09-02 1:37 PM)
Thanks Simx I will fix it for 1.10b, this version will be between this 2 next weeks.

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18. Richard Maiden [Simx]   (2012-09-02 7:55 AM)
Necromancer bad Hero? i can kill Nosferatu one on one with Necro, he and Arthas are the best heroes for me, I dont like blood grunt.

Animation Bug : Worker Abilities, If you dont see your build when you finish it, it would appear like contruction progress but anyway it work fine is only the animation that is missing.

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17. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-09-01 7:25 AM)
hi zee, long comments would be better in the forum

-The heroes are very different some of them deppends of strong items like Illidan, Dante ; with powerfull items nothing can stop them but at the beginning they are not as strong, others have greats aoe abilitys, like Jaina, Dark Mage they easily can with his lines and help its allies while they get good items to defend themselves.
Some heroes are easy to find his correct items than others some of them will better accommodate to your strategy and others do not, but all the heroes can with his line by himself, even the priest that is a full support hero can defeat the hidra alone.

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16. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-09-01 7:24 AM)
-The game time depends of the player, you can do a team convination to destroy the enemys base fast, of course if you play alone it will be a long game, also i will add modes that can solve the problem of the long game, the survival mode will be before the 1.11.

-This 2 bosses that not respawn i put them a high droop chance so they always will droop powerfull items in the case i make it respawn i will have to reduce his items droop chance. Did you beat the devil alone in 1.09 or newer version??? well for now in case you want a powerfull neutral boss that respawn you can fight the Revenant is stronger than Gaia.

-The price of the orb of Darkness its not for the 50 to all stats or the 5 lives, is for the right to be in a third force and change the rulers of the game.

And thanks to share your opinion, all ideas, suggestions and bug report will help me to make a better game.

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15. zee   (2012-09-01 0:07 AM)
Still, I have not gone for arthas and demon hunter much.

Sum:many heroes should be buffed to make their combo.

Other thing I don't like about this map is it is too long. The game has totally 3 hours (start to the disease) some bad and under average heroes will be able to or sometimes be unable to get all good enough gears for final boss.
This is really disappointed. It should be shorter and more bosses at the 1 hour after part and 2 hour after part.

Other thing that I think it should be changed is the price of orb of darkness and those level 99 devil and level 80 at the top left corner of the map. the former, I think the price should be much lower because it gives u only 5 lifes and make you be enemy of the empire. the latter, both should respawn again in case that there are many players playing.

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14. zee   (2012-09-01 0:06 AM)
I can say that shaman is the highest growth rate hero. The reason is it has combo skills -> ward + ulti more ward
, ulti more ward (damage) + fast blade(damage) and lock + ward(give time to make more wards
while most heroes don't have many combo.

Another one that is good is marine because of equiment upgrade + vital point + stimpack (atk speed + dmg)

marine use 3 skills at once so they will make it strong.

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13. zee   (2012-09-01 0:05 AM)
After I played this map many times,
there are many heroes that are difficult to catch enemy growth rate.

only these heroes are good.
Dante, marine and shaman

okay heroes: need to put more effort to make them strong.
dark knight , archer, dark mage and blademaster

then below average heroes

and the last bad heroes = priest, keeper of the sky, blood grunt, jaina, necromancer, demon wizard and some that I may miss.

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12. Marth   (2012-04-03 0:32 AM)
Well i suppose that you want to make the Dragon Slayer, dragon Skin is the same of dragon Scales, so use the dragon scale to make the dragon slayer.

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11. lutCHor   (2012-04-02 7:10 PM)
is there a dragon skin in the game anyway? i killed the green dragon over and over again - i killed the three dragons before the last dragon over and over again and i was never able to get the dragon skin. seriously, what dragons can drop the item and with what percentage? geez, please help biggrin

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10. Deluxe   (2012-04-02 11:33 AM)
thx orphen!! i killed the green dragon like 20 times and the other dragons as well (not the last one so ;-) still didnt found the skin yet. seems like i am not a child of luck biggrin

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