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9. Orphen   (2012-03-31 10:21 PM)
well the dragon skin is dropped by the dragons, the dragons come as bosses, but if you dont want to wait for them there are a green dragon in the mountain kill him several times until he give you all the item you want.(the mountain be in the left of the map)

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8. dragon   (2012-03-31 12:17 PM)
good job with the update :-)
but where can i find the dragon skin? i played the map serveral times and never found it o.O i need help please!!

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7. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2012-03-25 7:41 AM)
Thanks Random and there will be more champions

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6. Random   (2012-03-24 5:42 PM)
Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you've been doing with this map. New champions is something I have longed after smile Thank you!

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5. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2011-11-30 7:39 PM)
Thanks Jeremy and congratulations to finish the map, now try to see how far you can resist without destroy the enemy base or kill all the neutral bosses, one of then is more powerfull than the final.

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4. Jeremy   (2011-11-30 7:53 AM) E-mail
Hey, i finaly managed to beat the map, good fun i finished it solo, and me and my bro tryed it beforehand and got killed by the vampire lord, but with enough machinegun towers it's easy. Hope you keep working on the map the new heroes are cool too. cool

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3. Siegfried Sigmund [InmortalSiegfried]   (2011-11-29 6:26 PM)
Thank you Jeremy it cheers to me that you like, the green spell is orb of annihilation and is like searing arrow (the fire arrows of the archer) it deal the damage of the spell plus your attack and it does in an area like cleaving attack,when this spell is in high level it kills all the creeps in seconds and the towers to.

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2. Jeremy   (2011-11-29 6:29 AM) E-mail
Hey great game mate, just a heads up the spell that Kail "i think thats his name, the one that uses forked lightning, Brilliance Aura etc." One of his spells doesn't really make sense the, the green icon one, something to do with extra AOE damage but it's just a single target spell that does crap damage. Any way great map, if you need english parts on the map reworded email me.

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1. Robert   (2011-10-22 8:49 AM)
Great game.

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